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Logbook for Plastikote

28 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
rotten stump wall-24/Mar/12Harrisons Rocks
Fingernail CrackTR24/Mar/12Harrisons Rocks
Sliding CornerTR24/Mar/12Harrisons Rocks
Slab (a.k.a. Diabollickal Crack)TR24/Mar/12Harrisons Rocks
Tame VariantSolo01/Oct/11Harrisons Rocks
Deadwood CrackTR O/S01/Oct/11Harrisons Rocks
St. GotthardTR01/Oct/11Harrisons Rocks
StarlightTR01/Oct/11Harrisons Rocks
The NiblickTR01/Oct/11Harrisons Rocks
Bulging Wall/Zig Nose-02/Jul/11Harrisons Rocks
BaskervilleTR RP02/Jul/11Harrisons Rocks
Far LeftTR RP02/Jul/11Harrisons Rocks
ElementaryTR RP02/Jul/11Harrisons Rocks
Zig-Zag VariationsTR RP02/Jul/11Harrisons Rocks
New Age, New Style-25/Jun/11Hedbury
Of Mice and Men-25/Jun/11Hedbury
Iron Bar-25/Jun/11Winspit
Bread KnifeLead O/S25/Jun/11Winspit
Goddam Sexual TyrannosaurusLead O/S25/Jun/11Hedbury
Norse Corner ClimbTR O/S16/Apr/11Stanage North
LimboTR O/S16/Apr/11Stanage North
Boyd's CrackTR O/S16/Apr/11Stanage North
Feathered FriendsTR O/S16/Apr/11Stanage North
The Seven Deadly DwarvesLead O/S22/Aug/10Symonds Yat
Post-coital Snooze-25/Apr/10Winspit
Tower Ridge-18/Feb/07Ben Nevis
Tethered by Gravity-25/Jun/99Hedbury
John Craven's Willy WarmerTR O/S16/Jun/98Dancing Ledge