Me seconding Brown's Eliminate. I understand now why it's not E3 5b
© Lukeva, Nov 2013

Ron Fawcetts 100 extremes in a day ticklist

contributed by WB Feb/13

In a lifetime would be good.... Added Lepton in place of Kappelout Direct Couldn't find Afterbirth or A.P. Jacket in the Curbar database

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Downhill RacerE4 6a ***20916mFroggatt Edge
Long John's SlabE3 5c **62814mFroggatt Edge
Tree SurvivorE3 6a *58mFroggatt Edge
Oedipus Ring Your MotherE4 6b **1618mFroggatt Edge
Cave WallE3 5c ***6612mFroggatt Edge
Cave CrackE3 5c **12212mFroggatt Edge
Heartless HareE5 5c **18412mFroggatt Edge
Great SlabE3 5b ***43318mFroggatt Edge
ArtlessE5 6b **8915mFroggatt Edge
Hairless HeartE5 5c ***10015mFroggatt Edge
SynopsisE2 5c **30814mFroggatt Edge
Nutty LandE1 5c *29?Froggatt Edge
Brown's EliminateE2 5b ***113516mFroggatt Edge
ArmageddonE3 5c *9812mFroggatt Edge
The Big CrackE2 5b ***37915mFroggatt Edge
Stiff CheeseE2 5c *6312mFroggatt Edge
The 3-D WallE2 6a 638mStanage Popular
Tip OffE2 5b 2114mStanage Popular
Dry RotE2 5b *88?Stanage Popular
The TipplerE1 5b ***82718mStanage Popular
Tippler DirectE3 6a ***21416mStanage Popular
The DanglerE2 5c ***15916mStanage Popular
CensorE3 5c ***6816mStanage Popular
Yosemite WallE2 5b **40716mStanage Popular
TopazE4 6a 2110mStanage Popular
Easter RibE1 5b **92616mStanage Popular
Ice BoatE1 5c *9014mStanage Popular
Coconut IceE2 5b *13016mStanage Popular
The ActressE2 5c 69mStanage Popular
DesperationE1 6a ***53612mStanage Popular
ConstipationE4 6a **3614mStanage Popular
WutheringE2 5b ***51320mStanage Popular
The AspE3 6a ***22512mStanage Popular
Don't Bark, BiteE3 5c *1814mStanage Popular
Dark ContinentE1 5c ***27420mStanage Popular
AcheronE1 5b *14616mStanage Popular
BloodshotE3 5c *1816mStanage Popular
The Old DragonE2 5b *8114mStanage Popular
Plastic DreamE3 6a *1614mStanage Popular
Curving ButtressE2 5b *13314mStanage Plantation
Monday BlueE2 5b *28216mStanage Plantation
The Left UnconquerableE1 5b ***176116mStanage Plantation
Millsom's MinionE1 5b ***120322mStanage Plantation
CrossoverE2 5c *4714mStanage Plantation
Nuke the MidgesE1 5b *24010mStanage Plantation
Esso ExtraE1 5b **4112mStanage Plantation
CinturatoE2 5b **12214mStanage Plantation
CentaurE2 5c *358mStanage Plantation
Living at the SpeedE1 5b *23010mStanage Plantation
ArchangelE3 5b ***40622mStanage Plantation
GiroE2 5c 179mStanage Plantation
ArgusE1 5b *388mStanage Plantation
Shock Horror Slabf6C **12410mStanage Plantation
Count's ButtressE2 5c ***14216mStanage Plantation
DaydreamerE2 6b ***848mStanage Plantation
Nightmare SlabE2 5c **1018mStanage Plantation
Millwheel WallE1 5b ***22612mBurbage South...
Pretzel LogicE3 6a *1312mBurbage South...
ZeusE2 5b ***16612mBurbage South...
Above and Beyond the Kinaesthetic BarrierE4 6b **236mBurbage South Edge
Dork ChildE1 5c *328mBurbage South Edge
Pebble MillE5 6b ***14812mBurbage South Edge
Nick Knack PaddywackE2 6b 108mBurbage South Edge
Old MacDonaldV6 3?Burbage South Edge
SorbE2 5c **10910mBurbage South Edge
Fade AwayE1 6a 7?Burbage South Edge
Recurring NightmareE5 6b *128mBurbage South Edge
The KnockE4 6a ***2338mBurbage South Edge
YoghurtE3 6b 3?Burbage South Edge
BoggartE2 6b **7414mBurbage South Edge
Boggart Left-handE4 6a *4914mBurbage South Edge
ScroachE2 5c **7421mCurbar Edge
Left EliminateE1 5c **16011mCurbar Edge
Right EliminateE3 5c ***8617mCurbar Edge
The ToyE1 5c **4657mCurbar Edge
L'HorlaE1 5b ***72310mCurbar Edge
Elder CrackE2 5b ***44718mCurbar Edge
Canoef5+ *2346mCurbar Edge
Finger DistanceE3 6b **1579mCurbar Edge
KayakE1 5b **7279mCurbar Edge
Leptonf6C+ *306mCurbar Edge
VainE3 5b **1113mCurbar Edge
ColossusE2 5b 189mCurbar Edge
SaddyE2 5c **7810mCurbar Edge
Smoke ont' Water StartV3 68?Curbar Edge
Squint StartHVS 5b *149mCurbar Edge
FidgetE2 6b *377mCurbar Edge
Birthday GrooveE1 5c *308mCurbar Edge
Diet of WormsE4 6a **279mCurbar Edge
Deadbay GrooveE2 5c *812mCurbar Edge
Deadbay CrackE1 5b **4311mCurbar Edge
Black Nix WallE1 5c *1258mCurbar Edge
Rat ScabiesE3 6b **4210mCurbar Edge
Mr SofteeE1 6a 1616mCurbar Edge
ApolloE2 5c **6419mCurbar Edge
SoyuzE2 5c **21510mCurbar Edge
The Unreachable StarE3 6a **838mCurbar Edge
Ulysses or BustE5 6b ***368mCurbar Edge
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