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NameStyleDate Crag name
The Lion KingLead RP??/Nov/13Dum's Kitchen
Beauty and the BeastLead O/S??/Nov/13Ton Sai Roof
Missing SnowLead O/S??/Nov/13Tyrolean Wall
Cobra VenomLead O/S??/Nov/13Cobra Wall
HumanalityLead O/S??/Nov/13Ton Sai Wall
Jumping for JugsLead O/S??/Nov/13Dum's Kitchen
Pahn TaalodLead O/S??/Nov/13Dum's Kitchen
Rod Yak (Difficult to Pass)Lead O/S??/Nov/13Dum's Kitchen
Cobra HeadLead O/S??/Nov/13Cobra Wall
Snake WhiskeyLead O/S??/Nov/13Cobra Wall
Groove TubeLead O/S??/Nov/13Fire Wall
Boob TubeLead O/S??/Nov/13Fire Wall
Caroline's Last DayLead O/S??/Nov/13The Nest
Dozer DaysLead O/S??/Nov/13The Nest
Banana HammockLead O/S??/Nov/13The Nest
Techno-BugLead O/S??/Nov/13The Nest
Barato, BaratoLead O/S??/Nov/13Wild Kingdom
Mutual of OmahaLead O/S??/Nov/13Wild Kingdom
Shadow ShowLead O/S??/Nov/13Muay Thai
Bad BoyLead O/S??/Nov/13Muay Thai
Muay ThaiLead O/S??/Nov/13Muay Thai
Gengis BondLead O/S??/Nov/13The Keep
Nut CrackerLead O/S??/Nov/13The Keep
Medusas' LoverLead O/S??/Nov/13The Keep
Money MakerLead O/S??/Nov/13Pranang Beach
Tales of PowerLead RP??/Nov/13Pranang Beach
Live and Let ThaiLead RP??/Nov/13Thaiwand Wall
Organ Grinder (Second Pitch)Lead RP??/Nov/13Thaiwand Wall
The King and I (P1)Lead RP??/Nov/13Thaiwand Wall
AttacktitLead O/S??/Nov/13Diamond Cave
Les Petites OreillesLead O/S??/Nov/13Diamond Cave
The CandlestickLead O/S??/Nov/13Thaiwand Wall
Mala MujerLead O/S??/Nov/13Thaiwand Wall
Lord of the Thais (First Pitch)Lead O/S??/Nov/13Thaiwand Wall
The King and I (P2)Lead O/S??/Nov/13Thaiwand Wall
Fit to be ThaidLead O/S??/Nov/13Thaiwand Wall
Primal ScreamLead O/S??/Nov/13Thaiwand Wall
Mai Mee Fawn (No Teeth)Lead rpt??/Nov/13Dum's Kitchen
Babes in ThailandLead dog??/Nov/13Ton Sai Roof
Prime SuspectLead O/S09/Aug/13Trevor Rocks Area
InnocenceLead O/S09/Aug/13Trevor Rocks Area
Crime SceneLead O/S09/Aug/13Trevor Rocks Area
SuspectusLead O/S09/Aug/13Trevor Rocks Area
Suspect DeviceLead β09/Aug/13Trevor Rocks Area
Suspect CriminalLead β09/Aug/13Trevor Rocks Area
This Way to ClitheroeLead dog09/Aug/13Trevor Rocks Area
Grey AreteLead O/S??/May/13Camels Hump
Sluts HonourTR??/May/13Camels Hump
The Silent AssassinLead O/S??/May/13Camels Hump
Blind SoxLead O/S??/May/13Camels Hump