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Logbook for Phil PBC

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Sweet Remy5a *LeadDanny brown27/Apr/14The Beach
Bronchitos6a LeadDanny brown27/Apr/14The Beach
Mon Amour6a+ LeadDanny brown26/Apr/14Odyssey
Nausicaa Nausicaa6a+ **LeadDanny brown26/Apr/14Odyssey
Argo4c *LeadDanny brown26/Apr/14Odyssey
Argo Navis6a **LeadDanny brown26/Apr/14Odyssey
Haryvdi6a *LeadDanny brown26/Apr/14Odyssey
Poly Retsina No Good6a+ *LeadDanny brown26/Apr/14Odyssey
Climber's Nest6a **LeadDanny brown26/Apr/14Symblegades Petres
Skorpios6a ***LeadDanny brown26/Apr/14Symblegades Petres
Josi6a+ LeadDanny brown26/Apr/14Symblegades Petres
Philoxenia6a+ LeadDanny brown26/Apr/14Symblegades Petres
Octana6b ***LeadDanny brown26/Apr/14Symblegades Petres
Au Revoir5c *LeadDanny brown25/Apr/14The Ghost Kitchen
Myrthe6a **LeadDanny brown25/Apr/14The Ghost Kitchen
Parasitos6a+ **LeadDanny brown25/Apr/14The Ghost Kitchen
Zyklop6a+ ***LeadDanny brown25/Apr/14The Ghost Kitchen
Persephone6b **LeadDanny brown25/Apr/14The Ghost Kitchen
Joy in the Garden6a+ ***LeadDanny brown25/Apr/14The Ghost Kitchen
Absent Friends6a *LeadDanny brown25/Apr/14The Ghost Kitchen
Mia's Place6a+ *LeadDanny brown25/Apr/14Palace
Eureka6a *LeadDanny brown24/Apr/14Panorama
La vie selon GEGE6b *LeadDanny brown24/Apr/14Panorama
Duo6a+ *LeadDanny brown24/Apr/14Stankill & Ivory Tower
Stankill6a+ **LeadDanny brown24/Apr/14Stankill & Ivory Tower
Noynoy6b **LeadDanny brown24/Apr/14Stankill & Ivory Tower
Bobodo6a **LeadDanny brown24/Apr/14Stankill & Ivory Tower
Monahiki Elia6a+ ***LeadDanny brown24/Apr/14Grande Grotta
GargoyleHS 4b -Josh baldwin18/Apr/14Shorn Cliff
AcousticVD *-Josh baldwin18/Apr/14Shorn Cliff
Motion PicturesE1 5b ***-Josh baldwin18/Apr/14Shorn Cliff
Touch the FireE2 5c **-Josh baldwin18/Apr/14Shorn Cliff
Last CallVS 5a *-Josh baldwin18/Apr/14Shorn Cliff
GronkVS 4c **-Andy12/Apr/14Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
Fast GripE2 5b *-Andy12/Apr/14Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
Yesterday's DreamsE2 5c **Leadjohnny watkins11/Aug/13Wintour's Leap
Joe's RouteVS 4c *Leadjohnny watkins11/Aug/13Wintour's Leap
Punch and JudyE2 5b *2nd rptjohnny watkins11/Aug/13Wintour's Leap
The BoneE1 5b **2ndtom rogers, sarah jane d14/Jul/13Shorn Cliff
Tigers Don't CryHVS 5a ***2nd O/Stom rogers, sarah jane d14/Jul/13Shorn Cliff
Social CriticismE1 5b *2nd O/Stom rogers, sarah jane d14/Jul/13Shorn Cliff
Hydraulic JumpVS 4c *Lead O/Stom rogers, sarah jane d14/Jul/13Shorn Cliff
RenaissanceE1 5b **2nd O/Stom rogers, sarah jane d14/Jul/13Shorn Cliff
SinewHVS 5a **AltLd O/Shenry castle06/May/13Wyndcliffe
FibreVS 4c **AltLd O/Shenry castle06/May/13Wyndcliffe
PilgrimageE2 5c *AltLd O/Shenry castle06/May/13Wyndcliffe
Happiness6c **Lead O/Stym white01/May/13Stankill & Ivory Tower
Bloc Volant6a+ *Lead O/Stym white01/May/13Stankill & Ivory Tower
Sidewinder6c+ **Lead O/Stym white01/May/13Stankill & Ivory Tower
Giltar RampVD **Solo O/Stym white30/Apr/13Giltar Slabs
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