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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The Meltdownf7B *Sent x 30/Aug/14Nuda's Tartan
Submissionf6C+ Sent x 30/Aug/14Nuda's Tartan
Daves Rooff7A+ Sent x 30/Aug/14Nuda's Tartan
Basher's Problemf6C+ *Sent xAnna06/Jul/14Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
MotorcadeE1 5a *Lead RPBen01/Jun/14Froggatt Edge
MotorcadeE1 5a *LeadAmy01/Jun/14Froggatt Edge
Sunset SlabHVS 4b ***Lead βAmy, Ben01/Jun/14Froggatt Edge
Chequers ButtressHVS 5a ***Lead βAmy, Ben01/Jun/14Froggatt Edge
KayakE1 5b **Solo rptPawel05/May/14Curbar Edge
The ToyE1 5c **Lead RPPawel05/May/14Curbar Edge
October CrackHS 4b *Lead O/SPawel05/May/14Curbar Edge
Grey FaceVS 5a *Lead O/SPawel05/May/14Curbar Edge
A Bigger Prizef7A Sent β 03/May/14Water-cum-Jolly
Piranha Startf7A *Sent x 03/May/14Water-cum-Jolly
Rugosity WallHVS 5c *Solo βPawel13/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Rusty WallHVS 6a *Solo RPPawel13/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Via MediaVS 4c **Solo βPawel13/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Narrow ButtressVS 4c **Lead βPawel13/Apr/14Stanage Popular
Spinal Slabf7A Sent xBen15/Mar/14Robin Hood's Stride
Dry Wit in a Wet Countryf7A+ *Sent xBen15/Mar/14Robin Hood's Stride
Wishf7A+ *Sent xBen15/Mar/14Cratcliffe Tor
Chapel of Restf7A+ *Sent xBen15/Mar/14Cratcliffe Tor
Drunk Enoughf6C+ *Sent O/S 09/Mar/14Roaches Upper Tier
Too Drunkf7A **Sent x 09/Mar/14Roaches Upper Tier
Limbless Limbo Dancerf7A *Sent x 09/Mar/14Roaches Upper Tier
First Roof LeftV3 6a Sent O/S 01/Mar/14Gardoms Edge
Soft GrooveV5 6b Sent x 01/Mar/14Gardoms Edge
Mark's Roof Left-HandV5 6b **Sent x 01/Mar/14Gardoms Edge
StrawberriesV4 6b *Sent xAnna16/Feb/14Curbar Edge
Early DoorsV7 6b *Sent xAnna16/Feb/14Curbar Edge
Face Climb Number 1D Solo O/S 08/Feb/14Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Arete Number 1VD Solo O/S 08/Feb/14Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Arete Number 2VD 4a Solo O/S 08/Feb/14Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Face Climb Number 2VD Solo O/S 08/Feb/14Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Brassington Crack AreteS 4a Solo O/S 08/Feb/14Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Brassington CrackHVD *Solo O/S 08/Feb/14Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Elder RibVS 4c Solo O/S 08/Feb/14Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Crack and FaceVD Solo O/S 08/Feb/14Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Face DirectVS 4c Solo O/S 08/Feb/14Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Angel's CrawlVS 4c Solo O/S 08/Feb/14Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Elderberry CrackS 4a Solo O/S 08/Feb/14Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Savoy CrackHS 4b Solo O/S 08/Feb/14Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Bullworkerf6B *Sent x 14/Dec/13Stanage Plantation
Crozzle AreteV4 6b *Sent x 14/Dec/13Stanage Plantation
Crozzle Arete Right-handV3 6a Sent x 14/Dec/13Stanage Plantation
Pebble Aretef5+ ***Sent O/S 14/Dec/13Stanage Plantation
Pebble Arete Left-handf6A+ Sent x 14/Dec/13Stanage Plantation
Original Sloper Traverse/Northeast Facef6B+ **Sent β 14/Dec/13Stanage Plantation
PebbledashV4 Sent O/S 14/Dec/13Stanage Plantation
Not to be Taken Awayf6C ***Sent x 14/Dec/13Stanage Plantation
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