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'Portland for the beginner (lead climbs)' ticklist

contributed by devilesslover Sep/12
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A selection of routes for a beginner lead climber (like myself) to try and build confidence and to avoid boredom while improving climbing ability... All around Portland

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AddClimb nameGradeTicks?HeightCrag name
1Valerie's Patio3 44913mCheyne Wears Area
2Tombstone3+ **59714mCheyne Wears Area
3Chapter and Verse4a 306mCheyne Wears Area
4Oatsheaf, Chief4a 186mCheyne Wears Area
5Flake Away4a 112?Cheyne Wears Area
6Sweet Dreams Are Made of This3+ 97?Cheyne Wears Area
7Plastic Tractor3 70?Cheyne Wears Area
8Bundle of Joy4a 18612mCheyne Wears Area
9Whitestones3+ 4?Cheyne Wears Area
10Big Slab Variant3 *711mCheyne Wears Area
11Kung Fu Panda4a 1389mCheyne Wears Area
12Bariatric4a 157mCheyne Wears Area
13Never Ignore A Pooh-Pooh2+ 45?Cheyne Wears Area
14Doris Does Dungecroft3 459mCheyne Wears Area
15Trust me I'm a Doctor3 39?Cheyne Wears Area
16The Alpha and The Omega3+ *91?Cheyne Wears Area
17The Cookie Monster3 72?Cheyne Wears Area
18Make Cookies Not War4a 80?Cheyne Wears Area
19Eat, Stick and Die2+ 2826mThe Cuttings
20We're Only Placing Bolts for Nigel2+ 3166mThe Cuttings
21Arc Angel2+ 2367mThe Cuttings
22Charity Work Mate3 2697mThe Cuttings
23Magical Misty Tour3+ 2807mThe Cuttings
24Bonsai3+ 3158mThe Cuttings
25Baron's Revenge3 127?The Cuttings
26Chicken Boy3 101?The Cuttings
27Tantrums and Tiaras3+ 144?The Cuttings
28100 Sunny Days3 243?The Cuttings
29Jam4a *71311mThe Cuttings
30Opus4a *56917mThe Cuttings
31Whispering Gallery3 1806mThe Cuttings
32Queen of the New Year3 1856mThe Cuttings
33Suntrap3 232?The Cuttings
34The Bumper Fun Book4a 266?The Cuttings
35Godbeams4a 278?The Cuttings
36Ladybower3 133?The Cuttings
37The Naughty Corner4a 3611mThe Cuttings
38Don't Bring Your Mum2 176mThe Cuttings
39Voices in the Bower3 20918mThe Cuttings
40Voracious Animal (of the Weasel Family)3 44?Wallsend North
41Heart Stoppingly Brutal4a 45?Wallsend North
42Up the Apples and Pears2+ 1210mWallsend North
43Sylvia Sunset2+ 129mWallsend North
44Magnum Farce2+ 159mWallsend North
45Easy Like a Sunday Morning2+ 149mWallsend North
46Miss Jones3+ -10mWallsend North
47We are Stardust4a 6?Wallsend South
48Six Good Biceps4c **51215mBlacknor South
49Fallen Slab ArÍte3 ***121725mBlacknor South
50Fallen Slab3 ***102422mBlacknor South
51Slabtastic3 *44910mBlacknor South
52Suburban Dave3 *37810mBlacknor South
53Sketchtastic3+ *27011mBlacknor South
54A Nugget of Purest Green4a 136?Blacknor South
55Vertical Thrill4a *25910mBlacknor South
56Reinheitsgebot4a 1511mBlacknor North
57Absolute Beginners2 186mBlacknor North
58Solar Flare3+ *418mBlacknor South
59Sea of Tranquillity3 *419mBlacknor South
60Moonshine3 *699mBlacknor South
61Walking on the Moon4a *2812mBlacknor South
62Lunar Eclipse2 *679mBlacknor South
63Half Moon2+ *348mBlacknor South
64Imperfect3+ *66510mBlacknor South
65Rough Diamond4a *161?Blacknor South
66Diamond Boulder4a **37315mBlacknor South
67Diamond Edge4a *29416mBlacknor South
68Best Destiny4c **26520mBlacknor Central
69Quality Family Day5a *534?The Cuttings
70Sunseeker2+ 108?Blacknor South
71Don't Kill Me4a 193?Blacknor South
72Vertically Challenged3 213?Blacknor South
73Sunny Delight3 171?Blacknor South
74Surf, Sun and Just Having Fun3 172?Blacknor South
75The Mighty Bush4c 134?Blacknor South
76Do Ixtlan4c *65310mBlacknor South
77Dark Side of the Moon4a *629mBlacknor South
78Diamond Solitaire3 *17710mBlacknor South
79Portland Snowshine3+ *17110mBlacknor South
80My Little Buddha2+ *4689mBlacknor South
81The Bolt Factory4c *3029mBlacknor South
82Desireless4a *12313mBlacknor Far South
83Serendipity4a 27?Battleship Main
84April Skies4c 51?Battleship Main
85Spare the Fern Right Hand4c 33?Blacknor Far South
86Braer Rabbit4a 3889mBattleship Back...
87This is This4c *3969mBattleship Back...
88Like a Drowning Man4a *3009mBattleship Back...
89I'm Doing it Anyway4a *40810mBattleship Back...
90Dr. Sole and Mr. Sole3 1966mBattleship Back...
91Never Lead a Numb Existence4a 1807mBattleship Back...
92Phil's Route4a 2158mBattleship Back...
93Days of Heaven4c 1959mBattleship Back...
94Limestone Cowboy4c 1958mBattleship Back...
95Cat Juggling6a+ 1307mBattleship Back...
96More Soap, Less Shampoo4c 288mBattleship Back...
97Hate the Sin and Love the Sinner5c 20410mBattleship Back...
98Amazonia4c 63210mThe Cuttings
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