81 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Rubicon5.10d ***-??/Feb/12Split Rocks
Bird of Fire5.10a -??/Feb/12Split Rocks
False Smooth as Silk5.4 **Lead??/Feb/12Lost Horse
Nobody Walks In L.A.5.9 **Lead??/Feb/12Lost Horse
Cake Walk5.9 ***Lead??/Feb/12Lost Horse
Tinker Toys5.10b Lead??/Feb/12Lost Horse
Dinkey Doinks5.8 **Lead??/Feb/12Lost Horse
Bird on a Wire5.10a Lead??/Feb/12Lost Horse
White Lightning5.7 Lead??/Feb/12Lost Horse
Dung Fu5.7 **Lead??/Feb/12Lost Horse
Tax Man5.10a Lead??/Feb/12Lost Horse
Poodle Lizard5.7 Lead??/Feb/12Lost Horse
Right Lizard Crack5.9 *Lead??/Feb/12Lost Horse
Left Lizard Crack5.10d *Lead??/Feb/12Lost Horse
Spiderman5.10a ***Lead??/Feb/12Jumbo Rocks
Colorado Crack5.9 ***Lead??/Feb/12Jumbo Rocks
Overhang Bypass5.7 ***Lead??/Feb/12Hidden Valley Campground
The Flake5.8 *Lead??/Feb/12Hidden Valley Campground
Beginner's Three5.3 *Lead??/Feb/12Hidden Valley Campground
Bat Crack5.5 **Lead??/Feb/12Hidden Valley Campground
Toe Jam5.7 ***Lead??/Feb/12Hidden Valley Campground
Bearded Cabbage5.10c ***Lead??/Feb/12Hidden Valley Campground
Double Cross5.7 ***Lead??/Feb/12Hidden Valley Campground
Sexy Grandma5.9 **Lead??/Feb/12Hidden Valley Campground
Papa Woolsey5.10b **Lead??/Feb/12Hidden Valley Campground
The Bong5.4 **Lead??/Feb/12Hidden Valley Campground
Beginner's One5.3 Lead??/Feb/12Hidden Valley Campground
Chalk up another one5.10a **Lead??/Feb/12Hidden Valley Campground
Blind Ambition5.10d **Lead??/Feb/12Hidden Valley Campground
The Eye5.3 **Lead??/Feb/12Hidden Valley Campground
PinheadV0 *Lead??/Feb/12Hidden Valley Campground
Sphincter Quits5.9 **Lead??/Feb/12Real Hidden Valley
Rap Bolters are Weak5.12a **Lead??/Feb/12Real Hidden Valley
Ain't Nothing But A J-Tree Thing5.6 Lead??/Feb/12Real Hidden Valley
No Calculators Allowed5.10a **Lead??/Feb/12Real Hidden Valley
Count on Your Fingers5.9 Lead??/Feb/12Real Hidden Valley
Wild Wind5.9 **Lead??/Feb/12Real Hidden Valley
Sail Away5.9 ***Lead??/Feb/12Real Hidden Valley
Illusion Dweller5.10b ***Lead??/Feb/12Real Hidden Valley
Run for your Life5.10b ***Lead??/Feb/12Real Hidden Valley
Desperado5.10a **Lead??/Feb/12Real Hidden Valley
Loose Lady5.9 ***Lead??/Feb/12Real Hidden Valley
Dazed and Confused5.9 **Lead??/Feb/12Wonderland of Rocks
Mental Physics5.7 ***Lead??/Feb/12Wonderland of Rocks
I Can't Believe it's a Girdle5.10a Lead??/Feb/12Wonderland of Rocks
Too Secret To Find5.10b ***Lead??/Feb/12Wonderland of Rocks
Solid Gold5.10a ***Lead??/Feb/12Wonderland of Rocks
Breakfast of Champions5.8 Lead??/Feb/12Wonderland of Rocks
Grain Surgery5.10b **-??/Jan/12The Outback
Skinny Dip5.7 **-??/Jan/12The Outback