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Logbook for Sparrowmonkey

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The CrackVD *2ndBootcamp Broadman21/May/14Porth-y-Ffynnon
The CrackVD *2ndBootcamp Broadman21/May/14Porth-y-Ffynnon
GeminiVD *2ndBootcamp Broadman21/May/14Initiation Slabs
Tatty CrackVD 2ndBootcamp Broadman21/May/14Initiation Slabs
Slab 0D Solo 21/May/14Pen-y-Cyfrwy
too smallD 2ndBootcamp Broadman21/May/14Pen-y-Cyfrwy
nigel elliot seagullVD 2ndBootcamp Broadman21/May/14Pen-y-Cyfrwy
Against the GrainVD 2ndJimb0, Bootcamp Broadman17/May/14Porth-Clais
Harbour CrackVD 2ndJimb0, Bootcamp Broadman17/May/14Porth-Clais
Diagonal CrackS 4a *2ndBootcamp Broadman17/May/14Porth-Clais
SabotørfossenWI5 ***2ndBootcamp Broadman22/Feb/14Upper Gorge (Rjukan)
Stepped icefall 10m left of AnakjeWI2 2ndKris, Jimb0, Bootcamp Broadman20/Feb/14Ozzimosis
AnakjeWI3 *2ndBootcamp Broadman20/Feb/14Ozzimosis
Klassisk 4WI3 *2ndBootcamp Broadman20/Feb/14Ozzimosis
SvadaWI2 2ndBootcamp Broadman20/Feb/14Ozzimosis
SvadaWI2 LeadKris, Jimb0, Bootcamp Broadman20/Feb/14Ozzimosis
MinidiskenWI3 2ndBootcamp Broadman20/Feb/14Ozzimosis
PresangenWI4 2ndBootcamp Broadman20/Feb/14Ozzimosis
Unknown (RF 0.2)WI2 *TRKris, Jimb0, Bootcamp Broadman18/Feb/14Krokan
Unknown (RF 0.5)WI3 TRKris, Jimb0, Bootcamp Broadman18/Feb/14Krokan
Unknown (RF 0.7)WI3 TRKris, Jimb0, Bootcamp Broadman18/Feb/14Krokan
Unknown (RF 4)WI2 TRKris, Jimb0, Bootcamp Broadman18/Feb/14Krokan
Unknown (RF 4)WI2 2ndJimb0???/2014Krokan
Tin Foil TeethS *2ndBootcamp Broadman25/Dec/13Tizi Gzaouine Gorge
Aktil GrooveVD *LeadBootcamp Broadman24/Dec/13Tizi Gzaouine
Geology CornerMVS 4c 2ndBootcamp Broadman24/Dec/13Tizi Gzaouine
Action BopHS 4c **2ndBootcamp Broadman24/Dec/13Tizi Gzaouine
The JugglerS *2ndBootcamp Broadman24/Dec/13Tizi Gzaouine
Aktil RibVD *2ndBootcamp Broadman24/Dec/13Tizi Gzaouine
Christmas CracksS **2ndBootcamp Broadman24/Dec/13Tizi Gzaouine
To Hell in a HyundaiHS 4c 2ndBootcamp Broadman22/Dec/13Tarakatine Pass
Tiger CrackMS *2ndBootcamp Broadman22/Dec/13Tarakatine Pass
TelicVD *2ndBootcamp Broadman22/Dec/13Tarakatine Pass
Katie's BushS 2ndBootcamp Broadman22/Dec/13Tarakatine Pass
Achtung SpitfireS *2ndBootcamp Broadman22/Dec/13Tarakatine Pass
Argan CrackS **2ndBootcamp Broadman22/Dec/13Tarakatine Pass
Grumio Coqus EstMS *2ndBootcamp Broadman22/Dec/13Tarakatine Pass
hazy DaysD *Solo 22/Dec/13Tarakatine Pass
Razor Blade FandangoHS 4c *AltLd dnfBootcamp Broadman22/Dec/13Tarakatine Pass
Sugar HighHS 4c 2nd dnfBootcamp Broadman22/Dec/13Tarakatine Pass
Trader VicsS *2ndBootcamp Broadman21/Dec/13Palm Tree Gorge
Rum KegVD *2ndBootcamp Broadman21/Dec/13Palm Tree Gorge
Hamster RunD *2ndBootcamp Broadman20/Dec/13Belle Vue Buttress, Oumsnat
Coyote CrackS **2ndBootcamp Broadman20/Dec/13Belle Vue Buttress, Oumsnat
TafuktVD *2ndBootcamp Broadman20/Dec/13Belle Vue Buttress, Oumsnat
PuffpoodleVD *LeadBootcamp Broadman19/Dec/13Robin Hood Rocks
Binder's ButterbeansVD **2ndBootcamp Broadman19/Dec/13Robin Hood Rocks
Nimble PoleHS 4a *2ndBootcamp Broadman19/Dec/13Robin Hood Rocks
Kenya Believe It?S **2ndBootcamp Broadman19/Dec/13Robin Hood Rocks
SalamanderS 2ndBootcamp Broadman19/Dec/13Robin Hood Rocks
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