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NameStyleDate Crag name
The Lizard of OzLead22/Apr/11Blacknor South
Fear's Younger BrotherLead22/Apr/11Blacknor Far South
Dr. Sole and Mr. SoleLead O/S22/Apr/11Battleship Back Cliff
Never Lead a Numb ExistenceLead O/S22/Apr/11Battleship Back Cliff
Phil's RouteLead O/S22/Apr/11Battleship Back Cliff
Days of HeavenLead O/S22/Apr/11Battleship Back Cliff
Love on the Rocks ;)Lead O/S22/Apr/11Battleship Back Cliff
Its a God Awful Small AffairLead O/S13/Feb/10Cheyne Wears Area
Chill DementiaLead O/S13/Feb/10Cheyne Wears Area
My Pashminas Got Caught in the Gri GriLead O/S13/Feb/10Cheyne Wears Area
Don't Kill MeLead O/S13/Feb/10Blacknor South
Vertically ChallengedLead O/S13/Feb/10Blacknor South
Sunny DelightLead O/S13/Feb/10Blacknor South
Surf, Sun and Just Having FunLead O/S13/Feb/10Blacknor South
Wild RoverLead dog01/Jan/10Nicodemus Knob
Big Wall DreamsLead dnf01/Jan/10Nicodemus Knob
Winter SunLead O/S01/Jan/10The Cuttings
East Side StoryLead dnf???/2010Cheyne Wears Area
Time Out of MindLead O/S20/Dec/09The Cuttings
Voices in the BowerLead O/S20/Dec/09The Cuttings
Bunfight at the Portland CorralLead O/S???/2008The Cuttings
Elephant on RollerskatesLead O/S???/2008The Cuttings
Limbo DancerLead O/S???/2008The Cuttings
Pop for the TopLead RP???/2008The Cuttings
Two Nuns, a Hang-glider and JesusLead O/S???/2008The Cuttings
Return to FormLead O/S???/2008Beeston Cliff
Rags to Rags, Rust to RustTR β???/2008Beeston Cliff
Cornflake GirlSolo dnf???/2006Beeston Cliff
Good LayLead dog???/2005Blacknor Far South
ShoobedoobabadahLead RP???/2005Blacknor Far South
Blood and ChocolateLead RP???/2005Blacknor Far South
RP ScreamersLead RP???/2005Wallsend North
WintersetLead RP???/2005Beeston Cliff
Lardman2nd O/S???/2005Beeston Cliff
Pining for GlossopTR O/S???/2005Blacknor South
Cosa NostraLead dog???/2003Wallsend North
Hollow GroundLead RP??/Mar/02Blacknor Far South
The Price of SilenceLead RP???/2002Battleship Back Cliff
Chalkie and the Hex 5Lead RP???/2002The Cuttings
The RampLead O/S???/2002The Cuttings
Carlos Fandango BelayLead O/S???/2002Blacknor Far South
Paying It ForwardLead O/S???/2002Blacknor Far South
Belly Button TraverseLead O/S???/2002Beeston Cliff
Reve d'un CorbeauLead RP???/2001Battleship Main
Serious MusicLead RP???/2001Battleship Main
On the WallLead RP???/2001Battleship Main
HumanoidLead RP???/2001Battleship Main
Psychic EMFLead dog???/2001Battleship Back Cliff
God Told Me to Skin You AliveLead dog???/2001Battleship Back Cliff
Chaos UKLead dnf???/2001Blacknor Far South
Slim Fingers' RevengeLead dog???/2001Blacknor North
Boiled LobsterLead O/S???/2001Blacknor North
Eight-Bar BluesLead dog???/2001Wallsend North
Pure ShoresLead O/S???/2001Coastguard North
Gun RunnerLead O/S???/2001Coastguard North
Skin UpLead RP???/2001Beeston Cliff
Suits you Sir!Lead RP???/2001Beeston Cliff
Enjoy My ExperienceLead RP??/Mar/00Cheyne Wears Area
Gunpowder PlotSent x??/Jan/00The Cuttings
Defcon OneLead RP???/2000Battleship Main
Trance DanceLead RP???/2000Battleship Main
Hats off to the InsaneLead β???/2000Battleship Main
Trashcan ManLead β???/2000Battleship Main
Setting the DateLead???/2000Battleship Main
Champagne SupernovaLead O/S???/2000Battleship Main
Andy WallholeLead O/S???/2000Battleship Main
FirestarterSent x???/2000The Cuttings
MindmeldLead RP???/2000The Cuttings
DumbfoundedLead dnf???/2000The Cuttings
The Mouth WatersLead RP???/2000The Cuttings
Live by the SwordLead dnf???/2000The Cuttings
Another Notch in the GunLead RP???/2000The Cuttings
Modern NightmareLead dnf???/2000The Cuttings
Nothing but the GrooveLead O/S???/2000Coastguard North
Master of the RollsLead RP???/2000Blacknor Far South
So SpecialLead dog???/2000Blacknor Far South
Trad Free WorldLead dog???/2000Wallsend South
Superfly GuyLead dog???/2000Coastguard North
Fantasy IslandLead dog???/2000Coastguard North
Sign of the VulcanLead dnf??/Apr/99The Cuttings
Beach MadnessLead dog??/Feb/99Beeston Cliff
The Running ManLead dog??/Jan/99The Cuttings
BilboesLead RP???/1999Battleship Main
Victims of FashionLead dnf???/1999Battleship Main
Electrically-Injected Shed HeadLead RP???/1999Battleship Back Cliff
Phat SlabSent O/S???/1999The Cuttings
The Phat TraverseSent x???/1999The Cuttings
The Fat ControllerSent O/S???/1999The Cuttings
Phat SlapperSent dnf???/1999The Cuttings
White BaronSent x???/1999The Cuttings
Flowers on the Razor WireLead RP???/1999The Cuttings
The VulcanitesLead dnf???/1999The Cuttings
Space ManouversSent O/S???/1999The Cuttings
The Cutting EdgeLead RP???/1999The Cuttings
Haute CuisineLead RP???/1999The Cuttings
Shiver Me TimbersLead dog???/1999The Cuttings
Escape from the Dwaafee RoomLead O/S???/1999Blacknor Far South
MechanoidsLead dog???/1999Blacknor Far South
Sparkling Bone ChamberLead dog???/1999Blacknor Far South
Teenage RiotSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
Flaming JuneSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
DownerSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
The GrooveSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
Sugar CaneSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
ProvidenceSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
FirewaterSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
XpanderSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
Theresa's Sound WorldSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
Aero ZeppelinSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
Easy GrooveSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
Death AreteSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
Death SlabSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
Orbitus TeraniumSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
FijiSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
Desperate Death GullySent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
NamistaiSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
AtlantaSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
Sub Rosa LeftSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
Sub Rosa RightSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
Not Sleeping AroundSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
Mercury and SolaceSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
Contre le SexismeSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
SatelliteSent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
Ren and StimpySent rpt???/1999Blacknor Fort
Screw You HippyLead O/S???/1999Wallsend North
Lost in RockLead dog???/1999Coastguard North
Esmeralda's MonkeyLead O/S15/Jul/98Beeston Cliff
Belay Bunny Bounces BackLead O/S??/Mar/98Pen Trwyn
Judge JeffreysLead RP???/1998Battleship Main
President ElectLead RP???/1998Battleship Main
Coastguard RonLead RP???/1998Battleship Main
No Man is an IslandLead RP???/1998Battleship Back Cliff
Buoys will be BuoysLead RP???/1998Battleship Back Cliff
Raise the TitanicLead RP???/1998Battleship Back Cliff
Tipping the ScalesLead RP???/1998The Cuttings
Ocean DriveLead O/S???/1998Blacknor Far South
Where's My WashboardLead dog???/1998Blacknor Far South
ReverenceLead dnf???/1998Wallsend South
She's Going DownLead RP??/Nov/97Battleship Back Cliff
Nothing's ShockingLead O/S??/Aug/97Cheyne Wears Area
Lucy's off the WallLead O/S??/Aug/97Cheyne Wears Area
First ContactLead O/S??/Aug/97Cheyne Wears Area
Brace Yourself SheilaLead O/S??/Aug/97Cheyne Wears Area
Maud in MemoriaLead O/S???/1997Battleship Main
Listing BadlyLead RP???/1997Battleship Back Cliff
The SodLead O/S???/1997The Cuttings
Figgy DropwiseLead RP???/1997The Cuttings
Punter's WayLead RP???/1997Blacknor Far South
The Unknown SoldierLead RP???/1997Blacknor Far South
If You Should Go SkatingLead RP???/1997Blacknor Far South