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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
After The Rainf7A **SentCrew12/Oct/14Kinder Southern Edges
Where's Huffy's?f7A **SentCrew12/Oct/14Kinder Southern Edges
It Never Rains, It Poursf6C **Sent βCrew12/Oct/14Kinder Southern Edges
Hand of the MediciE4 6a *SentCrew12/Oct/14Kinder Southern Edges
Creme EggsE5 6c *Sent βCrew12/Oct/14Kinder Southern Edges
StigmataE4 6b **SentCrew12/Oct/14Kinder Southern Edges
Herford's RouteHVS 5a ***SoloCrew12/Oct/14Kinder Southern Edges
A Bigger Tailf7A *Sent βStoneyLAD07/Oct/14Water-cum-Jolly
A Bigger Splash Directf7B *Sent βStoneyLAD07/Oct/14Water-cum-Jolly
A Bigger Prizef7A Sent βStoneyLAD07/Oct/14Water-cum-Jolly
Rounded AreteVB *SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
Open GrooveV1 5b *SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
Two Pocket SlabV2 5c **SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
Lazy TroutV2 5c SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
Eager TroutV2 5c SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
Clamp AreteV3 6a SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
BernieV3 6a SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
Bernie Sit StartV6 *SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
Off Fingers CrackV2 5c SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
Flight Examf4+ **SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
The LonerV3 5b SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
Leek Hillsf6B 6a *SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
The Staffordshire Flyerf6B ***SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
The Aretef6C SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
The Drowning Pool - standing startV4 **SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
Arete on LeftV4 6b SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
ArchwayV3 6a SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
Bulging Aretef6A SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
Milky Buttonsf7B **SentCrew05/Oct/14The Five Clouds
Side-pull Wallf7A+ *SentCrew05/Oct/14Roaches Skyline
Barrel Organistf7A Sent 02/Oct/14Froggatt Edge
The KnockE4 5c ***Solo 22/Sep/14Burbage South Edge
SorbE2 5c *Solo 22/Sep/14Burbage South Edge
Mad LlehctimE3 6b SentStoneyLAD22/Sep/14Burbage South Edge
Isla GraceE6 6c SentThe O.G11/Sep/14Froggatt Edge
Sheep Shifterf7B **SentThe O.G11/Sep/14Cave Dale (Castleton)
Blazesf6A+ Sent βThe O.G08/Sep/14Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Fingersf7A *Sent βThe O.G08/Sep/14Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Alternative Threef6B *SentThe O.G08/Sep/14Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
The Crackf7A *SentThe O.G08/Sep/14Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Three Men on a RockHVS 5a *Solo 19/Aug/14Over Owler Tor
AeroflotE1 5c **Solo 19/Aug/14Over Owler Tor
Spider CrackV5 6b Sent 19/Aug/14Over Owler Tor
JawboneV1 5c Sent 19/Aug/14Over Owler Tor
The Eye SocketV2 5c Sent 19/Aug/14Over Owler Tor
The Big SlabV1 5b ***Sent 19/Aug/14Higgar Tor
Seventy DegreesV4 Sent 19/Aug/14Higgar Tor
JetrunnerE4 6a **Lead βHenry05/Aug/14Bamford Edge
Willow FarmE4 6a **Solo βHenry03/Aug/14Roaches Skyline
Enchanted ForestE2 5c **Solo βHenry03/Aug/14Roaches Skyline
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