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Logbook for Bobling

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Porth-Clais CrackHS 4b LeadStuart24/Aug/14Porth-Clais
Porth-Clais CornerD LeadStuart24/Aug/14Porth-Clais
Vegetable RightsVS 4c 2ndStuart24/Aug/14Porth-Clais
Raptute of The DeepS LeadStuart23/Aug/14Organ Pipes West (St Non's)
AvloidanceHS 2ndStuart23/Aug/14Organ Pipes West (St Non's)
Grow FinsVD LeadStuart23/Aug/14Organ Pipes West (St Non's)
Lego WallS 2ndStuart23/Aug/14Organ Pipes West (St Non's)
Cracked WallVS 4c 2ndStuart23/Aug/14Porth-y-Ffynnon
Slab RecessS 4a LeadStuart23/Aug/14Porth-y-Ffynnon
Slab HappyHVS 5a 2ndStuart23/Aug/14Porth-y-Ffynnon
The CrackVD *LeadStuart23/Aug/14Porth-y-Ffynnon
The AreteD 4a *2ndDavid Smith26/Jul/14Avon Gorge (Main Area)
Bob's ClimbVD *AltLdDavid Smith26/Jul/14Avon Gorge (Main Area)
Easy RouteM Solo 18/Jul/14Avon Gorge (Main Area)
Central GullyHS 4a AltLdJames P12/Jun/14Avon Gorge (Main Area)
Limpet SlabVD 2ndDave20/Apr/14Halldrine Cove
Geological GrooveD LeadDave20/Apr/14Halldrine Cove
Forget Me NotVD 2ndDave20/Apr/14Halldrine Cove
OreadVD LeadDave19/Apr/14Bosigran
Big TopVD *2ndDave19/Apr/14Bosigran
DoorwayS 4a *AltLdDave19/Apr/14Bosigran
ExitVD LeadDave18/Apr/14Tregiffian
Loose Limpet CrackHS 4b *LeadDave18/Apr/14Tregiffian
Gravity SlabVS 4c 2ndDave18/Apr/14Tregiffian
TheaS 4a 2ndDave18/Apr/14Tregiffian
WhittVS 4c ***2ndJoe31/Mar/14Symonds Yat
Snoozin' SuzieVD **LeadJoe31/Mar/14Symonds Yat
Golden FleeceHS 4b **LeadJoe31/Mar/14Symonds Yat
The DruidVS 4c **2ndJoe31/Mar/14Symonds Yat
SarumanHS 4b LeadNick11/Jan/14Goblin Combe
BifurVS 4b *2ndNick11/Jan/14Goblin Combe
Curving CrackVD LeadAlan16/Nov/13Brean Down (Fort Crags)
EavesdropVD 2ndAlan16/Nov/13Brean Down (Fort Crags)
BackstairsS LeadAlan16/Nov/13Brean Down (Fort Crags)
Red Slab CornerS 2ndAlan16/Nov/13Brean Down (Fort Crags)
ZeldaHS 4b ***AltLdSam28/Aug/13Wintour's Leap
Central Rib Route IS 4a **2ndSam28/Aug/13Wintour's Leap
Easy RouteM Solo 12/Aug/13Avon Gorge (Main Area)
Rake and SlabM Solo 08/Aug/13Avon Gorge (Main Area)
Descent RouteM Solo 08/Aug/13Avon Gorge (Main Area)
GretaHS 4b **AltLdAndy again26/Jun/13Wintour's Leap
AftermathVS 4c *2ndAli07/Jun/13Avon Gorge (Main Area)
DexterS 4a LeadAli07/Jun/13Avon Gorge (Main Area)
StrandedS LeadSarah, Dave L31/May/13Avon Gorge (Amphitheatre)
Liverbird ButtressS LeadSarah, Dave L31/May/13Avon Gorge (Amphitheatre)
Box of DelightsHS 4b *LeadDave L11/May/13Vicarage Cliff
Wellington's StandVS 4c LeadDave L11/May/13Vicarage Cliff
TombstoneHS 4b 2ndDave L11/May/13Vicarage Cliff
Bottle ButtressVD 3c *AltLdAli21/Apr/13Wintour's Leap
Terry's TwinVS 4c 2ndAli21/Apr/13Wintour's Leap
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