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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Climbers' Club Ordinary VS 4b ** Lead 24/Sep The Dewerstone
Leviathan VS 4c *** Lead 24/Sep The Dewerstone
Central Groove HS 4b *** 2nd 23/Sep The Dewerstone
Moonraker HVS 5a *** Lead 22/Sep Berry Head (The Old Redoubt)
Road Runner VS 4c ** Lead 20/Sep Lundy
Hot Rod VS 4c * Lead 20/Sep Lundy
Nonexpectis Jugsimisius HVS 5a ** Lead 19/Sep Lundy
Ligamentum Flavum S 4a * 2nd 19/Sep Lundy
Mary Patricia Rozalia HVS 5a ** Lead 18/Sep Lundy
Bed Bugs Bite My Bollocks VS 4c * Lead 17/Sep Lundy
Seal Slab D ** 2nd 17/Sep Lundy
Norseman VS 4c * Lead 16/Sep Lundy
Rehabilitation Slab VD 2nd 16/Sep Lundy
American Beauty HVS 5a *** Lead 15/Sep Lundy
Diamond Solitaire VS 4c ** Lead 14/Sep Lundy
Cappuccino VS 4c * Lead 14/Sep Lundy
Horseman's Route HS 4b * Lead 13/Sep Lundy
Albion VS 4c *** Lead 12/Sep Lundy
The Devil's Slide HS 4a *** AltLd 12/Sep Lundy
Stuka, Direct VS 4c ** Lead 11/Sep Lundy
Force Eight S 4a * 2nd 11/Sep Lundy
Capstan's Arete VS 4b * Lead 11/Sep Lundy
Streaky VS 5a ** Lead 11/Sep Lundy
Ailsa B VS 4c Lead 11/Sep Lundy
Shangri-La S 4a *** 2nd 09/Sep Baggy Point