567 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Not Bad SSf6B+ *Sent26/Apr/15Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Bad Company Traversef6B Sent26/Apr/15Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Hitchhiker's Directf7B *Sent26/Apr/15Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Alien Headf6C+ *Sent O/S09/Apr/15Woodwell
The Crushinatorf7A Sent09/Apr/15Woodwell
The Buccaneerf7C Sent09/Apr/15Trowbarrow
Strong Arete Lowf7B+ Sent05/Apr/15Eskdale Fisherground
Rob's Wallf7A+ ***Sent05/Apr/15Eskdale Fisherground
Problem 6f6C+ **Sent05/Apr/15Eskdale Fisherground
Strong Arete (Stand up)f6C Sent05/Apr/15Eskdale Fisherground
Strong Aretef7A+ ***Sent05/Apr/15Eskdale Fisherground
Happy Day's Startf6B+ Sent14/Mar/15Brimham Rocks
No Red Tape Traversef7B Sent14/Mar/15Brimham Rocks
Red Facef5+ Sent14/Mar/15Brimham Rocks
B9, Happy Days, P5V6 6b **Sent14/Mar/15Brimham Rocks
Red squirrelf7B+ *Sent28/Feb/15Caley Crags
The Roof of the WorldV6 6b ***Sent28/Feb/15Caley Crags
Flapjack Mantelf5 Sent28/Feb/15Caley Crags
Flapjack Pocketsf3 Sent28/Feb/15Caley Crags
Flapjack Slabf4 Sent28/Feb/15Caley Crags
Flapjack Aretef3+ *Sent28/Feb/15Caley Crags
Scone Centref5+ *Sent28/Feb/15Caley Crags
Two Squirrelsf7B+ **Sent28/Feb/15Caley Crags
Pine Tree Aretef6C+ ***Sent21/Feb/15Caley Crags
The Dreyf7B+ **Sent21/Feb/15Caley Crags
Pockets Traversef7C ***Sent18/Feb/15Back Bowden Doors
To You TooV11 7a Sent x31/Dec/14Brimham Rocks
Pearler Left Handf7A **Sent19/Oct/14Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Pearler RH SSf7C+ Sent05/Oct/14Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Pearler Right Handf7C *Sent28/Sep/14Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
The Sicklef7A Sent28/Sep/14Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Roof and Wallf7A+ Sent21/Sep/14Back Bowden Doors
Crimpy Wallf5 Sent07/Sep/14Earl Crag
Trick Aretef6B **Sent07/Sep/14Earl Crag
Grape Nut (Bloc)f7A **Sent07/Sep/14Earl Crag
Desert Island Arete (Bloc)f7A **Sent07/Sep/14Earl Crag
Desert Island Arete Sit Start (bloc)f7B ***Sent07/Sep/14Earl Crag
Sanctified Strongf7B *Sent27/Aug/14Woodwell
The Rackf7A+ **Sent24/Aug/14Brimham Rocks
Comedy7c ***Lead RP05/Aug/14Kilnsey
Sideshow7a+ *Lead RP05/Aug/14Kilnsey
Sidekick7a+ *Lead RP31/Jul/14Kilnsey
Bellyflopf6B+ Sent27/Jul/14Brimham Rocks
Cleft Dynof7A 6b *Sent27/Jul/14Brimham Rocks
Swing Aretef6C **Sent27/Jul/14Brimham Rocks
Peepshow6b+ Lead O/S25/Jul/14Kilnsey
Screaming Slave LHf7B+ *Sent21/Jul/14Woodwell
Lateral Gruntingsf7A+ Sent18/Jul/14The Bowderstone
Lateral Gruntings - The Ramp Linkf7B **Sent18/Jul/14The Bowderstone
Got a Lot to Sayf5+ 6a *Sent O/S14/Jul/14Woodwell