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NameStyleDate Crag name
Ben's RoofSent rpt10/Sep/14Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Foxy LadySent x31/Aug/14Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
IntermezzoSent x23/Aug/14Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Freiflug/BlindflugSent β23/Aug/14Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Block 92a: Blue Sky's MineSent β21/Aug/14Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Block 109: Blown AwaySent x17/Aug/14Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Block 212b: HohenrauschSent x16/Aug/14Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Block 201b: Bosna RoyalSent x16/Aug/14Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Block 13: GorillaSent β14/Aug/14Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Block 33a: EnterpriseSent β14/Aug/14Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Block 32a; SchrottiSent rpt14/Aug/14Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Block 101: U BootSent rpt12/Aug/14Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Mark's Roof OriginalSent rpt20/Jul/14Gardoms Edge
Rising SapLead β09/Jul/14Chee Dale Upper
SubterfugeLead β09/Jul/14Chee Dale Upper
RubiconLead rpt07/Jul/14Water-cum-Jolly
The Yoghurt HypnotistSent β10/Dec/13Rowtor Rocks
Out of My Tree (sit start)Sent x16/Aug/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Short ProblemSent O/S27/Jul/13Blackwell Dale
GrooveSent O/S27/Jul/13Blackwell Dale
J WalkingSent x27/Jul/13Blackwell Dale
Jerry's Traverse ReverseSent β18/Jul/13Blackwell Dale
FudgeSent x18/Jul/13Blackwell Dale
Don't JumpSent x18/Jul/13Blackwell Dale
Free Range AbattoirSent x18/Jul/13Blackwell Dale
A Lack of ColourSent x18/Jul/13Blackwell Dale
UnoSent O/S18/Jul/13Blackwell Dale
Red or DeadSent x16/Jul/13Blackwell Dale
Jerry's TraverseSent O/S16/Jul/13Blackwell Dale
Left of AbattoirSent O/S16/Jul/13Blackwell Dale
Welsh RarebitLead O/S11/Jul/13Water-cum-Jolly
ZeitgeistLead RP11/Jul/13Water-cum-Jolly
Agent ProvocateurLead RP10/Jul/13Water-cum-Jolly
The Majorca AlternativeLead RP07/Jul/13Water-cum-Jolly
Brachiation DanceLead β02/Jul/13Water-cum-Jolly
The Green AlternativeLead RP09/Jun/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Out of My Tree StartSent x07/Jun/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Mecca - The Mid-life CrisisLead RP09/May/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Ben's Roof Extension StartSent x16/Apr/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
A Bigger SplashSent x13/Apr/13Water-cum-Jolly
The PressSent x08/Apr/13Water-cum-Jolly
Fengshui MastersSent x05/Apr/13Chironico
BrechstangeSent x05/Apr/13Chironico
Bella GnoccaSent β02/Apr/13Chironico
MatusalemSent β31/Mar/13Chironico
Miss SchweizSent x31/Mar/13Chironico
Willenburg DachSent x28/Mar/13Chironico
ArabaldSent x24/Mar/13Chironico
HopperSent β24/Mar/13Chironico
Early DoorsSent x30/Dec/12Curbar Edge