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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Fight on the Blackf7B **Sent 14/Sep/13Widdop
Handy Andy'sV7 **Sent 31/Aug/13Earl Crag
Ape Hourf7A+ v7 **Sent 19/Aug/13Blackstone Edge
Angus Sit Startf7B Sent 29/Jun/13Wimberry Rocks
The Red RoseV5 6c Sent 27/Jun/13Widdop
Hen Aretef7A Sent 09/Jun/13Hen Stones
Pro Diablof7A *Sent 25/May/13Dove Stones (Jackson's Ridge)
Fontanellesf7A **Sent 19/May/13Clattering Stones
Early DoorsV7 6b *Sent 12/May/13Curbar Edge
Trench Footf6C+ - 06/May/13Crookrise
Karjalaf7A+ - 06/May/13Crookrise
And For My Next Trickf7A ***Sent 03/May/13Thorn Crag
Professor Plumf6C+ **Sent 01/May/13Ashworth Moor Quarry
Ghetto Gunf6C *Sent 01/May/13Ashworth Moor Quarry
The Proletariatf6C+ Sent 01/May/13Ashworth Moor Quarry
Boggy's Rooff7B **Sent 27/Apr/13Scout Crag
Walking the DogV4 Sent 07/Apr/13Swastika Stones
Ninef7A v6 **- 30/Mar/13Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
The Attitude InspectorV6 6b *Sent 19/Feb/13Burbage South Edge
Cleopatraf7A v6 ***Sent 04/Nov/12Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
Horror Aretef6C v5 ***Sent 27/Oct/12Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
Charlotte ramplingf6B+ v4 *Sent 27/Oct/12Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
The Nexus Dynof6C ***Sent 25/Oct/12Brownstones
Snakey BV6 6b Sent 25/Oct/12Wilton 1
Fat Slapperf6B+ *Sent 05/Oct/12Wimberry Rocks
Fish Aretef6C+ ***Sent 05/Oct/12Wimberry Rocks
Gorilla WarfareV6 6b ***Sent 19/Sep/12Curbar Edge
A Better Tomorrowf7B Sent 15/Sep/12Ashworth Moor Quarry
Whodunnitf7B Sent 13/Sep/12Ashworth Moor Quarry
Pigswill Sit Startf7A ***Sent 01/Sep/12Brownstones
Pigswillf6C+ 6b ***Sent 28/Aug/12Brownstones
New Jerusalemf7A ***Sent 30/Jul/12Caley Crags
The Pinchf6C *Sent 30/Jul/12Caley Crags
Back Stabberf6A+ *Sent 30/Jul/12Caley Crags
Roof of the world CD Problem 4V1 5b Sent 30/Jul/12Caley Crags
Mr. Smoothf6A ***Sent 30/Jul/12Caley Crags
The Hornf6B Sent 30/Jul/12Caley Crags
String Theoryf6C - 27/Jul/12Ashworth Moor Quarry
Brian Jacquesf7A **Sent 15/Jul/12Cadshaw Quarry
Groovy PeopleV5 6b ***Sent 15/Jul/12Widdop
TigerV4 6b Sent 12/Jul/12Burbage South Valley Boulders
Sitting DuckV4 6a Sent 12/Jul/12Burbage South Edge
Trick AreteV4 **Sent 04/Jun/12Earl Crag
Out of Sightf7A v6 *Sent 16/May/12Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
A mouth full of crystalsf6C v5 Sent 16/May/12Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
Bulging wallf6C v5 *Sent 06/May/12Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
Small and Smartf6B+ v4 **Sent 06/May/12Bridestones (West Yorkshire)
Banana Finger Directf6C **Sent 04/May/12Burbage North
As Followsf7A Sent 30/Apr/12Ashworth Moor Quarry
Temple of the Toothf7A+ Sent 30/Apr/12Ashworth Moor Quarry
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