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Logbook for queeniejackson

28 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
North ClimbS 4a *-Mark Shearing11/Jun/09Froggatt Edge
Sunset SlabHVS 4b ***-Mark Shearing11/Jun/09Froggatt Edge
Sunset CrackHS 4c **-Mark Shearing11/Jun/09Froggatt Edge
GammaVD *-Mark Shearing11/Jun/09Froggatt Edge
Green GutHS 4a ***-Mark Shearing11/Jun/09Froggatt Edge
Trapeze DirectVS 4c **-Mark Shearing11/Jun/09Froggatt Edge
Slab Recess DirectHS 4c *-Mark Shearing11/Jun/09Froggatt Edge
TrapezeVD *-Mark Shearing11/Jun/09Froggatt Edge
Tennis ShoeHS 4b **-Mark Shearing??/May/09Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Parchment PassageVD *-Mark Shearing??/May/09Dinas Cromlech
Flying ButtressVD ***-Mark Shearing??/May/09Dinas Cromlech
Emma's TemptationHVD 4c *-Kev Woodward???/2006Birchen Edge
Captain's BunkHS 4b *-Kev Woodward???/2006Birchen Edge
The ChainS 4a *-Kev Woodward???/2006Birchen Edge
Lone Tree GullyS 4a **-Kev Woodward???/2006Black Rocks
Little PlumbD -Kev Woodward???/2005Burbage North
Route 2S 4a -Kev Woodward???/2005Burbage North
Route 3HVD 4a *-Kev Woodward???/2005Burbage North
BaselessHVD *-Kev Woodward???/2005Burbage North
Triangle Buttress DirectHS 5a -Kev Woodward???/2005Burbage North
Ash Tree CrackVD *-Kev Woodward???/2005Burbage North
Bilberry Crack (Burbage North)VD *-Kev Woodward???/2005Burbage North
Triangle Buttress AreteVD *-Kev Woodward???/2005Burbage North
Three Pebble SlabE1 5a ***-Kev Woodward???/2004Froggatt Edge
Slab RecessD **-Kev Woodward???/2004Froggatt Edge
GammaVD *-Kev Woodward???/2004Froggatt Edge
Allen's SlabS 4a **-Kev Woodward???/2004Froggatt Edge
TrapezeVD *-Kev Woodward???/2004Froggatt Edge