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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Warrior6c+ ***Lead O/STom Seccombe??/Mar/11Cheesewring Quarry
Tregagle's CrackS 4b SoloTom Seccombe12/Feb/11Roche Rock
Ferrero RocheHVS 4c SoloTom Seccombe12/Feb/11Roche Rock
PorkyVS 4c ***LeadTom Seccombe12/Feb/11Roche Rock
Lord FalmouthHVS 5a *LeadTom Seccombe12/Feb/11Roche Rock
PorkyVS 4c ***- ???/2011Roche Rock
Lord FalmouthHVS 5a *- ???/2011Roche Rock
Tregagle's CrackS 4b - ???/2011Roche Rock
Ferrero RocheHVS 4c - ???/2011Roche Rock
El vuelo de los peluos6a+ **Lead O/STom Seccombe23/Oct/10Frontalas Bajas
Mas potencia6a+ **Lead O/STom Seccombe23/Oct/10Frontalas Bajas
Nitti5c ***AltLd O/STom Seccombe23/Oct/10Frontales Medias
La princesa Carol5c *Lead O/STom Seccombe23/Oct/10Frontales Medias
King Line3 *Lead O/STom Seccombe22/Oct/10Escalera Arabe
Mas que un carreta6a *Lead O/STom Seccombe22/Oct/10Escalera Arabe
Sorbet de limón4c *Lead O/STom Seccombe22/Oct/10Escalera Arabe
Kiwi5a *Lead O/STom Seccombe22/Oct/10Escalera Arabe
Tira-mi-su5c *Lead O/STom Seccombe22/Oct/10Escalera Arabe
Route 25c Lead O/S 16/Oct/10Chudleigh Rocks (North Face)
Route 14a Lead O/S 16/Oct/10Chudleigh Rocks (North Face)
Route 3 (the prow)6a+ Lead dnf 16/Oct/10Chudleigh Rocks (North Face)
SarcophagusVS 4b ***AltLd O/STom Seccombe16/Oct/10Chudleigh Rocks
Barn Owl VariantVS 4b Lead O/STom Seccombe16/Oct/10Chudleigh Rocks
Joi de VivreHVS 5a *Lead O/STom Seccombe09/Oct/10Vicarage Cliff
Wellington's StandVS 4c Lead O/STom Seccombe09/Oct/10Vicarage Cliff
Spotted DickS Lead O/STom Seccombe09/Oct/10Vicarage Cliff
Mad Mags' ParasolVS 4c Lead O/STom Seccombe09/Oct/10Vicarage Cliff
Vicarage TowerVD Solo O/S 09/Oct/10Vicarage Cliff
Double TroubleE3 6a TR RPJason Hodge08/Oct/10Cheesewring Quarry
Corner RouteS 4a Lead O/SJason Hodge08/Oct/10Cheesewring Quarry
Well Done Poppet5a *Lead O/STom Seccombe19/Jun/10Blacknor South
Do Ixtlan4c *Lead O/STom Seccombe19/Jun/10Blacknor South
Imperfect3+ *Lead O/STom Seccombe19/Jun/10Blacknor South
Diamond Geezer5a *Lead O/STom Seccombe19/Jun/10Blacknor South
Diamond Boulder4a **Lead O/STom Seccombe19/Jun/10Blacknor South
The Bolt Factory4c *Lead O/STom Seccombe19/Jun/10Blacknor South
Shit Happens, Actually6a **Lead O/STom Seccombe19/Jun/10Blacknor Central
Jam4a *Lead O/STom Seccombe18/Jun/10The Cuttings
Chips with Everything4c *Lead O/STom Seccombe18/Jun/10The Cuttings
Dreamscape6a *Lead O/STom Seccombe18/Jun/10Cheyne Wears Area
Ben5a *Lead O/STom Seccombe18/Jun/10Cheyne Wears Area
Willem5a *Lead O/STom Seccombe18/Jun/10Cheyne Wears Area
Jasper4c *Lead O/STom Seccombe18/Jun/10Cheyne Wears Area
Jody Sunshine4c Lead O/STom Seccombe18/Jun/10Cheyne Wears Area
Wave Warrior4c Lead O/STom Seccombe18/Jun/10Cheyne Wears Area
Lucy's off the Wall5a Lead O/STom Seccombe18/Jun/10Cheyne Wears Area
Inception5c *Lead O/STom Seccombe18/Jun/10Cheyne Wears Area
Ocean Boulevard4c *Lead O/STom Seccombe18/Jun/10Cheyne Wears Area
Fountain of YouthV0- ***SentTom Seccombe18/Jun/10Cheyne Wears Area
StopcockV0 *SentTom Seccombe18/Jun/10Cheyne Wears Area
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