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NameStyleDate Crag name
IntroductorySent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
Layback SlabSent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
CrackersSent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
LoopySent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
LoonySent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
Toper's TroubleSent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
Y-CrackSent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
SobersidesSent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
Free and EasySent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
NondescriptSent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
LambdaSent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
TombstoneSent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
SepulchreSent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
Waltzing MatildaSent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
SolitarySent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
Corner ClimbSent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
Twisting CrackSent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
Flake SlabSent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
Pocket WallSent17/Jan/15Scugdale - Stoney Wicks
RegressSent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Hanging the GrooveSent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Alka-seltzerSent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Hanging CornerSent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
AspirinSent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
IbuprofenSent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Beer GogglesSent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
On the LashSent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Grand SlamSent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Hair of the DogSent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Cloaca Slab - Problem 3Sent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Hook a Duck (Standing)Sent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Roast DuckSent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
MallardSent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Drunken DuckSent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Peking DuckSent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
The Ducklings - Problem 8Sent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
The Ducklings - Problem 7Sent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Orville the DuckSent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Little Oak FlakeSent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
The Ducklings - Problem 1Sent04/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Flakey WallSolo20/Dec/14Camp Hill
PickpocketSolo20/Dec/14Camp Hill
Allain's ArÍteSolo20/Dec/14Camp Hill
Lost CauseSolo20/Dec/14Camp Hill
Lost CrackSolo20/Dec/14Camp Hill
Lost GrooveSolo20/Dec/14Camp Hill
HookeySolo20/Dec/14Camp Hill
The Good 'UnSolo20/Dec/14Camp Hill
The ArchSolo20/Dec/14Camp Hill
Silly ArÍteSolo20/Dec/14Camp Hill