1,087 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
The Racing Line7b+ ***2nd dog22/Jul/15Battleship Back Cliff
Draper's Henchmen7a+ 2nd dog21/Jul/15Blacknor South
Kamikaze Moped7a *Lead O/S21/Jul/15Blacknor South
Crack My Bitch Up6b *Lead dog21/Jul/15Blacknor South
Underage6a **Lead rpt17/Jul/15Coastguard South
Xavier's Wall6a **Lead rpt17/Jul/15Coastguard South
Shit Happens, Actually6a **Lead rpt16/Jul/15Blacknor Central
Monsoon Malabar6a **Lead rpt16/Jul/15Blacknor Central
Jessuf5+ Sent rpt16/Jul/15West Weares
The Great Tempestf6A *Sent x16/Jul/15West Weares
Chavs on Topf6B *Sent β16/Jul/15West Weares
Rough Undersidef6C *Sent dnf16/Jul/15West Weares
Rough As Traversef4+ *Sent β16/Jul/15West Weares
Rough Flake, Stand-upf4 *Sent β16/Jul/15West Weares
Rough Flakef6A *Sent β16/Jul/15West Weares
Bouysterousf7A+ **Sent dnf16/Jul/15West Weares
Rough Arete, Stand-upf5 **Sent β16/Jul/15West Weares
Don't Wake the Bearf6A *Sent dnf16/Jul/15West Weares
Captain's Housef4 Sent β16/Jul/15West Weares
Best Fingers Forward6c **Lead O/S11/Jul/15Wallsend South
Peace in the Nineties6b+ *Lead O/S11/Jul/15Wallsend South
Enchanted Path6b+ **Lead O/S11/Jul/15Wallsend South
Want Out7b ***2nd dog07/Jul/15The Cuttings
Jessuf5+ Sent O/S06/Jul/15West Weares
Kendo Nagasaki7a+ **Lead RP05/Jul/15Blacknor Far South
Slumberland Direct6b+ *Lead O/S05/Jul/15Blacknor Far South
El Poder de un Coño6c+ **Lead O/S04/Jul/15Coastguard North
Face in the Chert6a *Lead O/S04/Jul/15Wallsend South
Glamour Cat6b **Lead rpt04/Jul/15Wallsend South
17897a *Lead RP04/Jul/15Wallsend South
Isle of Slingers6c+ **Lead O/S30/Jun/15Blacknor Central
Cocteau Phenomena7b+ ***2nd dog30/Jun/15Blacknor Central
Hall of Mirrors7c ***2nd dog29/Jun/15The Cuttings
The Flail Trail6a *Lead O/S27/Jun/15Promenade
My New Top6b+ 2nd O/S27/Jun/15Promenade
Mr.Gymnasia7a *Lead dog27/Jun/15Promenade
Titter Ye Not Mrs!6b+ **Lead RP27/Jun/15Promenade
Hall of Mirrors7c ***2nd dog25/Jun/15The Cuttings
Modern Nightmare7a **Lead RP25/Jun/15The Cuttings
Shape Shifter7c *Lead RP23/Jun/15Battleship Back Cliff
The Oldest Profession7a **Lead RP18/Jun/15Blacknor South
Cut Throat Jake6b **Lead rpt18/Jun/15Blacknor South
Buoys will be Buoys6b+ ***2nd rpt17/Jun/15Battleship Back Cliff
Shape Shifter7c *2nd dog17/Jun/15Battleship Back Cliff
Fear's Younger Brother6a **Lead rpt16/Jun/15Blacknor Far South
Kendo Nagasaki7a+ **Lead dog16/Jun/15Blacknor Far South
Ausfahrt6b+ **Lead rpt14/Jun/15Blacknor Central
Loose Cannon7a **Lead O/S14/Jun/15Blacknor South
Punter's Way6a+ **Lead rpt13/Jun/15Blacknor Far South
Kendo Nagasaki7a+ **Lead dog13/Jun/15Blacknor Far South