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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Great White8b **Lead RP19/May/15The Fin
Barracuda7b **Lead RP16/May/15The Fin
Stingray7b **Lead RP16/May/15The Fin
LostE2 5c *Lead O/S27/Apr/15Brown Band Crag
Muhammed Wira Bin JamelE2 5c **Lead O/S27/Apr/15Brown Crag
Lobster ThermadoreE4 5c **2nd β27/Apr/15Brown Crag
Weakling's WallE2 5b *2nd β27/Apr/15Brown Crag
Devo-MaxE4 6a **2nd dog27/Apr/15Brown Band Crag
Torn LigamentsE2 5c 2nd β11/Apr/15South Cove
Akimbo Crack VariationE2 5c 2nd β11/Apr/15South Cove
ProcyonE5 6b ***AltLd dog11/Apr/15South Cove
The Cnipperf7A Sent x06/Apr/15Traigh na Berigh
MagusE1 5a *Solo O/S29/Mar/15Vat Burn
SolsticeE5 6a *Solo dnf28/Mar/15Vat Burn
Saga SlabE1 5b ***Solo O/S28/Mar/15Vat Burn
Lost BonsaiE6 6b **Lead RP28/Mar/15Vat Burn
Night OwlE5 6a **Solo β28/Mar/15Vat Burn
Stapled with Love (Flake Continuation)HVS 5a *Solo β28/Mar/15Vat Burn
Dogs of War7c ***Lead dog27/Mar/15Portlethen (Craigmaroinn)
Forest GendarmeE3 6a **Solo β14/Mar/15Vat Burn
The View From Wu Han CrackHS 4b *Solo β14/Mar/15Vat Burn
HundertwasserE1 5b *Solo β14/Mar/15Vat Burn
YorokobiE3 6a *2nd14/Mar/15Vat Burn
McColl Wall Direct StartE1 5c **Solo β14/Mar/15Vat Burn
Question TimeE4 6b ***2nd14/Mar/15Vat Burn
Bamboo CurtainVS 4c ***Solo β14/Mar/15Vat Burn
In-betweenerf6A+ *Sent β01/Mar/15Nigg Bay Bouldering
Nipping Outf6A+ *Sent β01/Mar/15Nigg Bay Bouldering
Short Jamf5 Sent β01/Mar/15Nigg Bay Bouldering
Ribf4+ Sent β01/Mar/15Nigg Bay Bouldering
Layback Crackf3 Sent β01/Mar/15Nigg Bay Bouldering
Twin Pullf6B *Sent β01/Mar/15Nigg Bay Bouldering
Working Lunchf7A **Sent x01/Mar/15Nigg Bay Bouldering
Lightbulbf7A+ Sent x21/Feb/15Clashfarquhar
The Crackf4+ *Sent O/S03/Jan/15Clashfarquhar
Gold Rushf7A ***Sent x03/Jan/15Clashfarquhar
Gold Rooff6B *Sent O/S03/Jan/15Clashfarquhar
Golden Brownf6C ***Sent O/S03/Jan/15Clashfarquhar
Drambo DirectE6 6a ***Solo RP02/Nov/14Pass of Ballater
Ton Ton MacouteE5 6b Lead dnf02/Nov/14Pass of Ballater
Doctor DipsoE4 6a *2nd β02/Nov/14Pass of Ballater
DramboE6 6a *TR O/S11/Oct/14Pass of Ballater
Fungus FaceE1 5b Solo β11/Oct/14Pass of Ballater
Smith's AreteE5 6a ***Solo RP11/Oct/14Pass of Ballater
The Silk Purse7c+ ***Lead dog18/Aug/14Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Marlina7c ***Lead RP18/Aug/14Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Silk Teddies7c *Lead RP15/Aug/14Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Ubuntu8a ***Lead dog24/Jul/14Creag Nan Clag (The Camel)
Portlethen Terrier7c+ **Lead RP03/Jul/14Portlethen (Craigmaroinn)
The Lurcher7a *Solo RP01/Jul/14Portlethen (Craigmaroinn)