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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Jerry's Traversef7A+ Sent07/Jun/15Blackwell Dale
Rock BottomV6 *Sent17/May/15Split Infinity Cave
Pocket WallV3 **Sent17/May/15Cromlech boulders
Ramp CentralV2 Sent17/May/15Cromlech boulders
The RampV1 ***Sent17/May/15Cromlech boulders
Ramp LefthandV2 Sent17/May/15Cromlech boulders
P26V3 **Sent16/May/15RAC boulders
P26 DynoV5 Sent16/May/15RAC boulders
P25V2 **Sent16/May/15RAC boulders
Marsh Arete RACV3 **Sent16/May/15RAC boulders
Left Aretef4 Sent19/Apr/15Wimberry Rocks
Letterbox Slotf5 **Sent19/Apr/15Wimberry Rocks
Fat Slapperf6B+ *Sent19/Apr/15Wimberry Rocks
The Fish Slabf3+ Sent19/Apr/15Wimberry Rocks
Fish Slab CentralV0 Sent19/Apr/15Wimberry Rocks
Fish Slab RightV1 Sent19/Apr/15Wimberry Rocks
Fish Dishf6B+ **Sent19/Apr/15Wimberry Rocks
Fish Eyef4 Sent19/Apr/15Wimberry Rocks
Tennis ShoeHS 4b **AltLd14/Apr/15Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
The Crackf6C ***-21/Mar/15The Bowderstone
The Crack Directf6C+ **-21/Mar/15The Bowderstone
Regent StreetE2 5c ***2nd15/Feb/15Millstone Edge
Left of Abattoirf6B *Sent20/Sep/14Blackwell Dale
Seal SlabVS 4c **AltLd29/Jun/14Chair Ladder
South Face DirectVS 4c ***AltLd29/Jun/14Chair Ladder
Four Squaref6A+ **Sent18/Jun/14Widdop
Red Edge Rightf5+ **Sent18/Jun/14Widdop
Red Edge Leftf5+ Sent18/Jun/14Widdop
Mildf2+ Sent18/Jun/14Widdop
Top Totty5a Lead19/May/14Harpur Hill Quarry
Jelly Tots5a Lead19/May/14Harpur Hill Quarry
Tiny Tots6a Lead19/May/14Harpur Hill Quarry
Teeny Tots6a Lead19/May/14Harpur Hill Quarry
Geisha Grooves6a Lead19/May/14Harpur Hill Quarry
Setting Sons6a Lead19/May/14Harpur Hill Quarry
Spring SunshineVS 4c Lead05/May/14Stanage North
October SlabHS 4b **Lead05/May/14Stanage North
TitanicVS 4b **Lead05/May/14Stanage North
Warm-up Traversef5 **Sent21/Apr/14Water-cum-Jolly
High Traversef5+ Sent21/Apr/14Water-cum-Jolly
Middle Traversef6A+ *Sent21/Apr/14Water-cum-Jolly
Toenail Leftf6A+ *Sent21/Apr/14Water-cum-Jolly
Debris Groovef6A Sent21/Apr/14Water-cum-Jolly
Crimps and Pocketsf6B Sent21/Apr/14Water-cum-Jolly
Dorsal AreteII ***Lead10/Jan/14Stob Coire nan Lochan
Robin Hood's StaircaseVD 2nd01/Dec/13Stanage Popular
Terrace CrackVS 4b **Lead30/Nov/13Froggatt Edge
Three Pebble SlabE1 5a ***2nd30/Nov/13Froggatt Edge
Chequers ButtressHVS 5a ***2nd30/Nov/13Froggatt Edge
First FinaleE1 5b ***Lead05/Sep/13Anglezarke Quarry