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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Cullenary DelightVS 5a ***Lead O/S20/Jun/14Logie Head
The Central BeltE1 5b **Lead O/S20/Jun/14Logie Head
Dave's DilemmaE1 5b *Lead O/S20/Jun/14Logie Head
Slabby GrooveHVS 5a ***Lead O/S07/Jun/14Huntly's Cave
Cave DirectVS 4b Lead???/2014Huntly's Cave
Cave RouteHS 4b ***Lead???/2014Huntly's Cave
Double OverhangHVS 5a ***Lead???/2014Huntly's Cave
Central CrackHS 4b *Lead???/2014Huntly's Cave
Dead Tree WallVS 4c *Lead???/2014Huntly's Cave
Left RibVD *Lead???/2014Huntly's Cave
Slot DirectS **Lead???/2014Huntly's Cave
Right-Hand GrooveVD *Lead???/2014Huntly's Cave
Pete's WallE2 5c **Lead???/2014Huntly's Cave
TrapezeVS 5b *-???/2014Cummingston
RightHVS 5b **-???/2014Cummingston
Green CrackVS 4c -???/2014Cummingston
Flying Buttress, Left SideVD -???/2014Cummingston
Flying Buttress, Right SideD -???/2014Cummingston
Fo'c'sle WallVS 4c *Lead O/S18/Mar/13Birchen Edge
Fo'c'sle CrackS 4b **Lead O/S18/Mar/13Birchen Edge
Ta Very MuchHS 4c Lead O/S18/Mar/13Birchen Edge
By Zeus6a+ Lead O/S17/Mar/13Horseshoe Quarry
Supplementary Question (Slab and Corner)4c Lead O/S17/Mar/13Horseshoe Quarry
Blue Sunday6b Lead O/S17/Mar/13Horseshoe Quarry
Uranus3+ Lead O/S03/Mar/13Horseshoe Quarry
Klingon4a *Lead O/S03/Mar/13Horseshoe Quarry
Vogon6a Lead O/S03/Mar/13Horseshoe Quarry
Torchwood6a+ Lead O/S03/Mar/13Horseshoe Quarry
Lone Tree GrooveVS 5a **Lead O/S11/Jan/13Black Rocks
Dream Topping4c Lead O/S???/2013Horseshoe Quarry
QuietusE2 5c ***Lead O/S???/2010Stanage North
CentE1 5b Lead O/S???/2010Stanage North
High Neb ButtressVS 4c ***Lead O/S???/2010Stanage North
High Neb Buttress VariationsVS 5a **Lead O/S???/2010Stanage North
Pinnacle FaceS Lead???/2010Pinnacle Crag
Confidence WallVD **Lead???/2010Pinnacle Crag
Right AngleVD **Lead???/2010Pinnacle Crag
Tapered GrooveVD *Lead???/2010Pinnacle Crag
Stepped CornerS *Lead???/2010Pinnacle Crag
Left Bay GrooveS 4b *Lead???/2010Pinnacle Crag
Broken GrooveM Lead???/2010Pinnacle Crag
Bladder WrackS 4b Lead O/S???/2010Logie Head
PoacherVS 4b **Lead O/S???/2010Logie Head
Sea LinkVD Lead O/S???/2010Logie Head
MouseholeS 4b Lead O/S???/2010Logie Head
Doubtless WallS *Lead O/S???/2010Cummingston
Staircase CrackS Lead O/S???/2010Cummingston
Cornflake WallM *Lead O/S???/2010Cummingston
Shredded WheatVD Lead O/S???/2010Cummingston
The GrooveD Lead O/S???/2010Cummingston