Joseph HS 4a. Good climbing, if a little run out.
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'Culm Coast new routes' ticklist

contributed by Mark Kemball Oct/12
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A list of routes that have been climbed since the 2000 North Devon and Cornwall guide. Please give feedback on any that you have climbed (grade, quality etc). Also please let me know of any that are missing. Most of the information about these routes comes (with permission) from Dave Henderson's Javu website

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AddClimb nameGradeTicks?HeightCrag name
1Little Big CrackHVS 5a -?Cow and Calf
2TransformerE3 6a -?Cow and Calf
3Dark Side of the MoonE4 5b *130mCow and Calf
4Toonmaster Jolly featuring Ex-man CE6 6b *-30mCow and Calf
5Global WarringE2 5c *130mCow and Calf
6Okavango Crocodile HunterE8 6b ***1?Cow and Calf
7Two of FourHVS 4c -?Smoothlands
8TitbiteE1 6a -?Smoothlands
9All Bottled UpE5 6b -?Smoothlands
10Shake and Stand WellE3 6a *-?Smoothlands
11I Was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw the SkyE2 5b -?Smoothlands
12Dry RiserS 115mUpright Cliff
13Surge DamperE2 5b -?Damehole Point
14Chapman's Left HandE2 5b 1?Chapman Rock
15Sidewinder AreteHVS 5b 2?Chapman Rock
16Little LeftyVS 4b 1?Chapman Rock
17Once Upon a Time in the South WestE9 6c -?Dyers Lookout
18The Walk of LifeE9 6c ***148mDyers Lookout
19The Earth-Sea TragedyE6 6b ***-?Dyers Lookout
20Mind Over MatterE4 5c -20mDyers Lookout
21Allez Ratour EspaniaS 212mDyers Lookout
22Olive OilS 212mDyers Lookout
23PopeyeVD 2?Dyers Lookout
24Funky AppendageS 1?Dyers Lookout
25ZaithE1 5b 220mDyers Lookout
26ResurrectionE1 5b **218mDyers Lookout
27Gripped by the BeastE6 6a **-?Hartland Quay
28Crunchy Nut CrackE1 5b 1?Hartland Quay
29Cereal KillerE5 6b **-?Hartland Quay
30Fibres EdgeE1 5a -12mHartland Quay
31Grizzly BearE3 5b 1?Hartland Quay
32Broken FaceE1 5b -12mHartland Quay
33Autumn GoldE2 5c *-12mHartland Quay
34FirethornE4 6a **-11mHartland Quay
35KALEIT NEMARAE3 6a *-9mHartland Quay
36NUCKELAVEEE4 6b **-12mHartland Quay
37SHAPE SHIFTERHVS 5b -12mHartland Quay
38BROKEN BLINKVS 4b -12mHartland Quay
39MADE IN THE SHADEE4 6a/b **-18mHartland Quay
40PanVS 4b 1?Screda Point
41HookD 1?Screda Point
42TinkerbellHVS 5a *1?Screda Point
43Cheap Little ScrubberE3 5b -31mScreda Point
44MushlatskiE3 5b -31mScreda Point
45Long Time No SeaVD -77mSt Catherine's Tor
46Blue BikiniXS 5b -110m• 3St Catherine's Tor
47OddE5 6a -?Spekes Mill Mouth...
48Return of The NativeE1 5a -37mSpekes Mill Mouth...
49?HS -?Hole Rock
50Coco de MerE1 5b **2?Hole Rock
51Bru SheepE2 5c *1?Hole Rock
52Hole in the Head for a BrainE4 6a -20mHole Rock
53Slanty Brain TreeE1 5b 1?Nabor Point
54Run of the ArrowE3 6a -?Nabor Point
55BiomeS 4a 1?Sandhole Rock
56Mother's Final ThunderVS 4a 1?Sandhole Rock
57CanuteS -?Sandhole Rock
58Eden ProjectHVS 4b 1?Sandhole Rock
59Bad BackS 4b 710mFoxhold Slabs
60Final StrawXS 4b 146mGull Rock - Marsland
61Breaking TimeE3 5b/c -?Gull Rock - Marsland
62Limpet BizkitVS 4b 1?Gull Rock - Marsland
63Safe as MilkE2 5b 2?Gull Rock - Marsland
64PissinonalampostS 1?Vicarage Cliff
65Lip GlossHVS 5c 1218mVicarage Cliff
66CatlinE1 5b 1321mVicarage Cliff
67Monster RaceHS 4b 1021mVicarage Cliff
68ImbackS 1?Vicarage Cliff
69WynotE1 5b 1?Vicarage Cliff
70Before LunchHVS 5a 322mVicarage Cliff
71SubstituteHS 4b -?Vicarage Cliff
72C.U.Wen.I.C.VS 4b 343mVicarage Cliff
73More Tea, Vicar?S -?Vicarage Cliff
74Lily Of The ValleyVS 4b 330mHigher Sharpnose...
75Sideways ScootererE1 5a **1?Moped Zawn
76Where is My Mind?XS 5a -28mMoped Zawn
77March of TimeVS -?Oldwalls' Point
78ZeitgeistE4 5c -?Oldwalls' Point
79Less is MoreE1 -?Oldwalls' Point
80Feeding the RatE4 6a 130mLower Sharpnose...
81Dijon Extra-Strong (Mustard Direct)E5 6a 2?Lower Sharpnose...
82Two Passports and a Cunning PlanE5 6b 1?Lower Sharpnose...
83Ace of DiamondsE2 5c 115mLower Sharpnose...
84Tokyo Fish MafiaE6 6b **3?Lower Sharpnose...
85Old Dog, New TricksE2 5c *127mLower Sharpnose...
86ZazuumE4 6a/b -?Lower Sharpnose...
87MurkinVD 1?Duck Pool
88Soapy WaterE3 6a -?Sandymouth
89Pocket BookHVS 4c -?The Prom
90Maggie's FarmE5 6a *-?The Prom
91Shelter from the StormE4 5c *-?The Prom
92Tap Dancing with the Maharaja's DaughterE2 5b *2?Menachurch Point
93Spock's Third EarE1 5b 3?Menachurch Point
94SewageHS 4c *9?Maer Cliff (aka...
95ShadesHVD 18?Maer Cliff (aka...
96Straight on at the LightsE1 5b 3?Maer Cliff (aka...
97Turn Left at the RoundaboutE2 5b -?Maer Cliff (aka...
98ShadowsVD *15?Maer Cliff (aka...
99JosephHS 6?Maer Cliff (aka...
100Strawberry SomethingHS 4a 2?Maer Cliff (aka...
101Fear of TearsVS 4c 2?Maer Cliff (aka...
102Kicking Over the TracesE1 5b *13?Maer Cliff (aka...
103AardvarkVS 4c 11?Maer Cliff (aka...
104Departed along the DutchS 5b **3?Maer Cliff (aka...
105The Perpetual PessimistVS 5a 5?Maer Cliff (aka...
106The Optimistic PessimistHVS 4c 5?Maer Cliff (aka...
107Miss Placed OptimismHVS 5a **3?Maer Cliff (aka...
108The Eternal OptimistE2 5b **5?Maer Cliff (aka...
109GiddyE7 6b 4?Crooklets
110SheilaE3 6a *912mCrooklets
111Chocolate StarfishMVS 4b 13?Crooklets
112DribblesS 12?Crooklets
113Rusty Bullet HoleVD 199mCrooklets
114Sherriffs BadgeVD 209mCrooklets
115SmearsVD 159mCrooklets
11610VD 149mCrooklets
117MinkieS 23?Crooklets
118GoatsE8 6c **-?Compass Point - Bude
119Wreckin' and Divin'HVS 5a ***1?Compass Point - Bude
120Re-mergent, bE2 5b *1?Compass Point - Bude
121Western ManHVS 5a *4?Compass Point - Bude
122Miss Otis RegretsE2 5c 1?Compass Point - Bude
123Penelope Won't Leave the PitstopE5 6b **5?Compass Point - Bude
124PhantasmagoriaE3 6a *1?Compass Point - Bude
125Loaded DiceE3 5b 118mCompass Point - Bude
126Bum NoteE4 6a *1?Bude Pillars
127JamboreeE1 5b 1?Bude Pillars
128IdHVS 5a 1?Bude Pillars
129InsubsequenciousnessHVS 5a *2?Bude Pillars
130Trick or TreatE2 5b *3?Lynstone
131Dig For FireE3 5c *-?Lynstone
132Unconsciously ScreamingE4 6a *3?Lynstone
133The Flying FreeholdE2 5b -?Lynstone
134A Foaming PointVD **3?Upton - Arrowhead...
135Foaming JugsHVS 5a ***3?Upton - Arrowhead...
136The Old Man and The SeaE5 6b ***2?Upton - Arrowhead...
137Points NorthE3 5b *-18mUpton - Arrowhead...
138InconsequenciousnessXS 5a -?Upton - Arrowhead...
139Right GrooveE1 5a 118mHigher Longbeak
140First Time CrackVS 5a *18mHigher Longbeak
141Si's AreteHVS 5a *-8mHigher Longbeak
142Square Peg in a Round HoleE5 6a **-8mHigher Longbeak
143The StepsVS 4c **26mHigher Longbeak
144The SlabE1 5a ***1?Higher Longbeak
145Undercut GrooveMVS 4c **18mHigher Longbeak
146Spratt's WeetmeatE5 6a **1?Higher Longbeak
147The Grit AreteE1 5b *18mHigher Longbeak
148The GritE2 5b **1?Higher Longbeak
149Ickle FissureVS 5a *18mHigher Longbeak
150Southern OutpostHVS 5a *1?Longbeak Beach
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