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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Rutabaga5.11a ***AltLd??/May/12Squamish Chief
Now With Wings5.11b **2nd O/S??/May/12Squamish Chief
Mr Ciechanowski5.10a *Lead O/S??/May/12Squamish Chief
Bad Religion5.10d **Lead O/S??/May/12Squamish Chief
Banana Peel5.7 ***Lead??/May/12Squamish Chief
Nurdle5.8 **-??/Nov/11Pat and Jack Pinnacle
Jamcrack5.9 **-??/Nov/11Sunnyside Bench
Laughing Crack5.7 ***-16/Oct/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Slesse's 5005.9 **-??/Sep/11Squamish Chief
Millennium Falcon (to Bellygood)5.11a **-??/Sep/11Squamish Chief
Peasant's Route5.10c **Lead??/Aug/11Squamish Chief
Hindu Two Routes5.10d **-??/Aug/11Sully's Hangout
Shake your Lettuce5.10d **-??/Aug/11Sully's Hangout
Centerfold5.10b ***AltLd??/Aug/11Papoose
Pleasant Pheasant5.11a ***-??/Aug/11Murrin Park
No Name Road5.11b ***-??/Aug/11Murrin Park
Totally Clips5.10b ***-??/Aug/11Murrin Park
Wicker Cranium5.9 ***-??/Aug/11Murrin Park
A Little Testis5.10c ***-??/Aug/11Murrin Park
Apron Strings5.10b ***-??/Aug/11Squamish Chief
The Upper Black Dyke5.10c -??/Aug/11Squamish Chief
St Vitus Dance5.9 ***-??/Aug/11Squamish Chief
Peasant's Route5.10c **-??/Aug/11Squamish Chief
Over the Rainbow5.9 **-??/Aug/11Squamish Chief
Supervalue5.10c ***Lead06/Jul/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Java Jive5.11c ***2nd??/Jul/11Squamish Chief
Arrowroot5.10b **-??/Jul/11Squamish Chief
Java Jive5.11c ***2nd??/Jul/11Squamish Chief
Exasperator5.10c ***2nd??/Jun/11Squamish Chief
Klahanie Crack5.7 ***-??/Jun/11Shannon Falls
Snake5.9 ***-??/Jun/11Squamish Chief
Arrowroot5.10b **-??/May/11Squamish Chief
Centre Street5.10c ***-??/May/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Up, Up and Away5.9 **-??/May/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Pixie Corner5.8 ***-??/May/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Jabberwocky5.10a ***-??/May/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Sally Five Fingers5.8 **-??/May/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Clandestine Affair5.9 ***-??/Apr/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Up, Up and Away5.9 **-??/Apr/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Boxer Rebellion5.7 *-??/Apr/11Calico Hills, First Pullout
Sacred Undergarment Squeeze Job5.8 **-??/Apr/11Calico Hills, First Pullout
Panty Raid5.10a ***-??/Apr/11Calico Hills, First Pullout
Bonaire5.9 *-??/Apr/11Calico Hills, Second Pullout
Burros Might Fly5.10b *-??/Apr/11Calico Hills, Second Pullout
Black Gold5.10b **-??/Apr/11Calico Hills, Second Pullout
Fool's Gold5.10b *-??/Apr/11Calico Hills, Second Pullout
Freeway5.11d ***2nd???/2011Squamish Chief
Cornflakes5.7 **Lead???/2011Little Smoke Bluffs
Supervalue5.10c ***Lead???/2011Little Smoke Bluffs
Looning the TubeE1 5a **-???/2011Australia