Burbage South Valley Boulders

Climbs 154 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 361m a.s.l – Faces all

Crag features
The valley boulders at Burbage offer some of the most friendly bouldering around. The landings are excellent and nothing gets too high. The problems tend to be slabs with some rounded arêtes thrown in. It lacks steep power problems but there are plenty of those elsewhere.

Peak Bouldering (2014), Peak District: Bouldering (2011), Burbage, Millstone and Beyond (2006),
Out of print: Peak District: Bouldering (2004), Peak Bouldering - Fax09 (1998), Bouldering in the Peak District Vol 1 (1994)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Undercut RibV1 5a 171
3Left of CrackV0- 4c 227
4Off-width crackVB 213
5Cheesy NoseV0- 4b 223
6Cobra MantelV2 5c **222
7The CobraV2 5c *425
8The High CobraV2 5c 69
10Wall Past SlotV0 5a 370
11Wall Past Left-hand in SlotV1 5c *55
12Highrishmanf7A+ **3
13Scratch ScoopV7 **26
14Pock-manV1 5b ***388
15PickV0- 4c 537
16Packf6A *47
17PockV2 6a ***520
18Pock Sit Startf6C 47
19PuckV3 6b **199
20Puck Sit Startf7A+ 21
22Lamb Slab LeftVB 45
23Lamb Slab RightVB 46
24Talk to Me MartinV9 7a **8
25Sickle CrackV6 6b **20
26Sickle Crack Sit StartV7 6b 4
27The SheepV5 6b ***105
28The Sheep Assisf7B **2
29The ShearingV1 5b *223
30The Sheep SlabV0- 5a 96
31The Sheep's BacksideV0- 4b 26
32Sheep EasyV0- 4b 18
33The CrookVB 65
34The Crook TraverseV0- 4c *20
36Bog Standard SlabVB *22
37Arete on LeftV0- 4b 102
38Arete on RightV4 14
40ChieftainV1 5c 295
41Catch 'n' MatchV1 5c 151
42Wall Past FlakeV1 5b 125
43ShermanV2 5c 35
44Arete SitterV2 5c 48
45Panzerf6B+ 117
46Big Flake Sitter/SepticV1 5c 305
47TigerV4 6b 307
48Sitdown AreteV2 5c 323
50Jigsaw PuzzleV0 5a 169
51Mantel Past SlotV1 5c 200
52Sloping MantelV1 5c 117
53Side-pull WallV2 5c 147
54Big FlakesV0- 4b 349
55Armoured Car TraverseV3 6a 113
56Armoured CartwheelV4 6a 17
57Blind CrackV2 5c 80
58Rock and MantelV2 5c 46
60Whale RibV1 5b 201
61Centre WhaleV0+ 5b 202
62Right WhaleV0- 4c 153
63Whale of a TimeV0+ 5b *9
65Fun SlabV0 5a 46
66Useful CrackV3 6a 32
67Left FlakeV1 5b 112
68Left Flake Sit StartV3 6b 8
69Small RibV1 5b 154
70Peasy FlakeV0- 3c 313
71FlakelessV1 5c 157
72Easy FlakeV0- 4a 272
73Scoop EliminateV3 6a 84
74Open FlakelineV2 6a 284
75Careful AreteV3 6a 29
76Useful AreteV1 5b 242
77It HurtsV4 6b 53
79The Useless AreteV0- 4b 179
80Pebble WallV1 5c 177
81Sloping NoseV4 6a 87
82Grapple with FlakeV2 6a 135
84The BasinV1 5b 167
85The TroughV0 5a 192
86Bacon FootV3 6a 61
87Little PigV9 6c 7
88Ice Cream ConeV1 5c 83
89Hidden Slabf5+ 67
91Caley SlabV4 6b 73
92Piglet Arete LeftV1 5c *14
93Piglet AreteV2 6a 64
94Fingerdish MantelV2 6a 62
96Arete on LeftV3 6a 94
97Arete on RightV0 4b 123
98The Careful TrotterV0+ 5b 139
99Oink AreteV1 5b 108
101Slabby RibV0- 4b 294
102The WindmillV2 6a 77
103The Windmill (normal version)VB 4a *42
104Gentle SlabV0- 4c 298
105HuggyV1 5b 270
106Huggy (sit start)V3 5c 115
108Blunt AreteV0 5a 201
109Pocket WallV1 5b 213
110Short AreteV0- 4c 290
111Reachy WallV1 5b 252
112Little AirV2 5c 185
113Vague RibV2 5c 282
114Wall Past Pocket/NorthernV1 5b **413
115Brick Wall/ExposureV0 5a *377
116Brick Arete/KBHRV1 5b *453
117Squeezy Wall/CicelyV0+ 5b *456
118Slot Arete Left/Alaska Sit StartV4 6a 157
119Slot Arete Left/AlaskaV2 6a *345
120Slot Arete Right Sit Startf6C ***29
121Slot Arete RightV3 6a 154
122Crash 'n' GurnV6 6b 142
123Brick Back WallV0- 4b 22
125Dog Jump/Gritstone CampusV3 *94
126Dog Sit / Pocket and EdgesV6 **30
127Dog Pound / Rising TraverseV6 *4
128Fax09 P37VB 27
129Walking the DogV0- 4c *20
130Doggy BulgeV0 4c 92
131Dog's Arse LeftV1 5b 131
132Dog's Arse Left Sit StartV6 6b 10
133Dog's Arse RightV1 5b 111
134Dog's Arse Right Sit StartV7 6b 4
135Doggy StyleV4 6a 13
137Reachy AreteV1 5c 54
138Top of RampV1 5b 55
139Jim's SlopesV2 5c 1
140Deep PocketV2 6a 46
141Bunny / The Rabbits NoseV4 6b 27
142BugsV1 63
143Rabbit WallV2 5c 46
144Bunny WallV1 5c 49
146The Liver: Fax09 P10V0 5a 19
147The Liver: Fax09 P9V1 5a 21
148Green Scoop MantelV3 6a 8
149Left of NoseV2 5c 11
150Nose MantelV2 6a 22
151Scoop MantelV2 5c 35
152Over the TopV1 5b 23
153Bald TopV0+ 5b 31
154Flake and ScoopV0- 4c 50
156Kidney TraverseV2 5c *140
157Extended Kidney TraverseV4 6b **23
158Mantel the BulgeV1 5c 123
159Kidney WallV0 5a 219
160Slot EntryV1 5b 205
1614c WallV0- 4c 169
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