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Logbook for russelln

40 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Mr MenVS 4b **- ???/2011Auchinstarry Quarry
Mister, Ye Can Walk Up Roon The BackS - ???/2011Auchinstarry Quarry
Mister, You're On Fire MisterVS 5a - ???/2011Auchinstarry Quarry
No Stone UnturnedS 5a - ???/2011Auchinstarry Quarry
Access RouteD ***- ???/2011Auchinstarry Quarry
ScreamS 4b - ???/2011Auchinstarry Quarry
SpirogyraVS 4c - ???/2011Auchinstarry Quarry
The ChimneyS 4a - ???/2011Craigmore
Kit KatD 3b - ???/2011Craigmore
Arrowhead Left-HandS 4b - ???/2011Craigmore
Holly Tree CornerHS 4b - ???/2011Craigmore
Craigmore CornerHVS 5b ***- ???/2011Craigmore
Tom And Jerry WallVS 5a **- ???/2011Craigmore
Sabre CrackVS 4c **- ???/2011Craigmore
Stiletto CrackVS 4c **- ???/2011Craigmore
Pulpit AreteS ***- ???/2011Loudoun Hill
Amphitheatre AreteD - ???/2011Loudoun Hill
Mantelshelf WallVS 4c **- ???/2011Loudoun Hill
Shattered CornerS 4a - ???/2011Loudoun Hill
Jackdaw ChimneyVD - ???/2011Loudoun Hill
Ivy CrackVS 4c *Lead O/S ???/2011Dunkeld, Craig a Barns
Holly Tree GrooveVD **Lead O/S ???/2011Dunkeld, Craig a Barns
Cuticle CrackS **Lead O/S ???/2011Dunkeld, Craig a Barns
Jaggy BunnetsS 4a *Lead ???/2011Creag na h-Eighe
WoodwormVD Lead ???/2011Creag na h-Eighe
JugsVD Lead ???/2011Creag na h-Eighe
'A Votre Santé DickieS 4a Lead ???/2011Creag na h-Eighe
Flake RouteVD *Lead O/S 19/Aug/10Neilston Quarry
Kristeen's CrackVD *Lead O/S 19/Aug/10Neilston Quarry
Strawberry CrackS **Lead O/S 19/Aug/10Neilston Quarry
Broken AreteVD Lead O/S 19/Aug/10Neilston Quarry
Y-CrackVD Lead O/S 19/Aug/10Neilston Quarry
Willie's RouteS **Lead O/S 19/Aug/10Neilston Quarry
Far GrooveVD Lead O/S 16/Aug/10The Quadrocks
Far WallVD Lead O/S 16/Aug/10The Quadrocks
Boulder RibVD Lead O/S 16/Aug/10The Quadrocks
Sentry Box CrackS *Lead O/S 16/Aug/10The Quadrocks
Curving crackVD **Lead O/S 16/Aug/10The Quadrocks
Curving Crack WallVD **Lead O/S 16/Aug/10The Quadrocks
Big CornerS **Lead O/S 16/Aug/10The Quadrocks