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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa) summitsummit ***-snappychick19/May/13Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa)
Moel Morfydd summitsummit - 21/Apr/13Moel Morfydd
Moel y Gamelin summitsummit - 21/Apr/13Moel y Gamelin
Moel Famau summitsummit -snappychick07/Apr/13Moel Famau
Cariad - Zimba4c Lead rptsnappychick08/Aug/12Castle Inn Quarry
Taid4a Lead rptsnappychick08/Aug/12Castle Inn Quarry
Grooved SlabVS 4a ***TR rptsnappychick29/Jul/12Helsby
Twin ScoopsE1 5c **TR rptsnappychick29/Jul/12Helsby
The Overhanging CrackVS 4c **TR rptsnappychick29/Jul/12Helsby
Golden PillarE1 5b **TR dogsnappychick29/Jul/12Helsby
Men of Dinorwic Slate5a TR βsnappychick15/Jul/12Waterfall Crag
Suleiman the insignificant5a TR βsnappychick15/Jul/12Waterfall Crag
Diamonds and Pearls5a TR βsnappychick15/Jul/12Waterfall Crag
Custard Corner5a *TR βsnappychick15/Jul/12Waterfall Crag
Magnificant Rita5a *TR βsnappychick15/Jul/12Waterfall Crag
Windsor Wall6b **TR βsnappychick15/Jul/12Waterfall Crag
36 Bolts To Happiness!!5a Lead O/Ssnappychick15/Jul/12Dyserth Castle Slab
Siamber Wen3 Lead O/Ssnappychick15/Jul/12Dyserth Castle Slab
Jason And The Aga Nuts5a Lead O/Ssnappychick15/Jul/12Dyserth Castle Slab
Nain4a Lead βsnappychick10/Jun/12Castle Inn Quarry
Cariad - Zimba4c Lead βsnappychick10/Jun/12Castle Inn Quarry
Ffrind4a *Lead βsnappychick10/Jun/12Castle Inn Quarry
Taid4a Lead βsnappychick10/Jun/12Castle Inn Quarry
Conan The Libertarian6a TRsnappychick10/Jun/12Castle Inn Quarry
October Premiere5c TR βsnappychick10/Jun/12Castle Inn Quarry
open your legs6b *TR βsnappychick10/Jun/12Castle Inn Quarry
Lili Marlene5c TR βsnappychick10/Jun/12Castle Inn Quarry
Alone with the moon5a TR βsnappychick10/Jun/12Castle Inn Quarry
Ice Cream and Candyfloss5a TR βsnappychick10/Jun/12Castle Inn Quarry
Nain4a TR βsnappychick27/May/12Castle Inn Quarry
Cariad - Zimba4c TR βsnappychick27/May/12Castle Inn Quarry
Ffrind4a *TR βsnappychick27/May/12Castle Inn Quarry
Taid4a TR βsnappychick27/May/12Castle Inn Quarry
Wilderness Wall5a *Lead O/Ssnappychick27/May/12Castle Inn Quarry
Butterfly Blue4a Lead O/Ssnappychick27/May/12Castle Inn Quarry
Birthday Boy5a *Lead O/Ssnappychick27/May/12Castle Inn Quarry
Appenzeller5c TR βsnappychick27/May/12Castle Inn Quarry
Cariad - Zimba4c Lead O/Ssnappychick13/May/12Castle Inn Quarry
Nain4a Lead O/Ssnappychick13/May/12Castle Inn Quarry
Ffrind4a *Lead O/Ssnappychick13/May/12Castle Inn Quarry
Hidden Gem4a Lead O/Ssnappychick13/May/12Castle Inn Quarry
Taid4a Lead βsnappychick13/May/12Castle Inn Quarry
Mogadishu4c TR βsnappychick13/May/12Castle Inn Quarry
Little by LittleS 4a *TR rptsnappychick06/May/12Helsby
Oyster Slab Super DirectHS 5a *TR rptsnappychick06/May/12Helsby
Oyster Slab DirectVS 4b *TR rptsnappychick06/May/12Helsby
Oyster Slab Route IIIVS 5b *TR O/Ssnappychick06/May/12Helsby
Flake CrackHVS 5a ***TR βsnappychick06/May/12Helsby
Five O'Clock ShaddowVS 4c TR dogsnappychick31/Mar/12Dinbren Crags
A World in HarmonyE2 5b ***TR dogsnappychick31/Mar/12Dinbren Crags
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