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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Sacre CoeurE2 5b ***2nd O/S15/Oct/11Blackchurch
Dernier lechant mou6b+ Lead O/S17/Aug/11Les Petites Dalles Ailefroide
Effacee (provisoire)5c Lead O/S15/Aug/11Les Petites Dalles Ailefroide
Pets de Rupricaprius5c **2nd O/S12/Aug/11Ailefroide Multi-Pitch routes
Epic-duralE2 5c 2nd O/S27/Jul/11Fairy Cave Quarry
Rob's CrackVS 4c ***2nd O/S27/Jul/11Fairy Cave Quarry
Strictly BallroomE1 5b *2nd O/S27/Jul/11Fairy Cave Quarry
Glacial PointE4 5c **TR O/S27/Jul/11Fairy Cave Quarry
CavemanVS 5a *2nd O/S27/Jul/11Fairy Cave Quarry
PickpocketHVS 5a **2nd O/S09/Jul/11Portishead Quarry
The Brink of SolarityHVS 5a **2nd O/S09/Jul/11Portishead Quarry
The BaldestHVS 5a *TR O/S09/Jul/11Portishead Quarry
Approaching MaturityE2 5b *TR O/S09/Jul/11Portishead Quarry
PharosHS 4b *Lead O/S09/Jul/11Portishead Quarry
Imperfect3+ *TR O/S04/Jun/11Blacknor South
Do Ixtlan4c *TR O/S04/Jun/11Blacknor South
Slings Shot5a ***TR O/S04/Jun/11Blacknor North
The Mystical GillVS 4b *Lead O/S04/Jun/11Blacknor Beach
GagoolE1 5b **TR O/S28/May/11Chudleigh Rocks
Barn Owl CrackHVD *AltLd O/S28/May/11Chudleigh Rocks
GoblinVS 4c TR dog25/Apr/11The Dewerstone
Mambo SlabVD Lead O/S25/Apr/11The Dewerstone
Central GrooveHS 4b ***AltLd O/S25/Apr/11The Dewerstone
Colonel's AreteVD ***Lead O/S25/Apr/11The Dewerstone
Demo RouteHS 4b ***2nd O/S12/Apr/11Sennen
Terrier's Tooth (Pre-2014)VD ***AltLd O/S11/Apr/11Chair Ladder
Barking CrackVD Lead O/S10/Apr/11Sheeps Tor
Mushroom WallVS 4c **TR O/S10/Apr/11Sheeps Tor
Slab RouteD *Lead O/S10/Apr/11Sheeps Tor
Slanting CrackS *Lead O/S10/Apr/11Sheeps Tor
Aerobic WallE2 5c **TR dnf10/Oct/10Hound Tor
Liars DiceS 4a *Lead O/S10/Oct/10Hound Tor
PaddyM Lead O/S10/Oct/10Hound Tor
Gates of EdenHVS 5a ***AltLd O/S04/Sep/10Daddyhole Main Cliff
Gates of EdenHVS 5a ***2nd dnf04/Sep/10Daddyhole Main Cliff
Vision5a ***2nd O/S18/Aug/10Combe Obscure
Secher le nombril5a Lead O/S17/Aug/10La Roche-Sur-Le-Buis-Rocher...
Manger de la misere5c Lead O/S17/Aug/10La Roche-Sur-Le-Buis-Rocher...
Pogner la5c Lead O/S17/Aug/10La Roche-Sur-Le-Buis-Rocher...
Tabarnak5a *Lead O/S17/Aug/10La Roche-Sur-Le-Buis-Rocher...
Pisser sur ses bottines4a **Lead O/S17/Aug/10La Roche-Sur-Le-Buis-Rocher...
Pogner Les Nerfs4a ***Lead O/S17/Aug/10La Roche-Sur-Le-Buis-Rocher...
Pisser dans le son4c Lead O/S17/Aug/10La Roche-Sur-Le-Buis-Rocher...
Lacher la batte6a *Lead O/S17/Aug/10La Roche-Sur-Le-Buis-Rocher...
La Leon5a Lead O/S16/Aug/10Chaine du Grand Travers...
La Sophie5a **2nd O/S16/Aug/10Chaine du Grand Travers...
La Gauche de la Droite6a **Lead O/S16/Aug/10Chaine du Grand Travers...
Le Golot Critique5a **Lead O/S16/Aug/10Chaine du Grand Travers...
L'Annie5a Lead O/S16/Aug/10Chaine du Grand Travers...
Le Vivier4c *Lead O/S16/Aug/10Chaine du Grand Travers...