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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Hawks Cheep6a+ *Lead rptstevespar30/Sep/11Bargoed
Beware The Burly Butcher Of Bargoed6b+ *Lead rptstevespar30/Sep/11Bargoed
Balls Of Damocles6b *Lead dogstevespar29/Jun/11Mount Pleasant X1
Bull Camp6a+ *Lead O/S 28/Jun/11Mount Pleasant X1
Monkey Stole My Face6a+ Lead βstevespar28/Jun/11Mount Pleasant X1
Clair de Lune6a *Lead rptstevespar26/Jun/11Taffs Well West
Mare Tranquilis5a Solo βstevespar26/Jun/11Taffs Well West
Known Only Unto God6a+ Lead βstevespar15/Jun/11Mount Pleasant X1
Tramadol Trip6a+ *Lead RPstevespar05/Jun/11Mount Pleasant X1
Voltarol Vigour6a Lead βstevespar05/Jun/11Mount Pleasant X1
Carpet Muncher5a Lead O/Sstevespar29/Apr/11Mount Plesant X2
Oyster Sauce6a Lead βstevespar29/Apr/11Mount Plesant X2
Bout Royale6b TR dogstevespar29/Apr/11Mount Plesant X2
Lemon Licker6b Lead dogstevespar29/Apr/11Mount Plesant X2
Mental Mantles6a *Lead O/Sstevespar26/Apr/11Tirpentwys
Rocky6a *Lead O/Sstevespar26/Apr/11Tirpentwys
Lundy Boy6b *Lead dogstevespar26/Apr/11Tirpentwys
The Chimney Finish6a *Lead βstevespar26/Apr/11Tirpentwys
Crumlin towards England5a Lead dogstevespar26/Apr/11Tirpentwys
Rockover Beethoven6a Lead O/Sstevespar24/Mar/11Navigation Quarry
Alco-troll6a Lead O/Sstevespar24/Mar/11Navigation Quarry
Opening Batman6a Lead dogstevespar, liam jay20/Mar/11Crymlyn Quarries
Shrew5a Lead O/Sstevespar13/Mar/11Tirpentwys
Yank my Chain4a Lead O/Sstevespar13/Mar/11Tirpentwys
The yolk's on you4c Lead βstevespar13/Mar/11Tirpentwys
you've had your chicks6b Lead βstevespar13/Mar/11Tirpentwys
Crumlin at the edges6a Lead O/Sstevespar13/Mar/11Tirpentwys
Crumlin at the seams6a Lead O/Sstevespar13/Mar/11Tirpentwys
Bonaroo Lally Tappers5c Lead βsimon06/Mar/11Mount Pleasant X1
Rhondda Tan5a Lead O/Sstevespar06/Mar/11Mount Pleasant X1
Harry Patch6a Lead βstevespar06/Mar/11Mount Pleasant X1
CoCodamol Crunch5c Lead O/Sstevespar, liam jay30/Jan/11Mount Pleasant X1
Tramadol Trip6a+ *Lead dog 30/Jan/11Mount Pleasant X1
Big Bad Baboon5c Lead O/S 21/Jan/11Mount Pleasant X1
Polari Cartso5c Lead βstevespar, liam jay???/2011Mount Pleasant X1
The Poddling6a+ Lead dog ???/2011Mount Pleasant X1
A Ride on the Chocolate Unicorn5c Lead dogstevespar, liam jay25/Nov/10Castle Quarry
Warmth of a Man6a Lead O/Sstevespar, liam jay25/Nov/10Castle Quarry
Primal Cut6b Lead dogJess Duck, stevespar12/Sep/10Mount Pleasant X1
Razor Strop6b *TR RP 12/Sep/10Mount Pleasant X1
Gladness4a Lead O/SJess Duck, stevespar, liam jay03/Sep/10Llanbradach Quarry
Blandness6a TR O/SJess Duck, stevespar, liam jay03/Sep/10Llanbradach Quarry
Badness4a Lead O/SJess Duck, stevespar, liam jay03/Sep/10Llanbradach Quarry
Back, crack and sack5a *Lead O/Sliam jay30/Aug/10Crag X Gilwern Hill
Ed More5a Lead O/Sstevespar, liam jay29/Aug/10Mount Pleasant X1
Aqua Mule Show5a Lead O/Sliam jay27/Aug/10Mount Pleasant X1
Oolacunta5a Lead O/Sliam jay27/Aug/10Mount Pleasant X1
Pit Stop EliminateV4 Sent x 24/Aug/10Penallta
The GibbonS 2nd O/Sliam jay19/Jul/10Penallta
LimboVS 4c *Lead βliam jay??/Jul/10Penallta
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