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Logbook for Steve Lenartowicz

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
East Buttress5.8 ***LeadClare13/Sep/14Mount Whitney - East Buttress
West Ridge5.6 ***LeadClare09/Sep/14Mt. Conness
Holdless Horror5.6 ***LeadClare07/Sep/14Dozier Dome
Errett By Bit5.7 ***LeadClare07/Sep/14Dozier Dome
Cathedral Peak Southeast Buttress A B and C5.6 ***LeadClare05/Sep/14Cathedral Peak
Bear's Reach5.7 ***LeadClare03/Sep/14Lover's Leap (Tahoe, USA)
The Farce5.5 **LeadClare03/Sep/14Lover's Leap (Tahoe, USA)
The GadflyVS 4c **LeadClare23/Aug/14Crystal Slabs, Mosaic Wall,...
Razzle DazzleVS 4c **LeadClare23/Aug/14Crystal Slabs, Mosaic Wall,...
Inset SlabHS 4b *LeadClare23/Aug/14Flimston Bay
Bow-Shaped SlabHS 4a ***LeadClare23/Aug/14Flimston Bay
Flimston CrackVD **2ndClare23/Aug/14Flimston Bay
Bow-Shaped CornerHS 4b **2ndClare23/Aug/14Flimston Bay
Diedre SudHS 4a ***LeadClare22/Aug/14Mowing Word
SealVS 4c LeadClare22/Aug/14Mowing Word
The CurverVS 4b LeadClare22/Aug/14Mowing Word
Blue SkyVS 4b ***LeadClare21/Aug/14Saddle Head
Ocean PassageVS 4c LeadClare20/Aug/14Bosherston Head
Stennis AreteHS 4b *LeadClare20/Aug/14Stennis Head
CrunchyVS 4b LeadClare19/Aug/14Crickmail Point (B-Team...
CatchVS 4b LeadClare19/Aug/14Crickmail Point (B-Team...
AeroVS 5a **LeadClare19/Aug/14Crickmail Point (B-Team...
AdamVS 5a ***LeadClare28/Jul/14Shepherds Crag
The Singing CowboyVS 4c *LeadClare25/Jul/14Long Scar
Big BandVS 4c *LeadClare25/Jul/14Long Scar
Great WhiteVS 4c LeadClare25/Jul/14Long Scar
ProtusHVS 5a *LeadClare15/Jul/14Raven Crag (Walthwaite)
Poseidon/BlancoHVS 5a **2ndRon K13/Jul/14Gogarth South Stack
Phantom RibVS 4c **AltLdDave H12/Jul/14Clogwyn y Grochan
Brant DirectHVS 5a **LeadDave H12/Jul/14Clogwyn y Grochan
Troutdale Pinnacle SuperdirectHVS 5a ***LeadClare07/Jul/14Black Crag (Borrowdale)
Slip KnotVS 4b **LeadClare06/Jul/14White Ghyll
Zig ZagVS 4b **LeadClare05/Jul/14Castle Rock of Triermain
Hot Fudge SundaeVS 4b **LeadClare24/Jun/14Ice Cream Gully Wall
NardiniVS 4c **LeadClare24/Jun/14Ice Cream Gully Wall
Chocolate Mint ChipVS 4c LeadClare24/Jun/14Ice Cream Gully Wall
Catch the SunVS 5a ***LeadClare23/Jun/14Hot Wall
ThermalHS **LeadClare23/Jun/14Hot Wall
SunspotVS 4b **LeadClare23/Jun/14Hot Wall
SundaeVS 4c **LeadClare23/Jun/14Hot Wall
BarrahamasVS 4c **LeadClare23/Jun/14Hot Wall
Bible BlackVS 4c **LeadClare22/Jun/14Dubh Slab
NocturnalistHVS *LeadClare06/Jun/14Kirkstone Buttress
Kirkstone PassiveS *LeadClare06/Jun/14Kirkstone Buttress
CoatiVS 4b **LeadClare31/May/14Pavey Ark
AquariusHVS 5a ***LeadClare31/May/14Pavey Ark
The WhistlerMVS 4b **LeadClare21/May/14Gowbarrow Crag
SusanHVS 5a **LeadClare21/May/14Gowbarrow Crag
Malediction DirectVS 4c **LeadClare18/May/14Wallowbarrow Crag
West Buttress GirdleVS 4b **LeadClare18/May/14Wallowbarrow Crag
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