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Logbook for Andy Chambers

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Black Beauty5c Lead O/SDanijela Simanic12/Oct/14Baska Sea Bag
Pink Lady6b Lead O/SDanijela Simanic12/Oct/14Baska Sea Bag
Sudden death6b+ Lead O/SDanijela Simanic11/Oct/14Baska - Portafortuna
US Bushman5c Lead O/SDanijela Simanic11/Oct/14Baska - Portafortuna
Wings for Life5c Lead O/SDanijela Simanic11/Oct/14Baska - Portafortuna
Fak for Life6b Lead O/SDanijela Simanic11/Oct/14Baska - Portafortuna
ForumAlpin5c *Lead O/SDanijela Simanic11/Oct/14Baska - Portafortuna
Silver Buttons6a+ **Lead O/SIan Conway01/Oct/14Langcliffe Quarry
Diagonal Sport6b ***Lead O/SIan Conway01/Oct/14Langcliffe Quarry
Soft TouchE2 5c *Lead O/SFrank Booth24/Sep/14Giggleswick North
Drop Test6b+ **Lead RPFrank Booth24/Sep/14Giggleswick North
Tufa King Hard6c+ *Lead rpt 22/Sep/14Chapel Head Scar
Noynoy6b **Lead O/SDanijela Simanic20/Sep/14Stankill & Ivory Tower
Zaros6b **Lead O/SDanijela Simanic20/Sep/14Stankill & Ivory Tower
Perskindol6b **Lead O/SDanijela Simanic20/Sep/14Stankill & Ivory Tower
Uncle Ernie6b+ *Lead O/SDanijela Simanic20/Sep/14Panorama
Kastor7a ***Lead RPDanijela Simanic19/Sep/14Arhi
Medusa6a+ ***Lead O/SDanijela Simanic19/Sep/14Arhi
Perseo6a+ ***Lead O/SDanijela Simanic19/Sep/14Arhi
Minotauro5c **Lead O/SDanijela Simanic19/Sep/14Arhi
Frapogalo6c ***Lead RPDanijela Simanic17/Sep/14Secret Garden
Pantremenos5c **Lead rptDanijela Simanic17/Sep/14Secret Garden
Hour of Ghosts6a+ *Lead O/SDanijela Simanic16/Sep/14The Ghost Kitchen
Route 666a+ Lead O/SDanijela Simanic16/Sep/14The Ghost Kitchen
Joy in the Garden6a+ ***Lead O/SDanijela Simanic16/Sep/14The Ghost Kitchen
Parasitos6a+ **Lead O/SDanijela Simanic16/Sep/14The Ghost Kitchen
Persephone6b **Lead O/SDanijela Simanic16/Sep/14The Ghost Kitchen
Serena6b ***Lead O/SDanijela Simanic16/Sep/14The Ghost Kitchen
Komak6a+ ***Lead O/SDanijela Simanic15/Sep/14Arhi
Stanislas6a+ ***Lead O/SDanijela Simanic15/Sep/14Arhi
Thetis6b ***Lead O/SDanijela Simanic15/Sep/14Arhi
Orione6a **Lead O/SDanijela Simanic15/Sep/14Arhi
Roofianos6b *Lead O/SDanijela Simanic13/Sep/14Secret Garden
Pantremenos5c **Lead rptDanijela Simanic13/Sep/14Secret Garden
Remetzo6c **Lead RPDanijela Simanic13/Sep/14Secret Garden
Piero & Angela6a **Lead O/SDanijela Simanic12/Sep/14The Beach
Ciuccia Bau6b **Lead O/SDanijela Simanic12/Sep/14The Beach
Where are my bolts?6b+ **Lead O/SDanijela Simanic12/Sep/14The Beach
Levante6b **Lead O/SDanijela Simanic12/Sep/14The Beach
Tomboy6b+ ***Lead O/SDanijela Simanic12/Sep/14The Beach
Karpouzi6a ***Lead O/SDanijela Simanic12/Sep/14The Beach
Pampachoum6a+ **Lead O/SDanijela Simanic11/Sep/14Kastelli
Pillar of the Sea6a+ **Lead O/SDanijela Simanic11/Sep/14Kastelli
Merci Brothers6a ***Lead O/SDanijela Simanic11/Sep/14Kastelli
Shy Talk6a+ **Lead O/SDanijela Simanic11/Sep/14Kastelli
Naedl kussen6a *Lead O/SDanijela Simanic11/Sep/14Kastelli
Gonegli kiz (Sunshine girl)5c **Lead O/SDanijela Simanic11/Sep/14Kastelli
Damokles6a *Lead O/SDanijela Simanic11/Sep/14Kastelli
Rewithia5b Lead O/SDanijela Simanic11/Sep/14Kastelli
Parthenon5c *Lead O/SJordi09/Sep/14Secret Garden
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