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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
You Oughtta Know5.9 **Lead18/Jun/12Heart Creek
Braveheart5.10b **Lead18/Jun/12Heart Creek
Rough but well groomed5.9 *Lead18/Jun/12Heart Creek
Contemporary Cuisine5.10b *Lead18/Jun/12Heart Creek
Shadow Play5.10a Lead17/Jun/12Barrier Mountain
Glued to Your Seat5.10d Lead17/Jun/12Wasootch Slabs
Mixed Metaphor5.9 Lead17/Jun/12Wasootch Slabs
Drill of a Lifetime5.9 Lead17/Jun/12Barrier Mountain
Open Season5.9 Lead16/Jun/12Cougar Canyon
Rainy Day5.9 Lead16/Jun/12Cougar Canyon
Cabin Fever5.10b Lead16/Jun/12Cougar Canyon
Bafflegab5.10b *Lead16/Jun/12Cougar Canyon
Buffle Head5.10a Lead16/Jun/12Cougar Canyon
Abilene5.9 Lead16/Jun/12Cougar Canyon
Cosmic String5.8 Lead16/Jun/12Cougar Canyon
Science Friction5.10d Lead14/Jun/12Tunnel Mountain
Heat5.10b Lead14/Jun/12Tunnel Mountain
Stick to What?5.10c Lead14/Jun/12Tunnel Mountain
Scoop Route5.10a Lead14/Jun/12Tunnel Mountain
Los Pinos5.10a Lead14/Jun/12Tunnel Mountain
My Little Pony5.5 Lead12/Jun/12Lake Louise
Blue Valentine5.7 **Lead12/Jun/12Back of the Lake
Men with Brooms5.6 Lead12/Jun/12Lake Louise
Pub Night5.6 Lead12/Jun/12Lake Louise
Graveside Humour5.4 2nd12/Jun/12Lake Louise
Neverland5.8 Lead12/Jun/12Lake Louise
The Force5.8 Lead11/Jun/12Tunnel Mountain
Welcome to the Jungle5.10a Lead11/Jun/12Tunnel Mountain
Dab Hard5.10a Lead11/Jun/12Tunnel Mountain
Walk the Line5.10b Lead11/Jun/12Tunnel Mountain
Number One Sturfried5.10a Lead11/Jun/12Tunnel Mountain
Rocket Surgery5.9 Lead08/Jun/12Tunnel Mountain
A135.5 Lead07/Jun/12Wasootch Slabs
Fossil Wall (A8)5.9 *Lead07/Jun/12Wasootch Slabs
A165.6 Lead07/Jun/12Wasootch Slabs
A205.6 Lead07/Jun/12Wasootch Slabs
A19 Tracey and Daves Wedding Party5.6 Lead07/Jun/12Wasootch Slabs
A125.9 Lead07/Jun/12Wasootch Slabs
A155.7 Lead07/Jun/12Wasootch Slabs
A185.6 Lead07/Jun/12Wasootch Slabs
A95.8 *Lead07/Jun/12Wasootch Slabs
A115.9 Lead07/Jun/12Wasootch Slabs
A145.6 Lead07/Jun/12Wasootch Slabs
A175.6 Lead07/Jun/12Wasootch Slabs
A215.6 AltLd07/Jun/12Wasootch Slabs
Milk Run5.5 **Lead04/Jun/12Cougar Canyon
The Devil you Know5.10b Lead04/Jun/12Cougar Canyon
Octavius and His Magic Trumpet5.10a Lead04/Jun/12Cougar Canyon
Sleeping Dog5.10a Lead04/Jun/12Cougar Canyon
Kim and Murray5.8 Lead04/Jun/12Cougar Canyon