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Logbook for Ramon Marin

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Lotter's Desire27 *****Lead RP 15/Oct/14Wonderland
Heroes26 **Lead RPdave pickford14/Oct/14Wonderland
Dungeons and Dragons26 ****Lead dogdave pickford14/Oct/14Wonderland
Rude Bushman24 *****Lead O/Sdave pickford14/Oct/14Wonderland
Rock Chuka Chick23 ****Lead O/Sdave pickford14/Oct/14Wonderland
Freak On24 *****Lead O/Sdave pickford11/Oct/14Wonderland
No longer at Ease25 ***AltLd O/Sdave pickford05/Oct/14Table Mountain
Neanderthal Rex27 ***Lead RPdave pickford02/Oct/14The Scoop
Archaeopteryx26 **Lead RPdave pickford02/Oct/14The Scoop
Cyberpunk25 ***Lead O/Sdave pickford30/Sep/14The Palace
Neuromancer23 ***Lead O/Sdave pickford30/Sep/14The Palace
The Mission24 Lead O/Sdave pickford29/Sep/14Waterworld
Kestrel7c+ Lead RPviki harvey21/Sep/14Minchen Hole
The Raven7a ***Lead O/Sviki harvey20/Sep/14Minchen Hole
UndertoneE5 6a **Lead O/Sciaran tracey15/Sep/14Rusty Walls
MysteriesE3 5c **AltLd O/Sciaran tracey15/Sep/14Stennis Ford
BlucherE5 6a **Lead O/Sciaran tracey14/Sep/14St. Govan's Head
On Wenlock EdgeE4 5c *Lead O/Sciaran tracey14/Sep/14St. Govan's Head
Space CadetE3 5c ***2nd O/Sciaran tracey14/Sep/14St. Govan's Head
Army DreamersHVS 5a **Lead O/Sciaran tracey14/Sep/14St. Govan's Head
The ButcherE2 5c **2nd O/Sciaran tracey14/Sep/14St. Govan's Head
Mussel Beach8a ***Lead dogviki harvey07/Sep/14Lower Pen Trwyn
Delta Dagger8a+ ***Lead dogviki harvey01/Sep/14Shipwreck Cove
One Ton Depot7b+ ***Lead RPviki harvey31/Aug/14Shipwreck Cove
Triple Crown8a ***Lead RPviki harvey24/Aug/14Anstey's Cove
Little White Lie Direct7b *Lead βviki harvey24/Aug/14Torbryan Quarry
House Burning Down7b+ ***Lead βdave pickford17/Aug/14Cheddar Gorge North
Vennerne7c+ ***Lead RPdave pickford16/Aug/14Shipwreck Cove
Staple Diet7b ***Lead RPdave pickford15/Aug/14Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Yukan IIE7 6b ***Lead RPandre hedger14/Aug/14Nesscliffe
Vía Viciosa7c+ Lead RPviki harvey04/Aug/14Rodellar
El Pequeno Bravo7c **Lead RPviki harvey03/Aug/14Rodellar
Dogmatofobia7b+ **Lead O/Sviki harvey03/Aug/14Rodellar
Solodados de Salamina7b+ **Lead RPviki harvey02/Aug/14Rodellar
Mescalina tropical7a *Lead O/Sviki harvey01/Aug/14Rodellar
Tangerine DreamE4 6a ***Lead RPviki harvey07/Jul/14St. Govan's Head
Space CadetE3 5c ***Lead O/Sviki harvey05/Jul/14St. Govan's Head
The Ocean of TimeE5 6a ***AltLd O/Sadam brown21/Jun/14Mingulay
The Secret's OutE5 6a ***Lead O/Sadam brown21/Jun/14Mingulay
Voyage of FaithE3 5c ***AltLd O/Sadam brown19/Jun/14Mingulay
Thursday's Setting SunriseE5 6a **2nd dogadam brown19/Jun/14Pabbay
Sugar Cane CountryE4 6a ***Lead O/SNick bullock18/Jun/14Pabbay
The Ancient MarinersE5 6a ***Lead O/Sadam brown17/Jun/14Pabbay
In Profundum LacuE5 6a ***2ndadam brown17/Jun/14Pabbay
The RavenE5 6a ***Lead O/Sadam brown17/Jun/14Pabbay
Jonny ScuttlebuttE5 6a ***2nd O/SNick bullock17/Jun/14Pabbay
The CraikE3 6a ***2nd O/Sadam brown17/Jun/14Pabbay
Corncrakes For BreakfastE2 5c ***Lead O/Sadam brown17/Jun/14Pabbay
Who Shot RJE2 5c **2nd O/Sadam brown17/Jun/14Pabbay
Monkey ManE3 5c ***Lead O/Sadam brown17/Jun/14Sheigra Sea Cliffs
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