339 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameStyleDate Crag name
The GruffaloSent x08/Oct/14Hepburn
Quarry AreteSent x??/Oct/13Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
The Fat Lady SangSent x??/Oct/13Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Hard Reign DirectSent x18/Sep/13Back Bowden Doors
Left of Centre-??/Sep/13Bowden Doors
Hitchhikers SS (Right Hand)Sent x22/Apr/13Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Surplomb de Coquille assis RH-27/Mar/13Franchard Isatis
Jérémiades assisSent x??/Mar/13Apremont
Onde de ChocSent x??/Mar/13Apremont
Incipient CrackSent18/Feb/13Shaftoe Crags
Incipient Crack (sit start)Sent18/Feb/13Shaftoe Crags
The BossSent18/Feb/13Shaftoe Crags
Transformer RHSent x??/Oct/12Bowden Doors
Go To HellSent13/Jun/12Bowden Doors
The WhackSent x23/May/12Bowden Doors
The EmperorSent x29/Feb/12Back Bowden Doors
Low and HardSent rpt29/Feb/12Back Bowden Doors
Four Mats WallSent x11/Jan/12Back Bowden Doors
Jimmy Nae Pals-???/2012Hepburn
V CrimpsSent x15/Dec/11Bowden Doors
RubberneckSent29/Sep/11Ravensheugh Crag
Little IdiSent29/Sep/11Ravensheugh Crag
Big DaddySent29/Sep/11Ravensheugh Crag
StaggeredSent rpt17/Aug/11Bowden Doors
Cave LH ProblemSent rpt17/Aug/11Bowden Doors
Cave RH ProblemSent rpt17/Aug/11Bowden Doors
Shoulders of Giants DynoSent x17/Aug/11Bowden Doors
Crunchie TraverseSent rpt17/Aug/11Bowden Doors
Crunchie (full route)Solo rpt17/Aug/11Bowden Doors
SlapperSent x21/Jul/11Shaftoe Crags
Suprising SolutionSent x21/Jul/11Shaftoe Crags
Little ProwSent O/S21/Jul/11Shaftoe Crags
CuvierSent O/S21/Jul/11Shaftoe Crags
Broken Hearts Are For AssholesSent x21/Jul/11Shaftoe Crags
Timmy Tip ToesSent x21/Jul/11Shaftoe Crags
Daze of the WeakSent x03/May/11Hepburn
Potty Training (LH finish)Sent x??/Apr/11Hepburn
Potty TrainingSent x??/Apr/11Hepburn
CommandoSent x??/Apr/11Hepburn
Lexi AreteSent x??/Apr/11Hepburn
Big Girl Daddy PantsSent O/S??/Apr/11Hepburn
Squeeze One OutSent rpt??/Apr/11Hepburn
HarpsichordSent x??/Apr/11Hepburn
Attention Chef d'OEuvreSent x28/Mar/11Buthiers Piscine
GravitonSent rpt28/Mar/11La Roche aux Sabots
Marginal DroiteSent x27/Mar/11Apremont
Anglophobie assisSent x24/Mar/11La Reconnaissance
Surplomb de la Coquille assisSent x23/Mar/11Franchard Hautes-Plaines
PlastikmanSent x23/Mar/11Franchard Isatis
Surplomb de la Coquille (Conquérance)Sent x23/Mar/11Franchard Isatis