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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Puppet Show of Memory6a Lead dog28/Apr/13Cheyne Wears Area
Books Across the Sea6a Lead dog28/Apr/13Cheyne Wears Area
I wish I was in Steve's Shoe's5c Lead O/S28/Apr/13Cheyne Wears Area
The Accelerator7a *TR dnf28/Apr/13Cheyne Wears Area
Infelicity6a Lead O/S28/Apr/13Cheyne Wears Area
Braer Rabbit4a Lead O/S27/Apr/13Battleship Back Cliff
Never Drive a Car When You're Dead6a **Lead dog27/Apr/13Battleship Main
Never Drive a Car When You're Dead6a **TR rpt27/Apr/13Battleship Main
SvadaWI2 TR O/S21/Jan/13Ozzimosis
Klassisk 4WI3 *TR O/S21/Jan/13Ozzimosis
So Naughty5a *Lead dog01/Jul/12Winspit
Unseen Ripples of the Pebble6a+ *TR β01/Jul/12Winspit
7a+ Took Me Lung4c Lead O/S01/Jul/12Winspit
Resin Devotion6a *TR β01/Jul/12Winspit
Tom's Patience4a *Lead O/S01/Jul/12Winspit
Anne-Marie Paid my Fee4c Lead O/S01/Jul/12Winspit
Toe the Line6b **2nd β30/Jun/12Blacknor South
Talk6a+ **Lead dnf30/Jun/12Blacknor South
Trad Free World6b ***2nd dog30/Jun/12Wallsend South
Stalker's Zone6a+ ***2nd dog30/Jun/12Wallsend South
The Watchman6b ***2nd O/S30/Jun/12Wallsend South
Mother's Milk6a **TR rpt27/May/12Blacknor North
Downtown Julie Brown6c **TR dnf27/May/12Blacknor North
Reptile Smile6a+ ***TR rpt27/May/12Blacknor North
Slings Shot5a ***Lead rpt27/May/12Blacknor North
Apfel Strudel6a 2nd O/S27/May/12Blacknor North
Cake Walk6a *Lead dog27/May/12Blacknor North
England's Dreaming7a+ ***TR dnf26/May/12Blacknor North
Grease Paint and Monkey Brains6a *Lead dog26/May/12Blacknor North
Indian Summer6a *Lead O/S26/May/12Blacknor North
Cinema Paradiso6a *Lead O/S26/May/12Blacknor North
Meg's Got Leukaemia6a **Lead O/S26/May/12Blacknor North
Downtown Julie Brown6c **2nd dog12/May/12Blacknor North
Do You Like Our Owls?6b *2nd dog12/May/12Blacknor North
Cake Walk6a *Lead rpt12/May/12Blacknor North
Slings Shot5a ***Lead rpt12/May/12Blacknor North
Monsoon Malabar6a **Lead rpt12/May/12Blacknor Central
Pregnant Pause6a+ ***Lead dog12/May/12Blacknor Central
La corona4c *Lead O/S30/Apr/12Frontalas Bajas
Punto de salida4a *Lead O/S30/Apr/12Frontalas Bajas
Big Fun6a+ **Lead O/S30/Apr/12Frontalas Bajas
Access Route for Sector Canada4c Lead O/S30/Apr/12Frontalas Bajas
Starter4c Lead O/S30/Apr/12Frontalas Bajas
Estrella4c Lead O/S30/Apr/12Frontalas Bajas
Un monton de chatarra6a **Lead O/S30/Apr/12Frontalas Bajas
Vas pisando huevos5a *Lead O/S30/Apr/12Frontalas Bajas
Camino del Rey2 ***-30/Apr/12El Chorro - Lower Gorge
Stonker6b *TR dog29/Apr/12Frontales Medias
Stonker6b *Lead dnf29/Apr/12Frontales Medias
La princesa Carol5c *Lead O/S29/Apr/12Frontales Medias