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'Full of Myself - Johnny's Book namecheck' ticklist

contributed by Brown Oct/11
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All the routes mentioned by name in Full of Myself Johnny Dawes's autobiography. Missing: The fingertip phenomenon - Wildgoose quarry, Draped in Affection - Unknown, Vlad the Arete - Unknown, serpentine vein - Slate, Sauron - slate, The Nose A4 - Strone, Sidewinder A4 - Strone, Phoenix - Yosemite, Climbs with entire chapters never referred to by name: Gaia

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AddClimb nameGradeTicks?HeightCrag name
1The Indian FaceE9 6c ***7?Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
2Professor WittakerE7 6b ***-?Cilan Head
3Allen's SlabS 4a **132116mFroggatt Edge
4Green GutHS 4a ***209714mFroggatt Edge
5ValkyrieHVS 5a ***118220m• 2Froggatt Edge
6Broken CrackHVS 5a **63910mFroggatt Edge
7Diamond CrackHS 4b **12338mFroggatt Edge
8The Z CrackVS 4c 58?Stanage Popular
9April CrackHS 4b ***228416mStanage Popular
10Christmas CrackHS 4a ***306216mStanage Popular
11Leaning Buttress GullyVS 4c 8016mStanage Popular
12Saul's AreteVS 4b *10322mStanage Plantation
13Christmas CurryS 4a ***174575m• 4Craig Bwlch y Moch...
14One Step in the CloudsVS 4c ***232169m• 4Craig Bwlch y Moch...
15NimbusE2 5c **108?Craig Bwlch y Moch...
16Scratch AreteHVS 5a **1013?Craig Pant Ifan...
17Wrinkled WallVS 4c **101414mBamford Edge
18Cordon BleuHVS 5b **110?Gogarth North Stack...
19AardvarkE2 6a **18455m• 2Gogarth North Stack...
20MammothE5 6b ***988m• 3Gogarth North Stack...
21DinosaurE5 6a ***34?Gogarth North Stack...
22High PressureE4 5c *3?Gogarth North Stack...
23Lord of the FliesE6 6a ***56?Dinas Cromlech
24SupersonicE5 6a ***9535mHigh Tor
25BastilleE6 6b ***1637mHigh Tor
26Demon RibE3 5c **3818mBlack Rocks
27FirebirdE2 5c **2116mBlack Rocks
28Curving AreteE5 6b ***1412mBlack Rocks
29GymslipE4 6b 30?Avon Gorge (Sea...
30TwikkerE3 5c ***13228mMillstone Edge
31Technical Masterf6B ***310?Millstone Edge
32MonopolyE7 6b **720mMillstone Edge
33Edge LaneE5 5c ***9118mMillstone Edge
34Green DeathE5 5c ***3418mMillstone Edge
35Great Slab (Millstone)HS 4b **97828mMillstone Edge
36The Sniveling ShitsE5 6a **11514mMillstone Edge
37ArchangelE3 5b ***21222mStanage Plantation
38Profit of DoomE5 6b ***4118mCurbar Edge
39Heartless HareE5 5c **14812mFroggatt Edge
40Master's EdgeE7 6c ***1918mMillstone Edge
41NarcissusE6 6b ***2618mFroggatt Edge
42Above and Beyond the Kinaesthetic BarrierE4 6b **136mBurbage South Edge
43Beau GesteE7 6c ***-14mFroggatt Edge
44Scritto's RepublicE7 6b **616mMillstone Edge
45London WallE5 6a ***8322mMillstone Edge
46Slab Popf6C *60?Froggatt Edge
47Downhill RacerE4 6a ***17816mFroggatt Edge
48Jugged HareE6 6a *914mFroggatt Edge
49The Bells! The Bells!E7 6b ***4?Gogarth North Stack...
50Great SlabE3 5b ***30418mFroggatt Edge
51A Thousand Natural ShocksE2 5c 46mStanage Plantation
52Weather ReportE6 6c *2010mStanage Plantation
53The Cool CurlE6 6b **614mStanage Plantation
54Pebble MillE5 6b ***9012mBurbage South Edge
55Braille TrailE7 6c ***710mBurbage South Edge
56Great WallE4 6a ***20872m• 2Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
57Tormented EjaculationE8 7a -?Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
58Master's WallE7 6b *-?Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
59Jelly RollE2 5b ***79?Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
60Curving AreteE4 5c *11?Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
61MeshachHVS 5a **892?Craig Bwlch y Moch...
62Psyche 'n' BurnE6 6b ***3?Craig Pant Ifan...
63SpreadeagleE4 5c *2?Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
64The KnockE4 5c ***1448mBurbage South Edge
65Charlotte RamplingE6 6b **910mGardoms Edge
66Benign LivesE7 6c **158mFroggatt Edge
67Ulysses' BowE6 6b ***4020mStanage Plantation
68CommittedE6 6b *126mCurbar Edge
69White WandE5 6a ***7122mStanage Plantation
70Hot KnivesE4 6b *-11mFroggatt Edge
71StrapadictomyE5 6b ***1579mFroggatt Edge
72The Mint 400E6 6b *89mFroggatt Edge
73Billy WhizzE2 5c ***32518mLawrencefield
74Conan the Librarianf6B+ **243?Mother Cap and...
75Traverse of the Gritstone GodsE4 6b **316mStanage Popular
76Fern GrooveE2 5c **9716mStanage Plantation
77SilkE5 6c **1910mStanage Plantation
78Snug as a Thug on a JugE4 6b ***68mStanage Popular
79Sad Amongst FriendsE7 6c **18mStanage Popular
80One Step BeyondE6 6b **620mCurbar Edge
81Crack and SlabE7 7a *112mCurbar Edge
82Emotional CrisisE4 5c *4?Craig Bwlch y Moch...
83PoacherE5 6b **6?Clogwyn y Wenallt
84The Long RunE5 6a **28?Gogarth North Stack...
85Ivory MadonnaE5 6b **2?Dinas Cromlech
86Carousel WaltzE5 6b 1?Clogwyn yr Eryr...
87HopeVD ***2113135m• 4Idwal Slabs (aka...
88FaithVD **657126m• 5Idwal Slabs (aka...
89DemetreusE3 6a **48?Idwal Slabs (aka...
90Teenage MenopauseE7 6b *1?Idwal Slabs (aka...
91Make it SnappyE6 6b **1614mGardoms Edge
92Blind DateE4 7a *1512mBurbage North
93Technicolour YawnE5 6a **412mHelsby
94Great North RoadHVS 5a ***118432mMillstone Edge
95Quality StreetE5 6b *3?Millstone Edge
96Poetry PinkE5 6a ***11643mRainbow Slab Area
97Raped by AffectionE7 6c **-?Rainbow Slab Area
98BarbarossaE6 6b ***1437mGogarth North Stack...
99Dried VoicesE5 6b 1?Clogwyn y Grochan
100Naked before the BeastE6 6b/c ***245mRainbow Slab Area
101The Rainbow of RecalcitranceE6 6b ***1860mRainbow Slab Area
102Dawes of PerceptionE7 6c **1?Vivian Quarry
103Windows of PerceptionE6 7a **9?Serengeti
104Kaluza KleinE6 6b **22?Robin Hood's Stride
105Thumper the RabbitE4 6c -30mHarthill Quarry
106DharmaE7 6c ***327mDuke's Quarry
107White HeatE5 6b ***30?White Tower
108Smoked SalmonE8 7b **212mBamford Edge
109The End of the AffairE8 6c ***2914mCurbar Edge
110Days of Future PassedE3 6b *410mRoaches Lower Tier
111Barriers in TimeE6 6b ***1216mRoaches Lower Tier
112Entropy's JawE5 6b ***528mRoaches Skyline
113Commander EnergyE2 5c ***52912mRoaches Lower Tier
114Wings of UnreasonE4 6a **33010mRoaches Skyline
115BloodspeedE6 6b **-18mRoaches Lower Tier
116A Fist Full of CrystalsE6 6b ***712mRoaches Lower Tier
117Crystal GrazerE5 6a **410mRoaches Lower Tier
118Catastrophe InternationaleE5 6c ***78mRoaches Lower Tier
119Script for a TierE6 6c *88mRoaches Skyline
120Art NouveauE6 6c ***126mRoaches Skyline
121Piece of MindE6 6b ***7312mRoaches Lower Tier
122National AcrobatE5 6c **110mRamshaw Rocks
123A Midsummer Night's DreamE6 6a ***22?Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
124GeireagleE3 5c **165?Craig Bwlch y Moch...
125WenHVS 5a **349?Gogarth North Stack...
126VectorE2 5c ***677?Craig Bwlch y Moch...
127Spider's WebE2 5b ***16?Gogarth North Stack...
128Conan the LibrarianE7 6b ***7?Gogarth North Stack...
129The Great FlakeE6 6b ***8?Caley Crags
130RumblefishE7 6b **2?Dinas Cromlech
131PsychoandyE6 6c **-?Gogarth North Stack...
132A Dream of White HorsesHVS 4c ***1127?• 4Gogarth North Stack...
133The Demons of BoschE7 6b *3?Gogarth North Stack...
134Helmet BoilerE5 5c *-?Gogarth South Stack
135Death Trap DirectE6 5c 1?Gogarth South Stack
136The CadE6 6a ***52?Gogarth North Stack...
137Blue PeterE4 5c **71?Gogarth North Stack...
138The ClownE7 6b **8?Gogarth North Stack...
139The Hollow ManE7 6b ***4?Gogarth North Stack...
140RubbleE7 1?Gogarth North Stack...
141The Mad BrownE7 -?Gogarth North Stack...
142LudwigE6 6b ***10?Gogarth South Stack
143Isis is AngryE7 6c ***1?Gogarth South Stack
144MeE6 6a **4?Gogarth South Stack
145Free Stone HengeE7 6c ***1?Gogarth South Stack
146The Enchanted Broccoli GardenE7 6b ***-?Gogarth South Stack
147Come to MotherE7 6a -?Gogarth South Stack
148Prometheus UnboundE5 6c *-?The Lost...
149Stack of Nudebooks Meets the StickmanE4 6a 55?Serengeti
150Californian AreteE1 4c ***10646mCalifornia
151The Spark that Set the FlameE5 6b *2?Vivian Quarry
152I Ran the BathE7 6b **225mVivian Quarry
153Menstrual GossipE6 6b *7?Vivian Quarry
154My HaloE7 6b **31?Serengeti
155Loved by a SneerE4 5c 3?Serengeti
156Clap PleaseE7 6c -?Vivian Quarry
157Comes the DervishE3 5c ***66440mVivian Quarry
158The Wonderful World of Walt DisneyE6 6b ***595m• 4Twll Mawr
159The QuarrymanE8 7a ***1?Twll Mawr
160Coeur de LionE8 7a ***-?Twll Mawr
161BeijqueiroE3 6b *6?Twll Mawr
162Phil's HarmonicaE6 6c -?Twll Mawr
163BlockheadE7 6c -?Twll Mawr
164Tambourine Man8a ***2?California
165Manic Strain8a ***820mVivian Quarry
166The Dark Half7c+ ***2618mRainbow Walls
167Gin Palace7c ***1418mVivian Quarry
168The Very Big and the Very Small8b+ ***2?Rainbow Slab Area
169The Cure for a Sick MindE7 7a **1?Rainbow Slab Area
170The ScoopE7 6b ***7210m• 8Sron Ulladale...
171Surgical LustE7 6b **2?Esgair Maen Gwyn...
172The Unrideable DonkyE7 -?Gogarth North Stack...
173Games Climbers PlayE5 6a **2?Gogarth North Stack...
174T.RexE3 5c ***95?Gogarth North Stack...
175Knuckle SandwichE7 6b ***-150m• 6Sron Ulladale...
176BananasE5 6b **9?Craig Bwlch y Moch...
177Papy on Sight7c+ **350mGorges du Verdon
178Le Spectre du Sur-Mutant8b+ ***-?Buoux
179Revelations8b ***1115mRaven Tor (Miller's...
180Azincourt8c ***-?Buoux
181Rose et Le Vampire8b ***2?Buoux
182Le Plafond de la Ligne Maginot8c **-?Volx
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