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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Grand Jurassic5a Lead O/S???/2014Kirrie Hill
Markerhorn4c Lead O/S???/2014Kirrie Hill
Nirvana6a+ ***Lead β03/Oct/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Caf Caf6c Lead RP02/Oct/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Big Blind7a *Lead RP02/Oct/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Muhtar6a Lead O/S30/Sep/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Gey-ik4c Lead O/S30/Sep/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Crying Boy5a Lead O/S30/Sep/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Crying Girl5c Lead O/S30/Sep/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Tutti Frutti4c Lead O/S30/Sep/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Tequila6c Lead O/S30/Sep/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Musicman5c Lead O/S30/Sep/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Ith Felling Light5a **Lead O/S30/Sep/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
12 Monkeys6b *Lead O/S30/Sep/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Y-Front Directf7A ***-05/Sep/12Bowden Doors
Entrebaillementf6A -05/Sep/12Bowden Doors
The Lightbulbf6A -05/Sep/12Bowden Doors
Cornerf4 -05/Sep/12Bowden Doors
The Mantleshelff7A -05/Sep/12Bowden Doors
Sandy Ribf5+ -05/Sep/12Bowden Doors
Scooped Wallf6B ***-05/Sep/12Bowden Doors
Jet Setf7A **Sent??/Apr/12La Roche aux Sabots
La Moreau (Black 23)f6A -??/Apr/12L'Elephant
L'Angle Authenac (Blue 37)f5+ -??/Apr/12Bas Cuvier
Le Jus D'Orange (Blue 38)f5+ -??/Apr/12Bas Cuvier
La Porthos (Blue 39)f5 -??/Apr/12Bas Cuvier
La Marie Rose (Red 22)f6A ***-??/Apr/12Bas Cuvier
La Bizuth (Red 23)f5 *-??/Apr/12Bas Cuvier
La Troisième Arête (Red 24)f5+ *-??/Apr/12Bas Cuvier
L'Angle Rond (Red 25)f5+ *-??/Apr/12Bas Cuvier
La Trompette (Red 1)f5 *Sent??/Apr/1291.1
Pin (Red 2)f5+ Sent??/Apr/1291.1
La Pince (Red 2 Bis)f6B **Sent??/Apr/1291.1
Lecon de Natation (Red 3)f4 Sent??/Apr/1291.1
Mexico (Red 4)f4 Sent??/Apr/1291.1
La Sirene (Red 5)f4 Sent??/Apr/1291.1
Sheik Yherass (Red 6)f4+ Sent??/Apr/1291.1
Le Flipper (Red 8 Bis)f6B Sent??/Apr/1291.1
Creme Fraiche (Red 7)f5+ Sent??/Apr/1291.1
Faire un Reve (Red 8)f4+ Sent??/Apr/1291.1
Ingratitude (Red 9)f5 Sent??/Apr/1291.1
Flip Flop (Red 10)f4+ Sent??/Apr/1291.1
Le Jete (Red 11)f4+ Sent??/Apr/1291.1
Le Cure-Dents (Red 12)f6A Sent??/Apr/1291.1
Blue 1f3 Sent??/Apr/12Franchard Isatis
Blue 2f3+ Sent??/Apr/12Franchard Isatis
Blue 12f4 Sent??/Apr/12Franchard Isatis
Blue 13f4+ Sent??/Apr/12Franchard Isatis
Blue 14f4+ Sent??/Apr/12Franchard Isatis
Blue 15f2+ Sent??/Apr/12Franchard Isatis