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NameStyleDate Crag name
SerpentineLead RP29/Mar/15Mt Stapylton Amphitheatre
Curtain Call-??/Mar/15Mt Stapylton Amphitheatre
The Show Must Go On-??/Mar/15Mt Stapylton Amphitheatre
Damsel-??/Mar/15Mt Stapylton Amphitheatre
Epsilon Crack-??/Mar/15Mt Stapylton Amphitheatre
Down Under-??/Mar/15Mt Stapylton Amphitheatre
The Invisible Fist-??/Mar/15Mt Stapylton Amphitheatre
Dial a Lama-??/Mar/15Mt Stapylton Amphitheatre
Gorilla GripLead??/Feb/15Port Hills
International Turkey PatrolLead RP??/Jan/15Little Babylon
MosesLead RP??/Jan/15Little Babylon
Traverse of the TitansLead RP??/Jan/15Little Babylon
SolitudeLead RP??/Jan/15Little Babylon
Rua TahiLead RP??/Jan/15Little Babylon
Bish Bosh BashLead RP??/Jan/15Little Babylon
MultitudeLead RP??/Jan/15Little Babylon
End Of The Day ProblemSent β29/Nov/14Camp 4 Boulders
Bachar CrackerSent β29/Nov/14Camp 4 Boulders
Battle Of The BulgeSent β29/Nov/14Camp 4 Boulders
Essential PeabodySent O/S25/Nov/14Buttermilks
North Face DirectSent O/S25/Nov/14Buttermilks
The Southwest AreteSent O/S25/Nov/14Buttermilks
Leary/Bard AreteSent O/S25/Nov/14Buttermilks
The ClapperSent x20/Nov/14Happy Boulders
Not the ClapperSent x20/Nov/14Happy Boulders
AtariSent x20/Nov/14Happy Boulders
The French ConnectionSent x20/Nov/14Happy Boulders
Change of HeartSent x19/Nov/14Buttermilks
Soul SlingerSent x19/Nov/14Buttermilks
Smooth ShrimpSent x19/Nov/14Buttermilks
Rio's CrackSent β17/Nov/14Sad Boulders
MollySent β17/Nov/14Sad Boulders
SIN VariationSent β17/Nov/14Sad Boulders
Birthday LeftSent x13/Nov/14Buttermilks
Birthday DirectSent x13/Nov/14Buttermilks
Bowling PinSent x13/Nov/14Buttermilks
Bowling Pin Sit StartSent O/S13/Nov/14Buttermilks
High Plains DrifterSent x13/Nov/14Buttermilks
SaigonSent x13/Nov/14Buttermilks
The CheckerboardSent β13/Nov/14Buttermilks
Pope's ProwSent β13/Nov/14Buttermilks
Fly Boy AreteSent O/S02/Nov/14Buttermilks
Fly BoySent O/S02/Nov/14Buttermilks
Iron ManSent β02/Nov/14Buttermilks
King TutSent O/S02/Nov/14Buttermilks
Funky TutSent O/S02/Nov/14Buttermilks
Buttermilk StemSent O/S02/Nov/14Buttermilks
Buttermilk Stem SitSent x02/Nov/14Buttermilks
Pain Grain Sit StartSent x02/Nov/14Buttermilks
Green Wall EssentialSent02/Nov/14Buttermilks