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Logbook for TRNovice

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Nosejobf5 Sent O/SJenn13/May/12Fairlop Boulders
Face/Off (4)f3+ Sent O/SJenn13/May/12Fairlop Boulders
Give Me Some Timef5+ *Sent xJenn13/May/12Fairlop Boulders
Nosejobf5 Sent O/SJenn13/May/12Fairlop Boulders
Berlinf5 Sent O/SJenn13/May/12Fairlop Boulders
Seamf6A Sent O/SJenn12/May/12Pleasley Vale
Flakef6A Sent xJenn12/May/12Pleasley Vale
The Arete (Cringing Arete Start)V0 Sent O/SJenn12/May/12Pleasley Vale
RockFax Peak Bouldering Problem 14V1 Sent dnfJenn02/Oct/11Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Problem 13V1 Sent rptJenn02/Oct/11Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Hob Nob WallV2 5c Sent dnfJenn02/Oct/11Curbar Edge
Curved RibV0- 4a Sent rptJenn02/Oct/11Curbar Edge
One Inch CrackV0- 4a Sent rptJenn02/Oct/11Curbar Edge
The Letter LV0 5a Sent rptJenn02/Oct/11Curbar Edge
Debris Groovef6A Sent dnfJenn01/Oct/11Water-cum-Jolly
Toenail Pie Startf5 *Sent rptJenn01/Oct/11Water-cum-Jolly
Sharp Pocketsf5+ Sent dnfJenn01/Oct/11Water-cum-Jolly
Loki startVB 4c Sent O/SJenn21/Aug/11Rheinstor
Little Flake (PDB p2)V3 6a Sent dnfJenn21/Aug/11Rheinstor
Mjolnir StartV1 *Sent dnfJenn21/Aug/11Rheinstor
Wizard of Aus StartV4 **Sent dnfJenn21/Aug/11Rheinstor
Meridian StartV4 6b Sent dnfJenn21/Aug/11Rheinstor
Right Bulgef5 *Sent xJenn31/Jul/11Harborough Rocks
Cracked Aretef3 Sent O/SJenn31/Jul/11Harborough Rocks
Flake Mantelf3 Sent O/SJenn31/Jul/11Harborough Rocks
Left Bulgef5+ Sent dnfJenn31/Jul/11Harborough Rocks
Sharp Bulgef5 Sent xJenn31/Jul/11Harborough Rocks
Flake Sitter Leftf4 Sent xJenn31/Jul/11Harborough Rocks
Curved RibV0- 4a Sent O/SJenn30/Jul/11Curbar Edge
Front OnV0- 4b Sent O/SJenn30/Jul/11Curbar Edge
Ledge WallV0- 4b Sent O/SJenn30/Jul/11Curbar Edge
One Inch CrackV0- 4a Sent O/SJenn30/Jul/11Curbar Edge
Hob Nob WallV2 5c Sent dnfJenn30/Jul/11Curbar Edge
Bow AreteD SentJenn15/May/11Harborough Rocks
P8 (Javu) Perched Block WallVB 4c Sent rptJenn??/Apr/11Hound Tor
P7 (Javu) Layback CrackVB 3c Sent rptJenn??/Apr/11Hound Tor
P9 (Javu) Mid Wall Cracknone 4c Sent rptJenn??/Apr/11Hound Tor
The Cube P7V0+ 5c Sent O/SJenn??/Apr/11Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Death Crackf5 Sent xJenn11/Apr/10Fossil Wall
Flakef4 Sent O/SJenn11/Apr/10Fossil Wall
Un-named 6b Problemf6B **Sent dnfJenn11/Apr/10Fossil Wall
Problem 13V1 Sent xJenn14/Jun/09Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Too Hard for Mark Leachf6C *Sent dnfJenn14/Jun/09Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Grounded StartV2 5c *Sent xJenn14/Jun/09Pleasley Vale
V.T.O StartV1 Sent O/SJenn14/Jun/09Pleasley Vale
P18 Up To Jug LedgeV3 *Sent dnfJenn14/Jun/09Pleasley Vale
Boot Boys Startf6C *Sent dnfJenn14/Jun/09Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Saline Drip Startf7A *Sent dnfJenn14/Jun/09Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Mjolnir StartV1 *Sent xJenn13/Jun/09Rheinstor
Little Flake (PDB p2)V3 6a Sent dnfJenn13/Jun/09Rheinstor
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