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NameStyleDate Crag name
Strawberry CrackLead O/S18/Aug/13Neilston Quarry
Broken AreteLead O/S18/Aug/13Neilston Quarry
Y-CrackLead O/S18/Aug/13Neilston Quarry
Daves mildly moist crack2nd O/S18/Aug/13Neilston Quarry
Quatre Fois DirectTR O/S27/Jul/13Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
MeirionyddTR dnf27/Jul/13Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
MadogTR O/S27/Jul/13Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
MTNTR O/S27/Jul/13Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
MTNTR O/S27/Jul/13Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Intrusion Line2nd O/S???/2013Neilston Quarry
greta gabbro2nd O/S28/Sep/10Meall An Fhir-Eoin Beag
oswaldLead O/S28/Sep/10Meall An Fhir-Eoin Beag
Yir2nd O/S28/Sep/10Meall An Fhir-Eoin Beag
Tear2nd O/S27/Sep/10Polldubh Crags, Glen Nevis
The Gutter2nd O/S27/Sep/10Polldubh Crags, Glen Nevis
Styx RidgeLead O/S27/Sep/10Polldubh Crags, Glen Nevis
Pinnacle Ridge2nd O/S24/Sep/10Polldubh Crags, Glen Nevis
Upper Pinnacle2nd O/S24/Sep/10Polldubh Crags, Glen Nevis
Fred's DelightLead O/S24/Sep/10Polldubh Crags, Glen Nevis
The GutterAltLd O/S24/Sep/10Polldubh Crags, Glen Nevis
D'ElephantLead O/S09/Sep/10Holyhead Mountain
Pleasant Surprise2nd O/S09/Sep/10Holyhead Mountain
Slippers2nd O/S09/Sep/10Holyhead Mountain
SnowfallLead O/S09/Sep/10Holyhead Mountain
HatLead O/S09/Sep/10Holyhead Mountain
Low Man Easy Way2nd O/S03/Sep/10Almscliff
Fluted Columns2nd O/S03/Sep/10Almscliff
V Chimney and Traverse2nd O/S03/Sep/10Almscliff
Stew Pot2nd O/S03/Sep/10Almscliff
FoursomeLead dog31/Aug/10Polldubh Crags, Glen Nevis
GambitLead O/S31/Aug/10Polldubh Crags, Glen Nevis
LadybirdLead O/S24/Aug/10Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Nailbite2nd O/S24/Aug/10Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Chiseller2nd O/S24/Aug/10Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Pinnacle RidgeLead O/S17/Aug/10Polldubh Crags, Glen Nevis
Upper PinnacleLead O/S17/Aug/10Polldubh Crags, Glen Nevis
Slanting SlabLead O/S17/Aug/10Polldubh Crags, Glen Nevis
Resurrection2nd O/S17/Aug/10Polldubh Crags, Glen Nevis
An ToiseachSolo O/S10/Aug/10Meall An Fhir-Eoin Beag
Fairy RingLead O/S10/Aug/10Meall An Fhir-Eoin
greta gabbro2nd O/S10/Aug/10Meall An Fhir-Eoin Beag
oswald2nd O/S10/Aug/10Meall An Fhir-Eoin Beag
Crater Comforts2nd O/S10/Aug/10Meall An Fhir-Eoin Beag
KrakatoaLead O/S10/Aug/10Meall An Fhir-Eoin Beag
The GutterLead O/S06/Aug/10Polldubh Crags, Glen Nevis
Right Wall2nd O/S06/Aug/10Polldubh Crags, Glen Nevis
Right WallLead O/S06/Aug/10Polldubh Crags, Glen Nevis