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NameStyleDate Crag name
Victory Crack2nd O/S24/Jul/11Birchen Edge
Sail Buttress2nd O/S24/Jul/11Birchen Edge
Trafalgar WallLead O/S24/Jul/11Birchen Edge
Rum WallSolo O/S24/Jul/11Birchen Edge
Stoker's WallSolo O/S24/Jul/11Birchen Edge
Copenhagen CornerSolo O/S24/Jul/11Birchen Edge
Dane's DelightSolo O/S24/Jul/11Birchen Edge
Copenhagen WallSolo O/S24/Jul/11Birchen Edge
Emma's DelightLead O/S24/Jul/11Birchen Edge
Right Wall RouteLead O/S23/Jul/11Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Hell Crack2nd O/S23/Jul/11Stanage Popular
Ant's CrackLead O/S23/Jul/11Yarncliffe Quarry
Latecomer2nd O/S23/Jul/11Yarncliffe Quarry
Crack and CornerLead O/S10/Mar/11Stanage Popular
LatecomerLead O/S10/Mar/11Yarncliffe Quarry
Ant's Wall2nd O/S10/Mar/11Yarncliffe Quarry
Cardinal's Arete2nd O/S10/Mar/11Yarncliffe Quarry
Route 3Solo O/S03/Mar/11Burbage North
Route 2Solo O/S03/Mar/11Burbage North
Ash Tree WallLead O/S03/Mar/11Burbage North
Ash Tree Variations2nd dog03/Mar/11Burbage North
Baseless2nd O/S03/Mar/11Burbage North
Hollybush Crack2nd O/S22/Oct/10Stanage Popular
Flying ButtressLead22/Oct/10Stanage Popular
Leaning Buttress Crack2nd O/S22/Oct/10Stanage Popular
April CrackLead O/S22/Oct/10Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Hell Crack2nd22/Oct/10Stanage Popular
Edge of the AssLead O/S29/Aug/10Hvar - cliffbase
Paradise GardenLead O/S29/Aug/10Hvar - cliffbase
SalpaLead O/S29/Aug/10Hvar - cliffbase
Stari Put2nd O/S29/Aug/10Hvar - cliffbase
Brak2nd O/S29/Aug/10Hvar - cliffbase
Raid Road BillLead O/S29/Aug/10Hvar - cliffbase
Layback CrackLead O/S18/Aug/10Dovestones Edge
Answer Crack2nd O/S18/Aug/10Dovestones Edge
Cooper's CrackLead O/S18/Aug/10Dovestones Edge
Matchstick Crack2nd O/S18/Aug/10Dovestones Edge
Central TowerLead O/S18/Aug/10Dovestones Edge
Swan Crack2nd O/S18/Aug/10Dovestones Edge
999Lead O/S16/Aug/10Wilton 1
Barbecue2nd O/S16/Aug/10Wilton 3
MoLead16/Aug/10Wilton 3
Parallel CracksLead O/S16/Aug/10Wilton 3
Oak Leaf Wall2nd O/S16/Aug/10Wilton 3
Orange Crack2nd O/S16/Aug/10Wilton 3
Cedric2nd O/S16/Aug/10Wilton 3
Crack and Slab2nd O/S16/Aug/10Wilton 3
9992nd O/S16/Aug/10Wilton 1
Chockstone ChimneyLead O/S11/Aug/10Windgather Rocks
Chockstone ChimneySolo β11/Aug/10Windgather Rocks
Mississippi CrackLead O/S11/Aug/10Windgather Rocks
The Other CornerSolo O/S11/Aug/10Windgather Rocks
The CornerSolo O/S11/Aug/10Windgather Rocks
High Buttress Arete2nd O/S11/Aug/10Windgather Rocks
Leg StumpSolo O/S11/Aug/10Windgather Rocks
Middle and LegSolo O/S11/Aug/10Windgather Rocks
South CrackSolo O/S11/Aug/10Windgather Rocks
Left Triplet CrackSolo O/S11/Aug/10Windgather Rocks
GrooveSolo O/S11/Aug/10Windgather Rocks
Middle Triplet CrackSolo O/S11/Aug/10Windgather Rocks
The StaircaseSolo O/S11/Aug/10Windgather Rocks
Green CrackLead O/S11/Aug/10Windgather Rocks
Corner Crack2nd O/S11/Aug/10Windgather Rocks
Pisa WallSolo O/S05/Aug/10Pex Hill Quarry
Straight CrackSolo O/S05/Aug/10Pex Hill Quarry
YongLead03/Aug/10Roaches Lower Tier
Right Route2nd03/Aug/10Roaches Upper Tier
Pedestal RouteAltLd O/S03/Aug/10Roaches Upper Tier
Left Hand RouteLead dnf03/Aug/10Roaches Upper Tier
Corner CracksLead O/S03/Aug/10Roaches Lower Tier
Prow Cracks Variations2nd O/S03/Aug/10Roaches Lower Tier
Double CrackSolo O/S29/Jul/10Castle Naze
Easy CornerSolo O/S29/Jul/10Castle Naze
Easy CrackSolo O/S29/Jul/10Castle Naze
The NicheLead O/S29/Jul/10Castle Naze
Central TowerLead O/S29/Jul/10Castle Naze
Sheltered CrackLead O/S29/Jul/10Castle Naze
Slanting Crack2nd O/S29/Jul/10Castle Naze
Zig-a-Zag-a2nd O/S29/Jul/10Castle Naze
Wall 2 - Middle Left PanelSent18/Jun/10Henry Price
Fluted ColumnsLead O/S16/Jun/10Almscliff
Low Man Easy WayLead O/S16/Jun/10Almscliff
Pinnacle Flake Climb2nd O/S16/Jun/10Almscliff
Stew Pot2nd O/S16/Jun/10Almscliff
Long John's RibSolo O/S10/Jun/10Brimham Rocks
CyclopsSolo O/S10/Jun/10Brimham Rocks
Layback CrackSolo O/S10/Jun/10Brimham Rocks
Slab AreteSolo O/S10/Jun/10Brimham Rocks
Appiewand2nd O/S10/Jun/10Brimham Rocks
Centre PointSolo O/S10/Jun/10Brimham Rocks
Shorty's Dilemma2nd O/S10/Jun/10Brimham Rocks
Heather Wall2nd O/S10/Jun/10Brimham Rocks
Great SlabLead O/S10/Jun/10Brimham Rocks
PeerlessLead O/S10/Jun/10Brimham Rocks
Right-Hand CrackLead O/S31/May/10Brimham Rocks
Long John's RibSolo O/S31/May/10Brimham Rocks
Heather WallLead O/S31/May/10Brimham Rocks
Cubic Corner2nd O/S31/May/10Brimham Rocks
Layback CrackSolo O/S31/May/10Brimham Rocks
CyclopsSolo O/S31/May/10Brimham Rocks
Centre PointSolo O/S31/May/10Brimham Rocks
Slab AreteSolo O/S31/May/10Brimham Rocks
Grit CornerSolo O/S31/May/10Brimham Rocks
Flake CrackLead O/S28/May/10Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
A ClimbAltLd O/S28/May/10Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Walewska2nd O/S28/May/10Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Josephine Super Direct2nd O/S28/May/10Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Angel's Wall2nd O/S26/Apr/10Caley Crags
Central RouteLead O/S26/Apr/10Caley Crags
Welcome to the Neighbourhood2nd β26/Apr/10Caley Crags
Route 3Solo O/S26/Apr/10Caley Crags
Route 2Solo O/S26/Apr/10Caley Crags
Pedestal WallLead O/S26/Apr/10Caley Crags
Playground CrackSent O/S26/Apr/10Caley Crags
Chicken HeadsSent26/Apr/10Caley Crags
ChipsSent26/Apr/10Caley Crags
Sucker's WallSent O/S24/Apr/10Caley Crags
Sucker's RibSent O/S24/Apr/10Caley Crags
Boot Crack2nd O/S24/Apr/10Caley Crags
Sucker's Wall, CD Problem 9Sent O/S24/Apr/10Caley Crags
Sucker's Wall, CD Problem 10Sent O/S24/Apr/10Caley Crags
Fingerknacker Crack CD Problem 12Sent O/S24/Apr/10Caley Crags
Fingerknacker Crack CD Problem 13Sent O/S24/Apr/10Caley Crags
The ScoopLead O/S24/Apr/10Caley Crags
Route 3Solo O/S24/Apr/10Caley Crags
Route 2Solo O/S24/Apr/10Caley Crags
Route 1Solo O/S24/Apr/10Caley Crags
Flue CrackSolo O/S24/Apr/10Caley Crags
The GatekeeperSent O/S24/Apr/10Caley Crags
Windy Corner - The Nose Finish2nd O/S10/Apr/10Helsby
Little by LittleLead O/S10/Apr/10Helsby
Twin Caves CrackLead O/S10/Apr/10Helsby
Grooved SlabTR O/S10/Apr/10Helsby
End CrackLead dnf10/Apr/10Helsby
Central Climb2nd O/S10/Apr/10Helsby
The Overhanging CrackSolo O/S10/Apr/10Frodsham
The Overhanging WallSent O/S10/Apr/10Frodsham
Wall and TraverseSolo O/S10/Apr/10Frodsham
Direct RouteSent dnf10/Apr/10Frodsham
Intermediate RouteSent O/S10/Apr/10Frodsham
Windy CornerLead O/S09/Apr/10Helsby
Easy Buttress2nd O/S09/Apr/10Helsby
Three Chockstones ChimneySolo O/S23/Mar/10Almscliff
Tight ChimneySolo O/S23/Mar/10Almscliff
Fluted Crack2nd O/S23/Mar/10Almscliff
Rough Crack2nd dog23/Mar/10Almscliff
Central Crack2nd O/S23/Mar/10Almscliff
Pinnacle Flake ClimbLead O/S23/Mar/10Almscliff
Stew PotLead O/S23/Mar/10Almscliff
Bird's Nest CrackLead O/S23/Mar/10Almscliff