'Atlantic Coast Dagger Attack' ticklist

contributed by Mark Kemball Nov/12
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This is a list of all the "dagger" climbs in the Atlantic Coast section of the 2000 North Devon and Cornwall guide. - If you repeat any, please record your opinion of the grade, quality, any fixed gear, adequacey of guidebook description etc! Thanks

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AddClimb nameGradeTicks?HeightCrag name
1Smugglers and RockpoolsHVS 4c -?Thorn's Beach Slabs
2MalibuVD -?Great Barton Strand
3Belly BoardVS -?Great Barton Strand
4Muffin ManHVS 4c -?Crackington Haven
5LongevityS -?Crackington Haven
6Where There's a Will...XS 5c/6a -150m• 6Bukator Cliff
7The TouristXS 5b -?Beeny Cliff
8Little and LargeHVS 5b **-?Long Island
9BloodbathHVS 5a *2?Long Island
10Chossy ChimneyVS 4a -?Trewethet Cliff
11Slugs on JugsE1 5a -?Trewethet Cliff
12The UrgeXS 5c ***-?Trewethet Cliff
13BafflerXS 5c *-?Trewethet Cliff
14Molly's 29-Hour PartyS 4a -?Trewethet Cliff
15Must Be MentalE2 5b -?Rocky Valley
16Why Me Mum?E1 5b -?Rocky Valley
17Mary's JourneyHS 4b -?Rocky Valley
18Piran PS -?Rocky Valley
19Open ClawE4 6a -?Bossiney Haven
20KillHS 4b -?Bossiney Haven
21PatS -?Bossiney Haven
22RickS 4a -?Bossiney Haven
23Under PressureXS 5c *-?Lye Rock
24Seal AppealXS 5b -?Willapark Cliff
25Dark ComedyHVS 5a -?Tintagel Head
26AstroslideE3 5c ***-?Tintagel Head
27OverkeelE5 6b ***-?Tintagel Head
28Wicked GravityE4 6a ***-?Tintagel Head
29ChancelotE5 6a ***-?Tintagel Head
30One Stood against ManyE5 6a ***-?Tintagel Head
31Knights of the Intriguing NicheE4 5c *-?Tintagel Head
32Frank's CrackE2 5b *-?Tintagel Head
33Frank's CornerE3 5c **-?Tintagel Head
34Gypsy QueenE6 6b ***-?Tintagel Head
35Isle of AvalonE5 6b *-?Tintagel Head
36Ocean Colour DreamE6 6a ***-?Tintagel Head
37FaschistiE5 6b **-?Tintagel Head
38PathfinderE5 5c **-?Tintagel Head
39HoudiniVS 4c -?Tintagel Head
40The BreakS -?Tintagel Head
41Silver LiningE2 5b -?Dunderhole Point
42Back to the Old WaysE3 5b *-?Backaways Cove
43The Strangest SecretE6 6a ***-?Backaways Cove
44North Coast FeverE4 5c *-?Backaways Cove
45Bend Over BackawaysE3 6a *-?Backaways Cove
46BahaHS 4a -?Backaways Cove
47Polymorphus PervertHVS 4c -?Scarnor Point
48Pilot HotelVS 4c -?Scarnor Point
49SpacewalkerS 4a -?Scarnor Point
50The Mighty QuinE2 5b -?Kellan Head
51Divergent ThinkingE2 5c -?Kellan Head
52Darkness VisibleE3 5c ***1?Kellan Head
53Solace variation startHVS 5a *-?Kellan Head
54Living Time WarpE5 6a *-?Kellan Head
55KellanesisE6 6c ***-?Kellan Head
56Knight's MoveE1 5c *2?Kellan Head
57The SommeE3 5c *-?Kellan Head
58Shady PeteVS 4c -?Kellan Slab
59Yogic FlyerE5 6a **330mDoyden Point
60WiltingE6 6a *-?Doyden Point
61VisageE2 5c *1?Doyden Point
62The Concrete TrampolineE3 5b 1?Pentire Point
63Robert of PentireE3 6a -?Pentire Point
64Pete's RouteE2 5b -?Pentire Point
65A Groove Full of MirrorsE7 6b *-?Pentire Point
66Another Nervous BreakdownE7 6b -?Pentire Point
67Your Funeral, My TrailE6 6b -?Pentire Point
68Beneath Black WatersE6 6b *-?Pentire Point
69Groove of IllusionsVS 4c -?Pentire Point
70Snake In The GrassVS 4b -20mPentire Point
71GreenwitchHS 4b -?Pentire Point
72Colin's GrandmaVS 4c -?Pentire Point
73FaffHS 4b -?Pentire Point
74The Rising DarkHVS 5a -?Pentire Point
75Quiet DesperationHVS 5a -?Pentire Point
76Camming Round The MountainHVS 5a 1?Pentire Point
77Pachyderm PathwayHVS 5a *420mPentire Point
78Pigs in ZenE3 6a -?Pentire Point
79Little Black DressE2 5b 3?Pentire Point
80Black RoseE3 5c 1?Pentire Point
81Black PowerE3 5c 1?Pentire Point
82A Most Peculiar PracticeHS 4b 2?Pentire Point
83Turkish DelightE5 5c **-?Pentire Point
84The CrusadeE5 6a ***3?Pentire Point
85Easy PreyE4 5c **1?Pentire Point
86Hope for HillebrandtE3 5c *-?Pentire Point
87Pounding HeartE4 6a ***1?Pentire Point
88The Black HunterE5 6b **-?Pentire Point
89Our Stars, Our SkyVS 4c **1245m• 2Pentire Point
90Steep SheepHVS 5a *-?Pentire Point
91A Wok on the Wild SideHVS 4c -?Pentire Point
92Silent ScreamingE1 5a -?Pentire Point
93GracelessHS 4b -?Pentire Point
94Bitter MinnowsHVS 5a *-?Pentire Point
95Soul ShockE2 5b -?Pentire Point
96ArtificeS 4a 1?Pentire Point
97RampoVD -?Pentire Point
98SinnersE1 5b *2?Pentire Point
99Blue JuiceE5 6a -?Pentire Point
100GothE2 5b -?Pentire Point
101Safe Haven!?!HVS 5a -?Pentire Point
102Exclusion ZoneVS 4c -?Pentire Point
103Whoops ApocalypseE5 6a **-?Pentire Point
104Hiroshima Mon AmourM *-?Pentire Point
105HopenerS -?Pentire Point
106ThinisherHS -?Pentire Point
107Mrs Pepper PotE5 6a, 5b -?Butter Hole
108The MongfishE3 5c -?• 2Butter Hole
109Red ParadeE1 5b/c **-?Butter Hole
110Maggie's MistakeE1 5a *-?Butter Hole
111Vive la RevolutionS 4a *-?Butter Hole
112Little RobertVS 4c **1?Butter Hole
113AliHVS 4c 1?Butter Hole
114One for CurlyE2 5b 1?Butter Hole
115TojeVS 4b 1?Butter Hole
116The Mind FieldE4 5b -?Butter Hole
117Foaming HeelsS 4a -?Butter Hole
118Soggy SocksVS 4b -?Butter Hole
119Totem PoleHVS 5a 1?Gunver Head
120Satanic SlabMVS 4c 1?Trevone
121ProctoscopyS -?Park Head
122Alison's RibD 5?Trenance Cliff
123Senecio SlabS 4a -?Trenance Cliff
124The 19th HoleD -?Trenance Cliff
125Jenny's JauntVS 4b -?Berryl's Point
126Rose StreetVD -?Berryl's Point
127Unholy CommunionHS -?Penhale Camp Area
128AnnaVS 4b -?Penhale Camp Area
129IcarusVS 4b -?Penhale Camp Area
130Crack of DoomVS 4c *-?Penhale Camp Area
131OrcaE1 5a -?Penhale Camp Area
132SupercruiseHVS 5a *-?Penhale Camp Area
133Top SecretVD -?Penhale Camp Area
134Open SecretVD -?Penhale Camp Area
135CrustaceanHVS 4c -?Penhale Camp Area
136Black SlabVD -?Penhale Camp Area
137Alpine DeparturesM -?Cligga Head
138FisticuffsVS 4c -?Cligga Head
139North ButtressVD 140mCligga Head
140Fear of a Black PlanetE2 5b **-?Cligga Head
141Maxwell's DemonE5 6b **-?Cligga Head
142Fingerin' the DykeE3 5c **-?Cligga Head
143The SkirmishHVS 5a 5?Carn Gowla
144War without TearsE2 5b 1?Carn Gowla
145BeresfordHVS -?Carn Gowla
1461492E6 6b *-?Carn Gowla
147Ku Klux KlanE5 6a/b **-?Carn Gowla
148Escapist DirectE2 5b -?Carn Gowla
149Running on EmptyE4 6a 1?Carn Gowla
150Motion SicknessE3 5c *1?Carn Gowla
151Excellent WallE2 5b 1?Carn Gowla
152Deceleration LaneVS 4b ***2?Carn Gowla
153Reality BypassE4 5c 1?Carn Gowla
154Natrel PlusE3 6a -?Carn Gowla
155Pierrot le FouE5 6a ***-?Carn Gowla
156Barren LandaE6 6a/b **-?Carn Gowla
157The Magic WandE5 6a **-?Carn Gowla
158Dark LadyE3 6a -?Carn Gowla
159Rise AboveE4 6a -?Carn Gowla
160SaviourbladeE5 6a -?Carn Gowla
161WolfstoneE6 6b **-?Carn Gowla
162Where's Heinz?E4 6a *-?Carn Gowla
163Bitter SweetE3 5b *-?Carn Gowla
164CastawayE1 5a *-?Carn Gowla
165Dead Run DownE5 5c **-?Carn Gowla
166terra novaHVS 5a 1?Carn Gowla
167hard tackHVS 4c 1?Carn Gowla
168SidelineVD 1?Carn Gowla
169SalineHVS 5a *1?Carn Gowla
170CracklineHS 4b **4?Carn Gowla
171felineVS 4b 3?Carn Gowla
172Fine LineD *3?Carn Gowla
173Bee LineHVS 5b *1?Carn Gowla
174bubble troubleHVS 5a 3?Carn Gowla
175Absolutely AditE1 5a 238mCarn Gowla
176Blackfoot TrotsVS 4c -?Carn Gowla
177CrescendaE2 5c -?Carn Gowla
178Touch the EarthVS 4c **7?Carn Gowla
179shamanS 4a 3?Carn Gowla
180Red CloudS 613mCarn Gowla
181Ghost DanceHS 1?Carn Gowla
182Kansas CityHVS 5a -?Carn Gowla
183Wheal Coates WallE2 -?Chapel Porth
184Toby's CornerHVS 4c -?Chapel Porth
185Chapel Porth EliminateMVS 4b -?Chapel Porth
186PsychosisVD -?Hell's Mouth
187ParanoiaE3 5b *-?Hell's Mouth
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