46 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
Lord FalmouthLead RP19/Jun/11Roche Rock
Moping OwlLead O/S19/Jun/11Roche Rock
PorkyLead O/S19/Jun/11Roche Rock
Tregagle's CrackLead O/S19/Jun/11Roche Rock
MyomancyLead O/S26/Feb/11Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Quatre Fois DirectLead O/S26/Feb/11Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
BaskervilleLead O/S12/Feb/11Raven Crag (Langdale)
Traction ControlTR dog30/Jan/11Trevor Rocks Area
Over the WallLead O/S30/Jan/11Trevor Rocks Area
BorderlineLead dog30/Jan/11Trevor Rocks Area
Plea for LeniencyLead dog29/Jan/11Trevor Rocks Area
Haven't got a ClueLead O/S29/Jan/11Trevor Rocks Area
SuspectusLead O/S29/Jan/11Trevor Rocks Area
Great WesternLead dnf20/Nov/10Almscliff
Cat's WhiskersLead O/S20/Nov/10Crookrise
Crack of DoomLead O/S20/Nov/10Almscliff
The Traditional ClimbLead O/S20/Nov/10Almscliff
Following OnLead O/S17/Oct/10Stanage North
Norse Corner ClimbLead O/S17/Oct/10Stanage North
Flying ButtressLead O/S16/Oct/10Stanage Popular
Jitterbug ButtressLead O/S16/Oct/10Stanage Popular
Black HawkLead O/S16/Oct/10Stanage Popular
The Kirkus OriginalLead O/S16/Oct/10Stanage Popular
CointreauLead O/S15/Oct/10Stoney Middleton
FredaLead O/S01/Aug/10Subluminal
Tin ManLead O/S31/Jul/10Cheyne Wears Area
Jody SunshineLead O/S31/Jul/10Cheyne Wears Area
WillemLead O/S31/Jul/10Cheyne Wears Area
ArmoricanLead O/S15/Jun/10Craig Caerfai
NamelessLead O/S14/Jun/10Craig Caerfai
Mildred MindwarpLead O/S14/Jun/10Craig Caerfai
Inset SlabLead O/S13/Jun/10Flimston Bay
North CornerLead O/S12/Jun/10Stennis Head
Highland FlingLead O/S12/Jun/10Stennis Head
QuickstepLead RP12/Jun/10Stennis Head
Stennis ChimneyLead O/S12/Jun/10Stennis Head
Cow patLead O/S11/Jun/10Becks Point
Pull ThroughLead O/S11/Jun/10Becks Point
Itchicoo WallLead O/S11/Jun/10Becks Point
Dreamboat AnnieTR O/S10/Jun/10Porth-Clais
Diagonal CrackLead O/S10/Jun/10Porth-Clais
Harbour CrackLead O/S10/Jun/10Porth-Clais
Fern CrackLead O/S14/Mar/10Roaches Upper Tier
German SchoolgirlTR O/S12/Mar/10Rainbow Walls
EquinoxLead O/S06/Mar/10Bus Stop Quarry
Flying ButtressLead O/S???/2010Stanage Popular