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NameStyleDate Crag name
Morocco CocoLead O/S19/Nov/14Ksar Rock
PelezAltLd19/Nov/14Ksar Rock
Tizgut Crack2nd18/Nov/14Tizgut Gorge (Crag R &...
Tizgut CornerLead O/S18/Nov/14Tizgut Gorge (Crag R &...
Ear Nose and ThroatAltLd17/Nov/14The White Dome - Tower 3
The Golden CompassAltLd17/Nov/14The White Dome - Tower 3
Grasshopper AreteLead O/S16/Nov/14Griffin Rock
Berber Ella2nd16/Nov/14Griffin Rock
Amphitheatre Buttress2nd16/Nov/14Griffon Rock
Crackerjack2nd16/Nov/14Griffon Rock
Just for the HalibutLead O/S01/Jul/14Sorel Point
Cor Blimey it's SlimyLead dog15/Jun/14La Prison
AngelicaLead O/S05/May/14Radar Buttress
Youth in AsiaLead O/S16/Mar/14Portelet
The HeistLead RP06/Aug/13La Prison
Parabola2nd17/Jun/13La Nethe Falaise
Thrutch Pig2nd RP07/Jun/13Radar Buttress
Mean Green MotherTR29/May/13Sorel Point
Swing Out SisterTR29/May/13Sorel Point
Tit For TatLead O/S29/May/13Sorel Point
Wot a PratTR29/May/13Sorel Point
The GrovelTR29/May/13Sorel Point
Grand IllusionTR29/May/13Sorel Point
Off Shore AssetLead O/S29/Apr/13La Cotte De St Brelade
Colesterol partyLead29/Mar/13Santanyi (Tijuana)
TrencaclosquesLead29/Mar/13Santanyi (Tijuana)
JetsamLead28/Mar/13Cala Magraner
Captain NemoLead28/Mar/13Cala Magraner
L'amo de Baltix m'enviaLead dog28/Mar/13Cala Magraner
En pas descanseLead28/Mar/13Cala Magraner
Sense VolerLead28/Mar/13Cala Magraner
Coordina coordinatorLead27/Mar/13La Creveta
CursetLead27/Mar/13La Creveta
HyperionLead27/Mar/13La Creveta
KrilinLead27/Mar/13La Creveta
Black StreakLead27/Mar/13La Creveta
Récords de BunyolaLead dog27/Mar/13La Creveta
Mario moreno IILead26/Mar/13S'estret
Mario morenoLead26/Mar/13S'estret
El imperio contratacaLead26/Mar/13S'estret
El retorno del JediLead26/Mar/13S'estret
Menage ŕ troisLead26/Mar/13S'estret
El bandido de un brazoLead26/Mar/13S'estret
El culoLead26/Mar/13S'estret
King of QuintLead dog26/Mar/13S'estret
Con el culo al aireLead26/Mar/13S'estret
Tom and JerryLead25/Mar/13Santanyi (Tijuana)
Churrito y peleteLead25/Mar/13Santanyi (Tijuana)