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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
Helfenstein's StruggleHVD 4a **01/MayStanage Plantation
Spock Does the Bump at the Space Disconone 5c **15/Jan/13Bowles Rocks
Inspirationnone 5c **15/Jan/13Bowles Rocks
Seltzernone 5b *11/May/11Bowles Rocks
Fragile Aretenone 5a *11/May/11Bowles Rocks
T.T.none 5b **11/May/11Bowles Rocks
Pig's Earnone 5c ***11/May/11Bowles Rocks
E.S. Cadet Nosenone 5b *11/May/11Bowles Rocks
Lee Enfieldnone 5c *11/May/11Bowles Rocks
Pull Throughnone 5b *11/May/11Bowles Rocks
Abracadabranone 5a 11/May/11Bowles Rocks
Jackienone 5b *11/May/11Bowles Rocks
Sappernone 4c **11/May/11Bowles Rocks
Burlapnone 5b **11/May/11Bowles Rocks
Mick's Wallnone 5b 11/May/11Bowles Rocks
Kemp's Delightnone 4b *11/May/11Bowles Rocks
Fandangonone 5c ***11/May/11Bowles Rocks
Coathangernone 5c *11/May/11Bowles Rocks
Drosophilanone 5b **11/May/11Bowles Rocks
Green Wallnone 4c ***11/May/11Stone Farm
Pharoah's Cursenone 5a 11/May/11Stone Farm
Primitive Groovenone 4b *11/May/11Stone Farm
Leaning Cracknone 5a **11/May/11Stone Farm
Bulging Wallnone 5b 11/May/11Stone Farm
Transparent Accelerating Banananone 5b 11/May/11Stone Farm