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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The Return of the LemmingVS 4c *- ??/May/00Trewellard
Long Laybacknone 5a ***- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
The Flakesnone 6a ***- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Snake's Crawlnone 1a - ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Signalbox Aretenone 5b *- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Moonlight Aretenone 4c ***- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Starlightnone 4c **- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
The Niblicknone 5b ***- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Niblick Direct Startnone 5c ***- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Wellington's chimneynone 3c - ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Wellington's Nosenone 3b **- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
The Vicenone 4c **- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Set Square Aretenone 5b *- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Two-Toed Slothnone 5a *- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Isolated Buttress Climbnone 4c ***- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Isolated Buttress Climb Direct Startnone 5b - ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Birchden Wallnone 5b ***- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Birchden Cornernone 5c ***- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Crowborough Cornernone 5c **- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Boysen's Aretenone 6a *- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Crack and Cavenone 4a **- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Grant's Cracknone 5a **- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Wander at Leisurenone 5a *- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Birch Tree Cracknone 4a *- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
The Scoopnone 5c *- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Hell Wallnone 5a **- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Far Leftnone 5c **- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Unclimbed Wallnone 5b ***- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Isometric Chimneynone 1a - ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Bulging Wall/Zig Nosenone 5c *- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Zig-Zag Variationsnone 5b - ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Zig-Zag Wallnone 5a ***- ???/2000Harrisons Rocks
Reclamation Slab Rightnone 2b **- ???/2000Bowles Rocks
Banananone 6a **- ???/2000Bowles Rocks
Drosophilanone 5b **- ???/2000Bowles Rocks
Kemp's Delightnone 4b *- ???/2000Bowles Rocks
Serenade Aretenone 6a **- ???/2000Bowles Rocks
Sappernone 4c **- ???/2000Bowles Rocks
Meager's Right Handnone 5c - ???/2000Bowles Rocks
Sing Singnone 3a - ???/2000Bowles Rocks
Peter's Perseverancenone 5a **- ???/2000Bowles Rocks
Ricochetnone 4b **- ???/2000Bowles Rocks
Four-by-Twonone 5a *- ???/2000Bowles Rocks
Pull Throughnone 5b *- ???/2000Bowles Rocks
Lee Enfieldnone 5c *- ???/2000Bowles Rocks
Cave Cracknone 5a *- ???/2000Bowles Rocks
Pig's Earnone 5c ***- ???/2000Bowles Rocks
T.T.none 5b - ???/2000Bowles Rocks
Pig's Nosenone 5a ***- ???/2000Bowles Rocks
Hennessy Heightsnone 5b *- ???/2000Bowles Rocks
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