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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Cladestiny's Childf7A *Sent x16/Aug/15Stanton in the Woods
Appliance Frictionf6B *Sent x16/Aug/15Stanton in the Woods
Lean-tof6C *Sent x16/Aug/15Stanton in the Woods
Short ArÍtef6B -15/Aug/15Robin Hood's Stride
Sweet Aretef6C *-15/Aug/15Robin Hood's Stride
Boomerang-erang Sit StartV3 6a -15/Aug/15Robin Hood's Stride
Flipper Aretef6A **-15/Aug/15Robin Hood's Stride
The Spine Left Hand (Stepped Arete)f6B -15/Aug/15Robin Hood's Stride
The SpineV0+ 5a -15/Aug/15Robin Hood's Stride
Scoop Slab TraverseV1 5c -15/Aug/15Robin Hood's Stride
Concave CrimperV3 -15/Aug/15Robin Hood's Stride
Cave Leftf6A -15/Aug/15Robin Hood's Stride
Top RibV2 5c **Sent15/Aug/15Cratcliffe Tor
Left AreteV3 6a *Sent15/Aug/15Cratcliffe Tor
Last Arete - Standing StartV0 5a Sent15/Aug/15Cratcliffe Tor
Blind Pocket TraverseV2 Sent15/Aug/15Cratcliffe Tor
Green slopey traversef6C Sent O/S15/Aug/15Cratcliffe Tor
Rain ShadowE1 5c *Lead O/S09/Aug/15Shakemantle Quarry (Ruspidge...
EczemaE2 5c *Lead O/S09/Aug/15Shakemantle Quarry (Ruspidge...
The Lost Treasure Of The Kingdom of MerciaHVS 5a *-09/Aug/15Staple Edge Quarry (Ruspidge...
The Horned OneE1 5b **-09/Aug/15Staple Edge Quarry (Ruspidge...
Acid RainE1 5a Lead O/S09/Aug/15Shakemantle Quarry (Ruspidge...
Rain MakerE1 5b *Lead O/S09/Aug/15Shakemantle Quarry (Ruspidge...
Rain DanceE1 5b Lead O/S09/Aug/15Shakemantle Quarry (Ruspidge...
Dust StormVS 4b Lead O/S09/Aug/15Shakemantle Quarry (Ruspidge...
Crustyf4 *Sent O/S14/Jun/15Cottage Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Billy Bunterf5 *Sent O/S14/Jun/15Cottage Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Virgin Wall Traverse Central Sectionf6A+ ***Sent O/S14/Jun/15Virgin Wall (Lower Churnet)
Another Dayf6B *Sent x14/Jun/15Swampy's Block
364th Dayf6A+ Sent x14/Jun/15Swampy's Block
Jill the Traversef6C Sent x14/Jun/15Gentleman Rock (Lower Churnet)
Swing Aretef6C **Sent x08/Jun/15Brimham Rocks
Learn n' Groovef6A+ Sent O/S08/Jun/15Brimham Rocks
Acme Wall Lower Traversef6B *Sent x08/Jun/15Brimham Rocks
Cubicf6A+ **-08/Jun/15Brimham Rocks
Cubic Leftf6C Sent08/Jun/15Brimham Rocks
Sunbeamf4 Sent O/S08/Jun/15Brimham Rocks
Sunshinef3+ Sent O/S08/Jun/15Brimham Rocks
Niche Aretef6C **Sent x08/Jun/15Brimham Rocks
Murky Ribf6C *Sent x08/Jun/15Brimham Rocks
Pocket Drop Traversef7A+ Sent x08/Jun/15Brimham Rocks
Trenchf5+ *Sent x08/Jun/15Brimham Rocks
Flake Achef7A+ ***Sent x08/Jun/15Brimham Rocks
The Anchorf7A+ ***Sent x08/Jun/15Brimham Rocks
BernieV3 6a -23/May/15Roaches Skyline
Open Bum CleftV3 6a Sent23/May/15Roaches Lower Tier
Flake and AreteV2 5c Sent23/May/15Roaches Lower Tier
Wildy's RightV3 6a Sent23/May/15Roaches Lower Tier
Wildy's Arete Sit StartV5 6b Sent x23/May/15Roaches Lower Tier
Matchbox AreteV3 6a -23/May/15The Five Clouds