Stanage End

Climbs 223 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 450m a.s.l – Faces NW

Crag features
Mostly medium sized (6 - 16m high) natural buttresses plus the superb quarried section - Marble Wall. Often quiet, and an ideal evening venue. Something for everyone, but you'll enjoy The Green Streak (HVS 4c), Old Salt (HVS 5a), Right-hand Tower (HVS 5a), Surgeon's Saunter (HVS 5b), Orang Outang (E1 5c), Goosey, Goosey Gander (E4 6a) or Marbellous (E8/9 6c). The best route is Nectar (E4 6b).

Access notes
Don't disturb the Ring Ouzels unless you want a bird ban! On private land, may be closed (rarely) for shooting!

Approach south from Moscar Top (SK 231878) on the A57 Sheffield Glossop Road.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Peak Bouldering (2014), Peak District: Bouldering (2011), Peak District : Climbing (2008), Stanage - the Definitive Guide (2007), Peak NE Pokketz (2007), Eastern Grit (2006), On Peak Rock (2003), Gritstone Route Database (2001),
Out of print: Peak District: Bouldering (2004), Stanage - the Definitive Guidebook (2002), Peak Gritstone East (2001), Peak Bouldering - Fax09 (1998), Stanage Topo (1993), Peak Climbs - Stanage (1989)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2PreemptiveV0- 4b *
3StartVS 5a
5FasterVS 5a
6Slow DownS
7Good TimeHS 4b
8SplashingHVS 5a *
9Bathtime ChimneyVD
10Bathtime for TwoVS 5a
11YouVS 4c
12Green PartyVS 5b
13Ron's Girdle Traverse (Stanage Edge)E5 6b
14The RackD
15Bad DoHVS 5a
16Another TurnVS 4a *
17Steamin'E1 5b
18The PinionHVD **
19The End of the LineHS 4b *
20The ArielHVD *
21The Green StreakVS 4c **
22Slight SecondE1 5b
23IncursionE1 5b *
24Incursion DirectV3 *
25The Floating Fat ManE1 5c **
26High FlyerE4 6a **
27Low Riderf7C+
28Chip Shop Buddyf8A
29Chip Shop BrawlV7 **
31Caliban's CaveHS 4b *
32Green GingerS
33The TempestVS 5a
34Prospero's ClimbVD **
35Prospero's climb - Tempest finishS 4a *
36Miranda's VariationVD
37The Crab CrawlS 4a **
38Crab Crawl AreteVS 4c **
39The ViceE1 5b **
40VicicleV2 6a
42Paved VacuumHVS 5a
43Pie FaceVS 4b
44And There's MoreVS 5a
45KindergartenVS 4b
46Child's PlayHVS 5a
47Nursery CrackHVS 5b
49DoctoredHVS 5c
50Cripple's CrackS 4a *
51Physician's WallE1 6a
52Which DoctorE5 6a *
53Doctor's ChimneyS 4a ***
54Doctor's SaunterVS 4c **
55Doctors's SaunterVS 4c **
56Surgeon's SaunterHVS 5b ***
57Kelly's CornerVD
58Heath RobinsonE6 6b ***
59The NicheS 4b
60Manhattan AreteD
61Niche ClimbS
62Niche WallVS 5a
63Wilbur's WallV2 5c
64Wilbur's RibV1 5b
65Wilbur's CornerV1 5b
66Manhattan ChimneyS 4a *
67Rib TicklerVS 5a
68New York, New YorkV3 6a
69New York, New York / Sir ChilledE4 6b *
70Manhattan CrackVS 4b
72Good Clean FunE4 6b *
73The Iain Farrar ExperienceE5 7a
74The WobblerE1 5c **
75MarathonetteHVS 5b
76Rat HoleM
77AvrilHS 4b *
78MaiVS 4b
79MarsHVD 4a
807% SolnHVS 5b
81February CrackHS 4b *
82Acute AmnesiaHVS 5b
83ExaltationE6 6c **
84SaltationE5 6c
85Old SaltHVS 5a **
86Rimmington PlaceE2 5c *
87Skimmington Ridef6B **
88Little Oedipusf7A+
89Heels and Beeff7B *
90ValedictionHVS 5a *
92Boomerang ChimneyS 4b
93Twin CracksVD *
94QuiverV2 5c *
95Arrow CrackVS 5a *
96BlinkersVS 5b
98Thin Problem CrackVS 5b
99Vaccine TraverseE2 5b
100MicrobeV2 5c *
101GermV4 *
102Crumbling CrackHS 4b
103Problem CornerVS 5b *
104Love HandlesV3 *
105Mr M'Quod and the Anti-rock SquadV2 5c
106Millstone CrackV1 5c
107Brown WallVS 4c
108BamboozledE1 5c
109Ram Jam FullHS 4c
110OverhungE1 5c
111Clean SweepHVS 4c
113WedgewoodS 4b
114Nosey ParkersVS 4c
115Slab HappyVS 5a
116Hueco HeavenHVS 5a *
117Hueco Heaven DirectE1 5c
118Un Hard EndD
119Heuco HeavenHVS 5a *
120Hard NosedHS 5b
121Flaked OutHVS 5b
123It's Scary MaryS 4a
124ItchyHVS 5c
125Scratch AreteE1 5c
126Scratch WallVS 5a
127Ferret's CrackS 4a
128RampsHS 4c
129Two Pitch ClimbS
130Natura SanatHVS 5a
131Medicus CuratHVS 5b
132Dennis's HarpHS 4b
133Flake ChimneyD
134Drewitt DrewwittVS 4c
135Greenman's RouteHVD
136Pillar RouteVS 5a
137Algol CornerS
138Shining JewelVS 5a
139Plucking PebblesHS 4b
140Fall GuyHVD 4a
141Wetness WallD
142God of StrawVS 4c
143Brittle BonesE2 5c
144Canine CanuteE1 5b
145Lonely CragHVD 4a
146Flesh And BloodVS 5b
148Soft Top Beetlef6C
149Green Room Slapf7A+
150Green Room Slap Sit Startf7B+
151Lone Boulder Arete Leftf4
152Lone Boulder Arete Leftf5
153Lone Boulder Slabf3+
155Bifurcated Headplate MaxVS 4c
156Spock OutVS 5a
157Green CrackVD
158Marble Tower FlakeS 4c *
159Marble AreteHS 4c **
160Marble Tower WallVS 4c **
161ScepticHVS 5b *
162The LamiaE2 5c ***
163Terrazza CrackHVS 5a ***
164HarvestE4 6b **
165NectarE4 6b ***
166Orang-outangE2 5c ***
167Orang Outang DirectE3 5c
168Meysner's Link UpE3 5c ***
169Mother Of PearlE8 7a ***
170MarbellousE8 7a ***
171Goosey Goosey GanderE5 6a ***
172Don's DelightHVS 5b *
173Short n' GrittyS 4b
174HIdden DelightsE2 5c *
175Back of BeyondS 4a
176Ledges , EdgesVS 4b
177Back DoorVS 4c
178In A Big Way YerselfE4 6b
179A Heavy Sake JarE4 6a **
180Green LineE1 5b
181Easy CleftM
182Too Hard for a Wife BeaterHVS 6a
183Malc's Left-Hand SlabsHVS 5b
184Hideous Hidaref6C
185Left Hand TowerVS 4c *
186Turtle PowerE6 6c **
187Slap 'n' SpittleE4 6a *
188The JittersHS **
189PacemakerHVS 5b *
190Flake and CrackVD
191Vena Cave-inE3 5c *
192Right-hand TowerHVS 5a ***
193Wild and WoollyE1 5b *
194TempskyaE3 5c *
195First SisterVS 4c **
196Keep It In The FamilyE1 5b
197Second SisterVS 4c *
198Richard's SisterHS 4b *
199Not Richards Sister DirectE1 6a
200Sister BlisterVS 4c
201Difficult SisterD
203So Many Classics So Little TimeE4 6b *
204Rabbit's CrackHVS 5a
205Jim CrowHVS 5a
206PerforationHVS 5b *
207Feathered FriendsVS 4b *
208Kelly's CrackVD **
209Kelly's EyeHS 4b *
210Kelly's EliminateS 4b **
211Spring SunshineVS 4c
212October CrackD **
213May CrackVS 4c *
214October SlabHS 4b **
215Big AlHVS 5a
216Bent CrackHVD **
217New Year's EveS 4a
218The MarmosetHS 4c *
219Autumn GoldHS 4a
220ClareHS 4b
222Bright EyedVS 4b
224The Beastf7B
225Dowager's Humpf6C
227Ranger HS 4c
228Flat Groove Traverse V4 6b **
229Left Pull Crack D *
230Mr Pemphigoid HVS 5c
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good, quiet and underestimated part of stanage.
antoniusblock - 22/May/10
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