Anston Stones Wood

Climbs 132 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 111m a.s.l – Faces NE

Crag features
An excellent bouldering venue which is a must visit if in the area. The magnesium limestone offers steep finger exercises in a wooded valley. The 2012 guide has opened up the bouldering but access is still a sensitive issue and as always take your litter away.

Most of the grades are taken from the bouldering guide, some are said to be a little soft but they are not too far out so get on them and grade vote here so they can more calibrated any future guide for the area.

Approach notes
Adjacent to the A57 Sheffield to Worksop road 1km SE of South Anston. Ample parking available.

Anston Stones Bouldering (2012)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Unnamed 7a - Woody'sf7A 31
3Swampy High Startf7A *4
4Vanilla Skyf8B **1
5Trench Warfaref6B 21
6Grape Crusherf6C *27
7Dangerous Action Man Wrestlingf7C 13
8Soul Crusherf7C+ ***10
9Soul Crusher Sit Startf8A 1
10Wrestling with my Dangerous Soulf8A+ ***8
11Woodys Rock Footless Traversef6C 4
13Coltf7A+ *45
14Magnum Eliminatef7C+ 5
15Bulletf7C **27
16Revolverf8A+ **1
17Tech Ninef7B 3
18Berettaf7A+ 76
19Sawn Offf5+ 4
20Beretta Extensionf7B 13
22Fine Artf7A+ *69
23Dark Artf8A **13
24Beta Blockerf7A *65
25Black Tufaf7B+ 6
26Reservationf7B *24
27Fine Betaf7C *8
28Fine beta- reaervationf7C+ 1
29Dark Betaf8A **5
30'Black Tufa' start to Reservationf7C 1
31Dark Reservationf8A+ ***1
32Black Crowf7C+ **16
33Black Hoef8A 3
34White Lightf8A **2
35White Light Directf8A+ *** 
36Fire in the Rainf8B ** 
38Wave Wall Cornerf5 49
39Crimps Wallf6C 30
40The Tufaf6B+ 51
41The Wavef5+ ***17
42The Wave Directf6B 27
43Wave Right Handf6B+ 19
44Little big pocketf6B 34
45Blue Circlesf7A 53
46No Circlesf6C 42
47The Shieldf6A+ 25
48Shallowf6C+ 15
49The Endf6C 24
50The End Sit Startf6C+ 12
52Ebola Buttress Left Wallf5 27
53Ebola Buttress Centre Wallf5 33
54Ebola Buttress Right Wallf5 32
55The Undercutf6B 51
56The Visionf7C *5
57Monsterf7C *8
58Blind Batf7A+ 91
59Blind Bat Stand Startf6A+ *5
60Blind bat shufflef7B 2
61Last Standf7A *99
62The Phoenixf7C *10
63Alphaf7B **32
64Resonatef7C ***6
65Ebolaf7C ***11
66The Aretef5 6
67Twenty Four Point Ninef7A+ **24
68Quarantinef8A 4
69Monster-Quarantine linkf7C+ *2
71Out of the Darknessf6C 5
72Into the Lightf7C+ 3
73Into the Light Directf8A 1
75Eliminate Wallf5+ 6
76Crackf6A+ 8
77Wallf6C 12
78Dirty Harryf7B *5
79Jack the Nipperf7B+ ***5
80Fire Wallf6B+ 4
81Freemasonf7C 5
82Screaming Dreamf6C+ 7
84ArÍte (dukes wall left)f6A 3
85The Tufa (Duke's Wall)f7A+ 1
86Filthy Dukef7C ***2
87Red Dukef7C **1
88Dark Ladyf7A 11
90Apprentice Prowf7A+ **43
91Sir Alanf7A+ *5
92Spider Crab Bluesf7B *1
93Young Grasshopperf7B+ *1
94Apprentice Wallf6C ***51
95The Rookief7A+ 21
96John's Aretef6B+ 15
97Hemmed Inf7A 1
98Skirting Board Ladderf6A 18
99Spirit Level Bubblesf6B 19
100Elbow Greasef6B 12
101Tartan Paintf6B 16
102Bucket Of Steamf5+ 13
103Crackdownf5 9
104Takashi Sit Startf7A+ 3
105Whizz Kid Sit Startf7B+ **3
106Wizz Kid Stand Startf7A+ 4
107Pockets problemf7A *14
109Left Aretef6A+  
110Red Streakf6B+  
111The Assassinf7C  
112The Crack Left Handf6A 1
113The Crack Right Handf5+ 1
114The Wallf7A 2
115Mean Streakf7B 1
116Right Aretef6A 2
118Turnpost Buttress Left Wallf5+ 3
119The Turnpostf6C *5
120Turnpost Buttress The Prowf6A 3
121Turnpost Buttress Right Wallf5+ 3
123Rivendellf6C+ 25
124Rohanf6B 32
125Sarumanf7A 20
126Frodof7B+ **17
127Nazgul Left Handf7B 18
128The Nazgul Right Handf7B **1
129The Entf6B+ **1
130Sam Wise Leftf6C *1
131Samwisef6B+ 22
132There and Back Againf7A+  
134Dead Mans Drop.M 1
135Verti SlabV0+ ***2
136White Traversef6B+ 2
137Woody's Wall Leftf3 1
138The Anston Punterf2 1
139A Trades Man.s Clipf6A 1
140Long Standf5+ 1
141Sparks for the Grinderf5+ 1
142Left-Handed Screwdriverf6A  
143The Crackf6C 3
144Unnamed 6B - Ebola Buttress *f6B 1
145The reformist *f7B 1
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there used to be full route desciptions of maybe 40 or more of these routes on UKC years ago.. what happened to this info when the UKC site was updated? just lost?
nickcanute - 16/May/11 Some pics
me again - 08/May/05 quote" Please keep to the footpaths and note that rock climbing is not allowed anywhere in the wood." Bugger..been climbing there since I was 10.
stones - 08/May/05