3,604 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameStyleDate Crag name
The Ducklings - Problem 1Sent x22/Apr/15Duck Boulders
Gone South (Standing)Sent x22/Apr/15Duck Boulders
Green GorillasSent dnf22/Apr/15Duck Boulders
Champagne CharlieSent dnf22/Apr/15Duck Boulders
RecollectionSent x22/Apr/15Duck Boulders
CrispsSent x22/Apr/15Duck Boulders
We Are Watching YouSent17/Apr/15Arnecliff Woods
DreamcatcherSent x17/Apr/15Arnecliff Woods
Big PawSent x15/Apr/15Ingleby Boulders
Drill SergeantSent x15/Apr/15Ingleby Boulders
CheeseburgerSent15/Apr/15Ingleby Boulders
12 BoreSent15/Apr/15Ingleby Boulders
Big FlakeSent15/Apr/15Ingleby Boulders
LegionSent10/Apr/15Arnecliff Woods
There ThereSent10/Apr/15Arnecliff Woods
SiberiaSent08/Apr/15Ingleby Boulders
The SeatSent08/Apr/15Ingleby Boulders
Gun DogSent08/Apr/15Ingleby Boulders
ShooterSent08/Apr/15Ingleby Boulders
Hanging CrackSent08/Apr/15Ingleby Boulders
Mono WallSent dnf08/Apr/15Ingleby Boulders
The CrookSent x05/Apr/15Crookleth Crags
Criminal MindsSent x05/Apr/15Crookleth Crags
With FinesseSent x05/Apr/15Crookleth Crags
Black DogSent05/Apr/15Crookleth Crags
Black Dog TraverseSent05/Apr/15Crookleth Crags
Sugar CoatedSent05/Apr/15Crookleth Crags
Rail Em' InSent05/Apr/15Crookleth Crags
PanspermiaSent x05/Apr/15Crookleth Crags
Blacker Dog DirectSent x05/Apr/15Crookleth Crags
Blacker DogSent x05/Apr/15Crookleth Crags
Far CountrySent20/Mar/15Far Crag
FArÍteSent20/Mar/15Far Crag
Far Side WallSent20/Mar/15Far Crag
A Far Off PlaceSent20/Mar/15Far Crag
A Far, Far Better ThingSent x20/Mar/15Far Crag
In a Galaxy......Sent20/Mar/15Far Crag
A Far ShoreSent x20/Mar/15Far Crag
Gone Too Far?Sent20/Mar/15Far Crag
Far from FinishedSent20/Mar/15Far Crag
FarlongSent20/Mar/15Far Crag
Third BreakSent dnf20/Mar/15Far Crag
Left CrackSent20/Mar/15Far Crag
Old SchoolSent20/Mar/15Far Crag
Left AreteSent20/Mar/15Far Crag
LeftishSent20/Mar/15Far Crag
Nidderdale SpecialSent20/Mar/15Far Crag
Barley's BequestSent20/Mar/15Far Crag
Slab Master's WallSent20/Mar/15Far Crag
Intro AreteSent20/Mar/15Far Crag