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Logbook for Andy Chambers

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NameStyleDate Crag name
GorbachovLead O/S29/Jan/15Reconco
DesconegudaLead O/S29/Jan/15Reconco
Fisura tal..Lead O/S28/Jan/15Gandia
Niņa de porcelanaLead O/S28/Jan/15Gandia
La insoportableLead O/S28/Jan/15Gandia
La levedadLead O/S28/Jan/15Gandia
Tamborinaes 93Lead O/S28/Jan/15Gandia
StohlwitterLead O/S27/Jan/15Alcalali
OptasLead O/S27/Jan/15Alcalali
ElendiglichesLead O/S27/Jan/15Alcalali
Corta y DulceLead dog27/Jan/15Alcalali
Obrint pasLead O/S26/Jan/15Guadalest
No em Tokeu els OusLead O/S26/Jan/15Guadalest
EclipsiLead O/S26/Jan/15Guadalest
Poppies for Tea?Lead O/S31/Oct/14Castleberg Crag
Blacksmith's CornerLead O/S31/Oct/14Castleberg Crag
Black BeautyLead O/S12/Oct/14Baska Sea Bag
Pink LadyLead O/S12/Oct/14Baska Sea Bag
Sudden deathLead O/S11/Oct/14Baska - Portafortuna
US BushmanLead O/S11/Oct/14Baska - Portafortuna
Wings for LifeLead O/S11/Oct/14Baska - Portafortuna
Fak for LifeLead O/S11/Oct/14Baska - Portafortuna
ForumAlpinLead O/S11/Oct/14Baska - Portafortuna
Silver ButtonsLead O/S01/Oct/14Langcliffe Quarry
Diagonal SportLead O/S01/Oct/14Langcliffe Quarry
Soft TouchLead O/S24/Sep/14Giggleswick North
Drop TestLead RP24/Sep/14Giggleswick North
Close to IvyLead O/S24/Sep/14Giggleswick North
No Picnic for Teddy BearsLead O/S24/Sep/14Giggleswick North
Tufa King HardLead rpt22/Sep/14Chapel Head Scar
NoynoyLead O/S20/Sep/14Stankill & Ivory Tower
ZarosLead O/S20/Sep/14Stankill & Ivory Tower
PerskindolLead O/S20/Sep/14Stankill & Ivory Tower
Uncle ErnieLead O/S20/Sep/14Panorama
KastorLead RP19/Sep/14Arhi
MedusaLead O/S19/Sep/14Arhi
PerseoLead O/S19/Sep/14Arhi
MinotauroLead O/S19/Sep/14Arhi
FrapogaloLead RP17/Sep/14Secret Garden
PantremenosLead rpt17/Sep/14Secret Garden
Hour of GhostsLead O/S16/Sep/14The Ghost Kitchen
Route 66Lead O/S16/Sep/14The Ghost Kitchen
Joy in the GardenLead O/S16/Sep/14The Ghost Kitchen
ParasitosLead O/S16/Sep/14The Ghost Kitchen
PersephoneLead O/S16/Sep/14The Ghost Kitchen
SerenaLead O/S16/Sep/14The Ghost Kitchen
KomakLead O/S15/Sep/14Arhi
StanislasLead O/S15/Sep/14Arhi
ThetisLead O/S15/Sep/14Arhi
OrioneLead O/S15/Sep/14Arhi