Safety Net (E1 5b) Roaches Skyline
MattWilson, Feb 2013
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'The Roaches - Routes Graded List' ticklist

contributed by victim of mathematics May/11
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The complete graded list from the 2009 BMC guide.

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AddClimb nameGradeTicks?HeightCrag name
1Skin And WishbonesE8 7a ***-23mRoaches Upper Tier
2CorneliusV9 ***68mIna's Rock
3Final DestinationE8 6c 1?Roaches Lower Tier
4Ultimate SculptureE8 7a **18mRamshaw Rocks
5The Young PretenderE8 6c **-?Hen Cloud
6DougE8 6c **312mRoaches Lower Tier
7Judge JulesE8 7a 2?The Nth Cloud...
8Obsession FataleE7 6b ***5010mRoaches Lower Tier
9Clippity Clop, Clippity Clop, Clippity ClopE7 6c ***510mRamshaw Rocks
10Moov OverE7 6c -18mGreat Gate Buttress
11Logical ProgressionE7 6c **-20mRoaches Lower Tier
12A Little PeculiarE6 7b **-14mRoaches Lower Tier
13CatharsisE7 7a **1?Hen Cloud
14CornelinaE7 6c -8mIna's Rock
15ParalogismE7 6c ***614mRoaches Upper Tier
16Boom BipE7 7a ***210mRamshaw Rocks
17Pair O'GenesE7 6c **3?Harston Rock (Upper...
18The Driven BowE7 6c *78mHen Cloud
19B4, XSE7 6b ***524mHen Cloud
20Ray's RoofE7 6c ***38mBaldstones
21The Couch PotatoE7 6b -?Bosley Cloud
22Never, Never LandE7 6b ***1512mRamshaw Rocks
23Dangerous Crocodile SnoggingE7 6b **1410mRamshaw Rocks
24One Chromosomes MissingE7 6b ***7?Harston Rock (Upper...
25Thing on a SpringE6 7a ***320mRoaches Lower Tier
26Against the GrainE6 7a ***220mRoaches Lower Tier
27Pull The Udder OneE6 6b -12mGreat Gate Buttress
28MyxiE6 6c **1?Hen Cloud
29Piece of MindE6 6b ***7312mRoaches Lower Tier
30Destination EarthE7 6b **212mRoaches Lower Tier
31Fingers in Every PieE6 6c *1?Wright's Rocks...
32Night ProwlerE6 6a **2?Hen Cloud
33Miss UnderstoodE6 6a **-20mPark Bank Crags
34Master of RealityE6 6c ***712mHen Cloud
35ArętenophobiaE6 6b **-18mHen Cloud
36Art NouveauE6 6c ***116mRoaches Skyline
37A Fist Full of CrystalsE6 6b ***712mRoaches Lower Tier
38National AcrobatE5 6c **110mRamshaw Rocks
39Painted RumourE6 6a ***1024mRoaches Upper Tier
40Judge DreadE6 6b **2?The Nth Cloud...
41Northern ComfortE6 6c **114mRoaches Lower Tier
42The PrideE6 6b ***13?Stony Dale Quarry...
43Barriers in TimeE6 6b ***1216mRoaches Lower Tier
44BloodspeedE6 6b **-18mRoaches Lower Tier
45GiltedE5 6a *-28mRoaches Upper Tier
46KnossosE3 5c ***-18mSharpcliffe Rocks
47Nature TrailE5 6b *2310mRoaches Skyline
48Jean The BeanE5 6b *-15mHen Cloud
49Just in TimeE5 6c *1?Hen Cloud
50MandatoryE5 6a *1?Hen Cloud
51The WarpE5 6c *1?Wright's Rocks...
52Sole SurvivorE6 6b ***17?Stony Dale Quarry...
53SolitaireE6 6b **4?Bosley Cloud
54CaricatureE5 6b ***220mHen Cloud
55AntithesisE5 6b ***214mRoaches Upper Tier
56Patient WeaverE6 6a **1?Park Bank Crags
57Slender ThreadE5 6b **4?Bosley Cloud
58Mirror, MirrorE4 6b ***710mThe Five Clouds
59Apache DawnE5 6c *28mRoaches Lower Tier
60InaccessibleE5 6a ***8?Ina's Rock
61BloodstoneE5 6b **318mRoaches Lower Tier
62Lethal WeaponE5 6a *5?Ina's Rock
63Thin AirE5 6a ***6710mRoaches Lower Tier
64Entropy's JawE5 6b ***518mRoaches Skyline
65Counterstroke of EquityE6 6c *510mRoaches Skyline
66Old Fogey DirectE5 6b **416mRamshaw Rocks
67Catastrophe InternationaleE5 6c ***68mRoaches Lower Tier
68Track of the CatE5 6a ***6712mRoaches Skyline
69Crystal VoyagerE4 7a **4?The Nth Cloud...
70Fast PipingE4 6b *210mHen Cloud
71ScrumptiousE4 6b *1?Hen Cloud
72Ramshaw CrackE4 6a ***2212mRamshaw Rocks
73DNAE4 6b ***5?Harston Rock (Upper...
74ChameleonE4 6a ***1312mHen Cloud
75The Super GirdleE4 6a ***-44mRoaches Lower Tier
76Space ProbeE4 6a **218m• 2Hen Cloud
77Impending DoomE4 5c 1?Harston Rock (Upper...
78Secrets of DanceE4 6a *320mRoaches Lower Tier
79Bareback RiderE4 6b *178mRoaches Lower Tier
80CaesarianE4 6b ***1016mHen Cloud
81Borstal BreakoutE4 6b ***1030m• 2Hen Cloud
82All Day And All Of The NightE5 6b **4?Peakstone Inn...
83Icarus AllsortsE4 6a ***1014mThe Five Clouds
84Metaphysical ScoopE4 6a *4?The Nth Cloud...
85Willow FarmE4 6a **1810mRoaches Skyline
86TrepidationE4 6a 410mNewstones
87Iron Age FortitudeE4 6b **114mCastle Naze
88the phantomE4 5c 7?Gradbach Hill
89Licence to RunE4 6a *1912mRoaches Lower Tier
90Death KnellE4 5c ***3614mRoaches Lower Tier
91Acid DropE4 5c **3216mRoaches Skyline
92The High PriestE4 6a *-9mStoney Dale
93GypfastE4 5c *1516mRoaches Upper Tier
94The Pillar of JudgementE4 5c **13?The Nth Cloud...
95Wings of UnreasonE4 6a **30910mRoaches Skyline
96AnthraxE3 5c *114mHen Cloud
97CloudbustingE4 6b *58mThe Five Clouds
98A Phoenix Too FrequentE3 6a *-12mWootton Lodge Crags...
99CorinthianE3 5c ***2916mHen Cloud
100Hunky DoryE3 6a ***7210mRoaches Lower Tier
101Traveller in TimeE4 6a ***10310mRamshaw Rocks
102ComedianE3 5c ***3512mHen Cloud
103Crystal VoyagerE3 6a ***10?Bosley Cloud
104The Better EndE2 5c **712mHen Cloud
105Old FogeyE3 5c **1512mRamshaw Rocks
106Ascent of ManE3 6a ***10110mRoaches Lower Tier
107BordelloE3 5c **3?Hen Cloud
108Waiting For The LionsE3 5c *214mRamshaw Rocks
109The ClownE3 6a **4?Belmont Hall Crags
110The SwanE3 5c ***7326mRoaches Lower Tier
111The JokerE3 6a *-15mBelmont Hall Crags
112Appaloosa SunsetE3 5c ***10016mThe Five Clouds
113CarrionE3 5c *818mRoaches Lower Tier
114The Bridge of SighsE3 5c **4?The Hanging Stone
115Entente CordialeE3 5c *1012mRoaches Skyline
116Qui ViveE3 6a 47mOldridge Pinnacle
117The SorcererE3 6a *18mHen Cloud
118The UndertakerE3 6a *12?Ramshaw Rocks
119San MelasE3 5c ***2408mRoaches Skyline
120Smear TestE3 6a **11612mRoaches Lower Tier
121GibE2 6b *1?Gib Torr
122Electric ChairE2 5c **1310mHen Cloud
123GallowsE2 5b *38mHen Cloud
124The Leading FiremanE2 5b *211mWright's Rocks...
125ElegyE2 5c ***28516mRoaches Lower Tier
126GumshoeE2 5c ***6414mRamshaw Rocks
127Commander EnergyE2 5c ***51212mRoaches Lower Tier
128TitanE2 6b **-7mThe Wicken Stones
129WallerooE2 5c **3420mRoaches Upper Tier
130Ruby TuesdayE2 5b **5818m• 2Roaches Upper Tier
131TopazE2 5b *6310mRoaches Skyline
132Enchanted ForestE2 5c **8?Roaches Skyline
133AtlasE2 5c **8?Ina's Rock
134Don QuixoteE2 6a *-10mGarston Rocks
135Heart of GoldE2 5c **13?Hen Cloud
136Boysen's AreteE2 6a *17mHen Cloud
137WombatE2 5b ***18420mRoaches Upper Tier
138Saur OffE2 5b 3?Wright's Rocks...
139Crack of GloomE1 5b **3020mRoaches Lower Tier
140Sense Of DoubtE1 5b *8?Gradbach Hill
141The PerpE2 5b -?The Nth Cloud...
142Original RouteE2 6a ***2712mBaldstones
143Pod CrackE1 5c 3810mCastle Naze
144Brown's CrackE2 5c **5714mRamshaw Rocks
145The FoxE2 5b *510mNewstones
146Enigma VariationE2 5b **10512mRoaches Skyline
147ShortcomingsE1 5c **15710mRoaches Skyline
148HawkwingE1 5b ***34922mRoaches Lower Tier
149Safety NetE1 5b ***41110mRoaches Skyline
150The UntouchableE1 5b **4212mRamshaw Rocks
151Tower FaceE1 5b *2914mRoaches Skyline
152ChickenE1 5a **3612mHen Cloud
153Keith George: The MovieE1 5b *-14mCastle Naze
154The PressE1 5b *1316mRamshaw Rocks
155Dorothy's DilemmaE1 5a **7118mRoaches Lower Tier
156SlowhandE1 5b **4412mHen Cloud
157Drain the Main VeinE1 5b *48mNewstones
158RipplesE1 5a *16mPeakstone Inn...
159HypothesisHVS 5b **4310mRoaches Lower Tier
160Morocc'n RollE1 5c 2416mCastle Naze
161Hot Tin RoofE1 5b ***35?Bosley Cloud
162Round TableE1 5a **1011mRoaches Upper Tier
163Tequila SunriseE1 5b *16mGarston Rocks
164Wild ThingHVS 5c **1666mRoaches Skyline
165Ground SupportE1 5b **8?Ina's Rock
166EncouragementE1 5b ***8528m• 2Hen Cloud
167Tactical WeaponE1 5b *5?Ina's Rock
168KaleidoscopeE1 5a **416mSharpcliffe Rocks
169double overhangE1 5b **5?Back Forest
170MasochismHVS 5b 3210mRamshaw Rocks
171Teck CrackHVS 5b *4724m• 2Roaches Lower Tier
172Bengal ButtressHVS 4c **11628mRoaches Lower Tier
173Tally NotHVS 5c *1414mRamshaw Rocks
174Hen Cloud EliminateE1 5b ***16518mHen Cloud
175The GapeVS 4c 13?Gradbach Hill
176AlcatrazE1 5b *4712mRamshaw Rocks
177DelstreeHVS 5a ***15118mHen Cloud
178Eye Of JapetusHVS 5a *516mBack Forest
179Boysen's DelightE1 5c *2810mThe Five Clouds
180The MincerHVS 5b ***33524mRoaches Lower Tier
181Bachelor's Left-handHVS 5b ***25424mHen Cloud
182The SlothHVS 5a ***91424mRoaches Upper Tier
183HelixHVS 5a ***11?Harston Rock (Upper...
184Don's CrackE1 5b *6510mRamshaw Rocks
185MatineeHVS 5b **12424mRoaches Lower Tier
186RubberneckHVS 5a ***24314mThe Five Clouds
187Second's AdvanceHVS 5b *1814mHen Cloud
188The Great ZawnHVS 5a **33?Ramshaw Rocks
189Saul's CrackHVS 5a ***66818mRoaches Upper Tier
190Valkyrie DirectHVS 5b **9428mRoaches Lower Tier
191PortfolioHVS 5b *6248mWindgather Rocks
192ProstrationHVS 5a **8114mRamshaw Rocks
193LibraHVS 4c *18212mRoaches Upper Tier
194Cave CrackHVS 5a *276mRoaches Skyline
195Baldstones AreteHVS 4c ***6912mBaldstones
196Roscoe's Wall/Round TableHVS 5b *19520mRoaches Upper Tier
197Scoop FaceHVS 5a ***68212mCastle Naze
198SauronHVS 5b *4?Wright's Rocks...
199The Fifth HorsemanHVS 5a 1888mCastle Naze
200Slab WallHVS 4c **12?Bosley Cloud
201Crispin's CrackHVS 5a 710mHen Cloud
202Special KHVS 4c **118mSharpcliffe Rocks
203Toe RailHVS 5b **70?Back Forest
204Kneewrecker ChimneyHVS 4c **8?Belmont Hall Crags
205En RappelHVS 5a **2616mHen Cloud
206Crabbie's CrackHVS 5a ***16016mThe Five Clouds
207Perverted StaircaseVS 5a 4512mRoaches Upper Tier
208ValkyrieVS 4c ***154240m• 2Roaches Lower Tier
209West's WallabyVS 4c *16424mRoaches Upper Tier
210Central Climb DirectVS 5a **8438m• 3Hen Cloud
211Bachelor's ButtressHVS 4c **30018mRoaches Upper Tier
212The CrankVS 4c **2688mRamshaw Rocks
213PincerVS 5a *38920mRoaches Lower Tier
214Reunion CrackVS 4c **6918mHen Cloud
215Rainbow CrackVS 5a ***24018mHen Cloud
216Pinnacle FaceHVS 4c *2012mHen Cloud
217Niche AreteVS 5a **28812mCastle Naze
218Bachelor's ClimbVS 4c ***21228mHen Cloud
219Main CrackVS 4c *2016mHen Cloud
220DevotoedVS 5a 868mRoaches Skyline
221Condor SlabVS 4c **29214mRoaches Skyline
222Hedgehog CrackVS 4c **11210mHen Cloud
223Battle of the BulgeVS 4b *22910mRamshaw Rocks
224SmunVS 4c *498mThe Five Clouds
225The CrackVS 4b ***42414mCastle Naze
226North Buttress AreteHVD 4a 54710mWindgather Rocks
227Via DolorosaVS 4c ***74832mRoaches Lower Tier
228Keep AreteVS 4b **50912mCastle Naze
229Baldstones FaceVS 4b **4812mBaldstones
230The Fruit PalaceVS 4b **2?The Wicken Stones
231Bollard EdgeMVS 4b **115?Back Forest
232AquaVS 4b 26112mRoaches Upper Tier
233Cave CrackVS 4b *7?Belmont Hall Crags
234DefianceVS 4a **1?Park Bank Crags
235Little CrackVS 5a *8?The Nth Cloud...
236NozagVS 4c ***73314mCastle Naze
237RhynoseVS 4c **348mNewstones
238The Neb FinishVS 4b **102?Roaches Upper Tier
239Roof ClimbVS 4b *6730m• 2Hen Cloud
240Kestrel CrackVS 4b **42120mRoaches Lower Tier
241Gibbon WallHS 4b 7?Gib Torr
242The Billiard TableS 23?Gradbach Hill
243Central ClimbVS 4c ***59338m• 3Hen Cloud
244Jeffcoat's ButtressHS 5a **56228m• 2Roaches Upper Tier
245Calcutta Crab DanceHS 4c **529mRoaches Upper Tier
246Runner RouteHS 4b *28614mRoaches Upper Tier
247Technical SlabHS 4a **84024mRoaches Upper Tier
248Damascus CrackHS 4b *91812mRoaches Upper Tier
249Herford's Girdle TraverseVS 4b **1690mCastle Naze
250Sifta's QuidHS 4b *68410mRoaches Lower Tier
251Honky TonkS 4a **1812mRoaches Skyline
252StruggleHS 4b 45mCastle Naze
253Little Giraffe ManHS *616mRamshaw Rocks
254Skull CrackS *11?Garston Rocks
255Final CrackHS 4b **310mHen Cloud
256ModernS 4a **27520mHen Cloud
257Tricouni CrackHS 4b *996mRamshaw Rocks
258South-East CrackVS 4a *5?Oldridge Pinnacle
259TraditionalHS 4a *6838mWindgather Rocks
260Zigzag CrackHS 4b **16812mCastle Naze
261Ogden AreteS 4b *1688mRoaches Skyline
262Hazel Brow CrackS 4a *958mNewstones
263Thin CrackHS 4a **858mBack Forest
264Crack and CornerHS 4c ***62438m• 2Roaches Upper Tier
265Via Dolorosa VariationsS 4a **20?• 2Roaches Lower Tier
266Crab WalkS 4a 7916mRamshaw Rocks
267Chockstone CrackS 178mGradbach Hill
268The Cat CrawlS 4a **14?Bosley Cloud
269Ina's ChimneyS 4a **7?Ina's Rock
270Slab and AreteS 4a **36518mRoaches Skyline
271Calcutta CrackHS 4b *1766mRoaches Upper Tier
272Hollybush CrackVS 4b **32526mRoaches Upper Tier
273Fledglings ClimbS 4a *55314mRoaches Lower Tier
274Portcullis crackS 4a *1217mBack Forest
275Rib ChimneyS 4a **9318mHen Cloud
276The NicheS 4a **62912mCastle Naze
277Right Hand RouteHS 4c **68914mRoaches Upper Tier
278K2S 4b *41230m• 2Hen Cloud
279The Blackpool TripS 4a *2?The Wicken Stones
280Great ChimneyS 4a ***44618mHen Cloud
281Thompson's Buttress Route 1S 4a *8716mHen Cloud
282Black and TansS 4a ***136130m• 2Roaches Upper Tier
283Hazel BarnVD *1008mNewstones
284Green CrackS 4a **86710mWindgather Rocks
285Route 1HS 4a 31012mWindgather Rocks
286Fern CrackS 4b **58618mRoaches Upper Tier
287White house CrackVD 9?Bosley Cloud
288YongHVD 4a **90210mRoaches Lower Tier
289Rib and SlabM 4548mWindgather Rocks
290Original RouteHVD *9?Oldgate Nick (Cats...
291Black VelvetHVD 4a ***69624mRoaches Upper Tier
292The AreteVD **39226m• 2Hen Cloud
293The AreteS **15?Garston Rocks
294Keep CornerS 4a *47512mCastle Naze
295Pedestal RouteHVD 4a ***115728mRoaches Upper Tier
296Cave AreteS 4a *7612mRoaches Skyline
297Pseudo CrackHVD 1137mBack Forest
298Beckermet SlabS 4b *28914mRoaches Upper Tier
299Maud's GardenS 4a ***160522m• 2Roaches Upper Tier
300Squash BallsVD 85mThe Five Clouds
301Squashed FingerHVD *5788mWindgather Rocks
302Perambulator ParadeVD **4112mBaldstones
303Brad's ChimneyS **1?Park Bank Crags
304LighthouseVD *25010mRoaches Skyline
305Central TowerVD *19112mCastle Naze
306Camelian CrackVD *936mRamshaw Rocks
307Jeffcoat's ChimneyVD **51224m• 2Roaches Upper Tier
308Prow CornerVD *146712mRoaches Lower Tier
309BoomerangVD ***46416mRamshaw Rocks
310Right RouteVD ***161124mRoaches Upper Tier
311Prow CracksVD **153010mRoaches Lower Tier
312The Jug JamVD **6?Knypersley Rocks
313Inverted StaircaseD ***116822m• 2Roaches Upper Tier
314Mild ThingD *566mRoaches Skyline
315Footpath ChimneyD 4a *2?Cottage Rocks...
316Mantelshelf RouteD *3810mThe Five Clouds
317Raven Rock GullyD **38720mRoaches Lower Tier
318Flake ChimneyD *21914mRoaches Lower Tier
319SteeplechaserD *128mRoaches Skyline
320High Buttress AreteD **143712mWindgather Rocks
321Chockstone ChimneyD *100510mWindgather Rocks
322Buttress Two GullyM 5909mWindgather Rocks
323The StaircaseM *8378mWindgather Rocks
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